Spotlight on Taurus

Glorious spring is upon us, when Mother Earth lavishes us with gentle, caressing breezes, lushly scented flowers and the warm embrace of the sun. If this sounds hedonistically sensual, that’s because we’re traveling through the sign of Taurus, the most sensual sign of the zodiac.

From April 19 to May 19, the Bull takes over and encourages us to get in touch with our physical needs and desires. Taurus is an Earth sign, after all, so food, foreplay, comfort and security are all delights of this physical sign. Leisurely massages, good food and drink, gardening, environmental projects, going green, recycling, good stewardship with money, and respecting all of Earth’s creatures are all elements of Taurus. So get in touch with your inner Bull by reading the profile below.

Taurus psyche
Taurus has great inner strength, will and endurance. They are grounded, genuine and intensely loyal to those they care for. They seldom let go of a friendship (or idea, or project, or attitude) willingly. In other words, they are stubborn creatures. Still, their stick-to-itiveness helps them achieve their goals. Bulls are also very physical. They love to touch and be touched. They believe in what they can see, hear, smell, taste or feel, which makes them somewhat unimaginative but very practical. Spiritually, their beliefs are usually simple and straightforward, principles they can use in their everyday life.

Being ruled by Venus bestows Taurus with artistic talent and a love of beauty. Venus also rules luxury, so Taurus has an appreciation of the finer things in life. Still, being practical and therefore thrifty, they desire quality over quantity in everything they own.

As the sign of earning power, Taurus can be excellent moneymakers. They strive to have enough money to live comfortably, if not lavishly. The negative side of Taurus is greed (think Bernard Madoff) and love of power (think Hitler). Usually, however, Taurus has a charming, easy-going nature that wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Not surprising, Taurus craves security, both financially and emotionally. They don’t do well in chaotic situations or relationships. But if caught in a tsunami, they will tough it out until things settle down. Just don’t push a Taurus too far or you’ll see the bull in the china cabinet emerge. Their temper can be monumental when provoked. However, they are usually peace-loving folks, getting along with just about everyone – as long as you’re genuine, that is. Taurus has little patience for posers and can spot insincerity a mile a way. But they will accept the strangest of people, just as they are, without trying to analyze, criticize or change them. Live and let live is the Taurus philosophy.

Taurus in love
With the planet of love as their ruler, relationships are crucial to a Bull’s happiness. They can be shy about letting their feelings known, though. Taurus prefers to be in the vicinity of the object of their affection so they can get, well, used to them, which can evoke their deeper feelings. For Taurus, it’s all about feeling comfortable with you. Unless there are fiery Aries placements in the chart, Taurus likes a slow and steady (and persistent!) style of courtship. Once they give their heart to you, it’s yours for keeps. You would have to do something very wicked to alienate your Taurus. Falling into the wicked category would be cheating, physical abuse and financial subterfuge. Mess with a Taurus’s security at your peril.

If you’re in love with a Taurus, you’ll need to make sure your relationship doesn’t fall into a rut. Being too complacent is a Taurus challenge. You may need to suggest new places to go and things to do periodically. As long as you don’t spring something weird on them, they’ll appreciate your efforts to keep your relationship fresh.

Taurus is tantalizingly touchable. They thrive on massages, slow stroking and sexual positions that don’t twist them into a pretzel. They like to take their time in bed and seldom need toys, preferring a more natural way of sexual contact. Naturally scented oils, candles, soft sheets and enticing music playing in the background will turn on their considerable sensuality.

Taurus at work
Dependability is Taurus’s middle name. They are hard workers, but they need time to relax and recharge, too. Because Taurus is naturally controlling, they make excellent managers and business owners. Being patient means they don’t mind working their way to the top, either. The artistically inclined Taurus may choose a career that involves interior design, entertainment, jewelry, architecture or landscaping. Environmental professions can be good fields for Taurus. And being practical by nature, they make excellent CFOs, financial advisors, bankers and accountants.

The greatest challenge for Taurus is knowing when to quit a job that no longer allows them to grow. Change is terrifying for the Bull, who often needs someone to point out other opportunities worth exploring. Even then it can be a slow process for the Bull to give up their comfort zone and try something new.

Sensual, stubborn and grounded, Taurus is a loyal partner and friend, someone you can depend on in a crisis – or just relax with and enjoy the moment. For Taurus, it’s all about being real.

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