Your Spiritual Horoscope for June 2013

Channeling Creativity and Connection

Ruler of Pisces, Neptune is associated with spirituality, intuition and compassion. Where Neptune is at any point will influence how inspired, connective and receptive you are. A poor placement can also leave you feeling hazy, disconnected and/or overly indulgent in substances. As most spiritual growth is gradual, it’s no surprise that Neptune is one of the slowest-moving planets. Transformation doesn’t happen overnight. How is Neptune influencing you now?

Here’s your spiritual horoscope for June 2013.


You’re being asked to forgo selfishness and work on behalf of others—at least in certain situations. It’s an opportunity to connect and will enhance your well-being.


Continued participation in community bolsters your sense of self and your connection to the universe at large. You find peace in being with people.


Pursuing your own higher purpose benefits those around you. You know the old saying, “What’s good for me is good for you”? Just make sure the good you’re looking for is a selfless one, related to your truest self-expression.


Where is your sacred space? Is there a place that helps you feel grounded, spiritually speaking? If so, go there. If not, find one.

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You may find the most fulfillment in a love relationship this month. The stars favor deep, intimate communion—the sort that nourishes the soul.


Don’t give away your power this month—particularly to someone you’re not sure you trust yet. By staying centered and focused, you’ll grow stronger and uncover the answers to those questions.


You benefit exponentially from giving back to the world around you. Whether that’s in personal development from the inside out, or charitable acts is not of consequence. Just do what moves you.


You’re pursuing big dreams or personal aspirations that are founded in the core of your being—a very Scorpionic task and one that is likely to be successful. Just be sure to remain grounded in the process.

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You’re questioning where exactly it is you belong. Whether that’s in regard to a place, a profession or a person is uncertain, but it’s always worthwhile to examine where you are and compare it to where you’d like to be.


Your intuition is keen right now. If you’re open to seeing the signs set before you and listening to your inner voice (or your dreams), you may find you’re your own best counselor.


You’re working on boundaries—knowing what they are, setting them and keeping them. This is vital to your personal evolution and your wallet.

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You continue to find others leaning on you, which is fine, so long as they’re worthwhile additions to your life. Don’t let just anyone in. Be selective about relationships so as not to be diverted from your own cause.

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  2. Alana Piro

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