So You Wanna Date a Scorpio

Scorpios are notorious for giving a wild ride in the dating scene. You can be certain of one thing – you’ll never be bored! Notorious for drama, passion, fierce honesty and determination, this water sign can bring out the best or the worst in you.

Scorpio Passion
Deeply sensual and desperate to explore every experience mentally, emotionally and physically, the Scorpio redefines passion. Not surprisingly, physical relationships with one can be very rewarding! If you enjoy deep and complete involvement with another person, the Scorpio could be just what you’ve been longing for. That characteristic passion isn’t limited to the bedroom. Scorpio is passionate about pursuits and does nothing without all of the attention. That dedication translates to relationships, work and leisure activites, which can make for admiral commitment to excellence – or even border on obsession. In personal relationships, Scorpio’s passion and emotional needs can become overwhelming, as they are ruled by their emotions and can become hurt and angry when their needs are not met.

Piercing curiosity
Scorpios are endlessly curious about the world around them and how everything in it works. They often have stores of unusual information – the product of that inquisitiveness – that can challenge, inspire or drive you out of your mind. The good news? You can forget about awkwardly quiet dates as your Scorpio will never run out of conversation. Of course being Scorpios, their interest can easily gravitate to human emotions in general and themselves in particular. And when their curiosity does turn to you, be ready to answer a barrage of questions until the scorpion gets what they want!

Your Scorpio may believe that they see the reality much more clearly than you do (and because of an obsessive pursuit of the truth, they might!). While insight can be invaluable when it is welcome, it can also leave you feeling belittled or offended when you’re not asking for answers. The best defense is clear communication. If a Scorpio understands (and agrees with) your reasoning, they will respect your decisions. And if that doesn’t work, try making an emotional appeal. Scorpios are ruled by their emotions and will understand why you feel attacked much better than why they are wrong.

Under attack
When the Scorpio is angry, beware! While not openly combative, Scorpios will need to seek resolution for their feelings, and they’re more than capable of biding their time in doing so. Think that argument was over last Monday? If they weren’t satisfied with the outcome, it will come up again when you least expect it. It doesn’t mean they’ve been smoldering over it for weeks. It simply means that finding the right moment to address a conflict is Scorpio’s way of dealing with their feelings. And when you’re dealing with a Scorpio, it’s more important than ever to address and resolve those conflicts. Their stubborn tenacity makes them a world-class holder of grudges. Plus, at the heart of it all, Scorpios are easily hurt. They need to feel like their emotions are addressed, and the more you can openly communicate, the less likely your Scorpio will be to take a misunderstanding to heart.

The Scorpio hold
If you’re thinking you might change a few of those habits in time, you might want to go looking elsewhere – the Scorpio is infuriatingly resistant to change. Scorpios hold as firmly to their beliefs (good luck proving them wrong!) as they do to their goals. That lack of adaptability may make them impossible to deal with when changes are underway, but it also makes for a driven, goal-oriented partner who is often very successful in their pursuits. That tenacious behavior is probably why Scorpios are also fiercely loyal friends and lovers. They may fight relentlessly against you to defend their beliefs, but they’ll fight for you with the same conviction.

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9 thoughts on “So You Wanna Date a Scorpio

  1. Leticia

    Let me simplify the passage ” resistant to change”….im a Scorpio female born on November 1, 1983….ive done research on my sign and came out with a conclusion on “resistant to change”. We change when we feel like. So if we are forced to change, we will not unless we want to….it only on our own terms.

  2. Carolyn

    Scorpio men, find a Pisces woman. Scorpio women, find a Pisces man. There is no greater compatibility of the entire zodiac than that match. Both emotional and sensitive, and also passionate. The Pisces love to please. The Scorpios seek satisfaction. It’s a perfect match. Pisces need to be possessed and Scorpios are possessive. One compliments the other. I am a Pisces woman, and take it from me, a Scorpio man would be the IDEAL MAN for me.

    1. Moonphoenix

      I’m a Cancer sun, Scorpio rising with Mars in Pisces, as well as heavy in many other water sign placements. I get along very well with pisces on a friend level but ultimately find them too much on an emotional, romantic level. Cancers and Scorpios need emotional depth in a partner, but also emotional strength. Pisces certainly displays depth, but I’ve noticed the emotional strength is lacking. They tend to drain me emotionally rather than being able to build, bond and mix like I can with scorpios and cancers.

  3. sam

    I’m a Scorpio Dragon and apparently that means my scorpio traits are doubled. I’ve had two massively intense relationships and my love is apparently too much for people to handle. What do you do, when all you want is complete love and people want something boring and pathetic? I don’t get it.

  4. Anon

    This couldn’t be more true, i wish the “over-whelming passion” bit wasn’t true because i have that trait and it gets me extremely jealous (borderline obsessive and cynical at a small hint of cheating) in relationships. I am quite explosive about my feelings which my ex complained about, consequently leading to our break up. Why can’t we be normal!?? Lol

  5. nicole

    Does any of you find it hard to find Mr right. Just got out of a 10 yr relationship that went no where. Thought he loved me, but now, I feel just stuck

  6. Cath

    I laughed as I read this. I am a Scorpio and yes so true but like the 2 prior post I thought that scoorpios can change very easy when necessary. I was born on the cusp of Sag so maybe I have some of those traits also. I wish there was more on here about being born on a cusp. I love your blogs even though I replying to this one rather late. Thank you for aa wonderful read. I reallly enjoyed it..

  7. Ronald McFarland

    I completely agree with all of the above statement. But i also don’t quite agree with the “resistant to change” statement. I’m a Scorpio male and i have have changed a lot over the years in many categories in life. Besides that, everything else seems just about on point!

  8. DragonLady

    I don’t quite agree with the “resistent to change” comment… I am a Scorpio female and although we may be fixed and stubborn we are definitely open and more capable to most to change (if I am not mistaken the Scorpion is known for “shedding it’s skin from time to time)… but regarding everything else I feel it is right on point!


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