Spotlight on Leo

Are you ready for more passion in your life? If you are, then embrace the heat as the Sun transits through fiery Leo from July 22 – August 21. Romance and creativity are the lion’s gifts. Actually, anything that springs from the heart is the domain of Leo, which is a fire sign that rules the heart.

Tapping into Leo’s life-giving energy will help manifest your heart’s desires, and accelerate your creative talents. Perhaps most importantly, Leo is all about love – so revealing your feelings of affection and appreciation to those you care for will help align you with Leo energy. Be generous with your praise. Express what you feel with style and drama – no one does drama better than Leo! Let your individuality shine like the Sun. Share who you are, and share what you know. Open your heart to others – and love yourself as well.

To get a better idea of Leo-energy, let’s take a closer look at this regal sign.

Leo personality
Leos have enormous charisma and dignity. Some Leos purr and some Leos roar, but whatever their style of self-expression, their warm-hearted, gregarious natures make them hard to resist. And because they’re natural and courageous leaders, following a Leo can seem like the most natural thing in the world to do.

Willpower is a Leo’s middle name. Their stubborn tenacity gives them the ability to see projects (and relationships) through to the very end. Leos also have loads of pride – and require plenty of attention and appreciation. Most lions need an audience, even if it’s just an audience of one. With affection and respect, Leos can produce enough sunshine to light up a city, which will make those around them glow with happiness as well. That’s because their love of life is contagious – Leos are known for inspiring happiness and creativity in those lucky enough to have a Leo in their lives.

Creativity is what motivates Leos. It also keeps them young, which is why Leo is associated with children (and why some Leos never do grow up). They have a vast wellspring of creativity to draw upon in whatever they set out to do, whether it’s a party for 200 dignitaries, or a costume for their three-year-old.

So is there a dark side to this sunny sign? The main challenge for any Leo has to do with ego. If their pride is hurt, they can lose their objectivity entirely, which can prompt them to make bad decisions – and make their loved ones wonder why the sun suddenly went behind a cloud. And some Leos are such attention-seekers that they become obnoxiously egotistical – the world revolves around them, don’t you know? But if a Leo comes from the heart, it will keep their ego in check.

Leo in love
A Leo without romance is like a day without, well, sunshine. They thrive on passion. If you’re in love with a Leo and the feeling is returned, you’ll be the recipient of their nearly unlimited generosity, both in and out of the bedroom (Leos pride themselves on being skilled lovers). Whatever they have to give – affection, praise, sex, money, advice – they’ll willingly share it with you. They can make you feel like royalty and the center of their world – as long as you treat them like royalty, too. The worst thing you can do to a Leo is ignore them – that will produce lightning bolts that rattle the heavens. So don’t get so sidetracked with other obligations that you forget you have a lion in your life.

Perhaps best of all, Leos are intensely loyal – and will stand by you no matter what. They make wonderful friends, as well as lovers. That doesn’t mean, however, that they’re automatically capable of monogamy. Hopefully, your Leo played the field enough to get that need for attention satisfied before they hooked up with you.

Leo at work
Leos bring their outstanding creativity to their work. The entertainment field was made for Leo, so they make excellent actors, entertainers, filmmakers or party planners. Their leadership ability may propel them into politics, teaching, counseling or management (where nothing but a CEO title will do). Leo is also associated with gambling, so they can make talented investment brokers. Mainly, Leos are risk-takers who get bored with routine, so whatever profession they choose, they need work that will engage their high energy and creativity.

If love is what makes the world go ’round, then Leo is the fire that keeps that love alive. Without Leo, the world would be a gloomy place indeed.

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