So You Wanna Date a Pisces?

So you’ve got your eye on someone special… and it turns out they’re a Pisces. The great news is, dating them might just be one of the most memorable experiences you’ll ever have! While romance comes easily for Pisces, reality can occasionally pose a problem. Whether you’ve just met your Piscean partner or you’re already heart-deep in their emotional ocean, here are a few things you need to know about seeing a fish for who they really are.

Pisceans like to take things slow. Emotional and sensitive by nature (like all the water signs), they’re afraid of getting their little hearts broken. Be patient though. While they may not make a physical move right away (which can be confusing to some), they will give you other signs they’re interested.

Pay attention… and be patient
For instance, flowers, candy, thoughtful notes, interesting locales… Pisces is the artist of the zodiac and their attention to aesthetics is unparalleled. They’re likely to wine, dine and woo you in ways you’ve never experienced before. Even if they’re not rolling in dough – let’s face it, most of us aren’t at the moment – expect the unexpected here. Pisces creates picture perfect memories (in part because they spend so much time looking back on things). Do be aware, however, that it’s not all sunshine and tulips with fish. Pisces is prone to hit stormy waters on occasion and you shouldn’t mistake their depressive episodes for a reflection on your relationship. Nor should you let them drag you down.

Slippery when wet
As intuitive as they are sensitive, Pisces is highly attuned to the emotional state of the people around them. While this contributes to their caring nature (and willingness to do anything to make their partner happy), it can also make them edgy at times and clingy at others. In short, they’re unpredictable, hard to pin down and prone to addiction. Not as moody as Cancer or as tempestuous as Scorpio (their fellow Water Signs), their label still reads “handle with care.” In order to grow with Pisces, you’ll have to make them feel safe and brave their inconsistencies. Listening to their dreams and desires and letting them know you appreciate all their efforts will go a long way to this end.

Between the sheets
Despite the fact that it may take a while to get them to bed, Pisces is an attentive, adventurous lover who aims to please once they get there. And they’ve got what it takes to keep things exciting in this department. Playful and creative, the fish will do anything to satisfy their lover and takes great pride in their sexual prowess. They’re also blessed with bold, expansive imaginations, which is wonderful so long as they don’t spend more time fantasizing (say, in front of a computer) than they do actively engaging in the bedroom. In other words, an unattended Pisces (or even a perfectly satisfied one) is a prime candidate to put more time into porn (or pining for the past) than the person beside them.

They key to keeping Pisces attention is exploring your options together and always making them feel special… like the most special person you’ve ever known. Above all else in a relationship, they want sex to be a complete union – physical, emotional and spiritual.

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2 thoughts on “So You Wanna Date a Pisces?

  1. Jesse

    @MeMe, I bet he is, until you get bored and cheat on him and screw him over. Damn you Librans, always looking for greener pastures without caring for the feelings of the Pisceans.

  2. MeMe

    I love my Pisces dude! OMG, he is the most fun interesting guy I have eva been wit! Im a libra girl, he makes me feel as special as freak.


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