Your Soulmate Horoscope for Fall 2013

A Soulmate-Filled Fall!

Summer has come and gone in a moment, replacing hot days with fall’s cool breezes. What will these winds whip up in your love and soulmate sector?

Here’s your soulmate horoscope for fall 2013!


Deep intimacy isn’t usually your strong suit, Aries. But the times, they are a’changing. Don’t be scared—be excited! With transformative Scorpio in your house of sexuality, you’ll do much bonding in the bedroom!


Boundaries have been your theme thus far in 2013, and that’s not changing this season. On the upside, you’ve grown enough to know what—and possibly, whom—it is you need, and what you will and won’t deal with.


Since Saturn cleared your romance sector near the end of 2012, you’ve stopped switching gears so much and learned about commitment. The lessons continue this autumn as you face difficulties and realize that they’re surmountable.


Your connections have grown deeper in the last year, Cancer. Odds are this applies not only to your romantic relationship but to your relationship with yourself. Don’t get scared. This bliss is real, and you can have it.

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For the first time in a long time, you find yourself drawn toward connection—nesting, even. You have done inner work and feel ready for a relationship again. Even if you’ve been in one, it’s time to reestablish the commitment.


Jupiter brings new opportunities for your love life. Whether that’s a new person through a professional connection, or new excitement with an existing partner, your romantic outlook has undergone a rebirth, and it’s making an impact.


One-sided relationships aren’t going to work for you anymore, Libra. Now is the time to own all sides of yourself and engage in some give and take. You’re a worthy partner, and odds are that someone who is your equal is taking notice.


It’s all about the middle ground right now, stinger. Can you ride the day-to-day of a real life relationship, or will the pursuit of poetry leave you constantly in search of an ideal that doesn’t exist? Only you can decide.

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You, Sag., are feeling conflicted. You may have met someone early this year and fallen hard, only to be dreaming of freedom. You may be single and desperately want companionship. Living in the now, however, creates the future you desire.


If anyone has had a meaningful year in the romance and relationship sector, it’s you, goat. And thanks to Pluto, your magnetism continues through the rest of 2013. Master your blink reflex. In other words, know how to trust your gut.


Who knew? You’re moving past a phase of experimentation and into one desirous of steady commitment. Your integrity is at a high, and you’re attracting the right kind of people. Whom will you choose?


Don’t be a doormat, Pisces. If you implore higher standards than you’re used to, you may find yourself on the precipice of a meaningful relationship. Remember that in your choices, your head is just as important as your heart!

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37 thoughts on “Your Soulmate Horoscope for Fall 2013

  1. john

    I like a girl named Sherri birthdate 1/13/77 0r 78. mine is 2/26/49 young at age. She showed me a lot of attention , felt mutual attraction and a year ago asked out on a boating but too much hang time to respond. I am confused? I like her a lot we have flirted alot. But someone told me she may have a boyfriend some say some say not. What to do? Afraid to ask her out now.


  2. Marianne

    Will my ex Geoffrey, come back or should I move on to another man. I have been in an on and off situation with Geoff over 23 years and hav e strong feelings for him.

  3. toni

    I have been dateing a guy for 10years I love him but I cant be faithful to him what should I do leave or work it out im 46years old im ready to settle down and he is not but he has my heart

  4. Cherrie

    I am deepky in love with Brian,we have a past together but have been apart, I have told him that I love him and I sm ready to show him 100% but he says that he has moved on, I cant give up on us and I have told him this I have prayed about this but I need to know is it really over.I am willing to do anything to prove to him that I am the one for him.I hope that you can help me.Thank you.

  5. nawaal

    am confused, and I am restless deeply, and I need help. I love a man that does not know how much I love him. I tried my best to communicate with him, but unfortunately it did not go well. what do I need to do to catch his attention?

  6. Lisa

    I have been unhappy for the past 5 months my husband and I have broken up what should I do to get him back or should I just give up on my marriage to him.

  7. pamela

    I have been married for 33 years….March 28th 2014 my husband left me and filed for divorce the same day…..he says he loves me and don’t want to loose me but he is not in love with me…..wants us to be friends……do you think there is a chance for us to work things out…..I am still in love with him……he text me…never calls….we did go out to dinner one night…..right now we are not speaking or texting at all……..thanks

  8. chris

    My girl friend and I broke up at Valentines 2014 she is a gemini and I’m a Libra she’s been dating a old high school sweet heart

  9. Norma

    I am currently working very hard at a relationship. I want our relationship to work. What can I do to help us?

  10. pattocia

    Want yu see things for 2014 not 2013.

    Im dating a man online for a year now. Is he the one for me. We have being threw many struggles but stuck together. Now his son of ten years old died a few days ago of heart failure. Can we make it too? I love him very much.

