Sun-Mercury Conjunction

Brainpower gets energized today because of the Sun-Mercury conjunction in Virgo. Mercury rules the intellect, and is also the ruler of Virgo, making this influence a double whammy of intellectualism. It can help you analyze both your personal life and your professional goals. Exploring your options regarding your work and health are also favored. Actually, this influence can help you to see any situation with clear-headed logic. Additionally, if you’re taking a class, you may find yourself assimilating the material more easily.

On the other hand, today’s Moon in Cancer will help you access your feelings. If you can combine your feelings with your intellect, you’ll be more integrated and thus make better decisions. However, you may need to rise above this morning’s Moon-Saturn square, which is a depressing influence. Focusing on activities that bring you joy and connecting with people you love will certainly help.

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