  11. Cheryl

    I have reunited with my 1st husband after being divorced since 1991. We still love each other very much and arre talking marriage again. Will he be faithful & was he faithful the first time around? He says he never cheated and never will. He says I am one of the few he never cheated on. Will we last or not?

  12. Prasenjit Majumdar

    I love my wife and my heartiest and my carer but i married 26th July 2013 later than my carer down ………also many more straggle , Dear team please whats wrong with my life please tell me as soon as possible

  13. Stevie Lynn

    I was told when a man truly wants something or someone that man will stop at nothing to obtain this desirable object he makes his own. Again he must truly want and need you or it.

    Me 🙂

  14. scr

    i am a married woman in love with a man significantly younger than me. what a complicated web. we decided to take a break from each other, because he is not “emotionally ready” and just doesn’t have the courage to go against norms. we will just see what the future holds

  15. Donna

    I’m in a relationship with a aries. I feel he is playing mind games. I have been nothing but faithful. i know differently that he hasn’t this year. I’m trying to figure out is he moving on or staying with me.

  16. Tasha

    Aries people usually have an ego and are usually just flirting because of ego needs not because they are necessarily wanting someone else. If he is with you its because he likes you. Try not to worry about other women and be confident in yourself.

  17. Katarina

    Hello Ladies

    I am a 55 year old Pisces woman, still very immature !!! U know, I cant help this hahaha

    I have been in a relationship with an Aries, he is really attractive, sexy and gets any woman to flirt, be stupid and to want him, just by doing nothing, just by being himself, and just by being with me.

    I am still attractive, slim, just have a few age markings, like age relative wrinkles, slightly smaller boobs, and a fear of young woman taking my Aries !!!!!

    Any comments please

  18. Bella

    sorry but S K i gave a ????? isn’t Pluto all about the rebirth process ??? Bc no doubt in my 46 years of my life , orher than my adoption that i cant remember lol have i bir seen = iv not seen a deep process thinking wise, NOT like this OR not at least not since 1988 have I had a year like this 2013 positive except 4 MY LOVE LIFE is not up 2 par FYI my hearts broken FYI !!!! ….like I told ms Quinn I had a random encounter with another psychic about this I was told back in 1996 everything that has happened would in deed happen 4 better ir 4 worse ‘ she said in 1996 that 2013 would be my year ‘ …. I told her OF course it would be & i was being sarcastic FYI MY lucky # is 13 …. So in 1996 I told her she was nuts full of BS 2 lol lol but she wasn’t full of BS bc it all came true … I’m just wondering if back in 1988 / 1996 if Pluto was a factor then or 2 bc @ this time it was about Pluto rebirth mess 4 me back then 2 = rebirth & right now 2 lol lol … ‘ it is what it is ‘ .. 😉 Do you know S K if pluto was a factor back in 96 & in 88 , thank you Bella … 😉

  19. Bella

    FYI I’m gonna need 2 disagree with the ” CAPRICORN ” fall soulmate forecast ,,, it started out with a lot of hope / promises but then it was all shattered ,,, at the start of 2013 this was predicted it would be great & ALSO in oct/ nov it was predicted 2 take us capricorns back 2 february where US CaPRICORNS were very 🙂 & secured at …. It said ‘ we would be taking back there in late October / November FYI it remains 2 be seen ???? I get & I do appreciate Pluto retro transforming BS re shaping our life’s BS …. even though i had 2 Go deep inside with my rhoughts 2 See what WE / i needed 2 change YES & FYI it did a great job 4 me i neded it 2 + it gave me the courage 2 not only change my way of thinking in my personal life ALSO reconstructing RE THINKING the / RE structure of THE juvenile laws yes PLUTO did its job 4 IMiNE friends & i WE got this now ms Quinn lol lol I might just need 2 fly you IN from California lol lol so you can see 1st hand WHAT AOT OF BLOOD SWEAT TEARS + along with PLUTO BS hard work will get you if you really want 2 make the MUST changes !!!!! With that being said ms Quinn & S K but I’m not seeing OR feeling our Capricorns soulmate forecast all i see is utter BS & its excuses BUT ” it did say wait until late October / early November before we will see the fruits of ALL our labors of our love 2 come true or with in our SIGHT ”” !!! Ok I guess I’ll wait it out since I’m this close but in ALL honesty m not seeing it even then , i just got lucky I’m so 🙂 ~ & busy about the Juvenile stuff I don’t really care you see ….. Even though my heart got broken what love ms Quinn there is no love haha & not lol lol it still ok FYI it don’t matter bc ”’ it is what it is ”’ Anyway ~ Thank you S K ill keep this in mind & let us play the wait & see BS game / or we will wait & SEE lol lol …. xoxo Bella 🙂 🙂 ….. 😉 keeping my faith


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