So You Wanna Date a Gemini?

The smooth talking Gemini can be one of the most difficult signs to date as the Twins represent two very different sides, wanting everything at once. For the unsuspecting amour, smooth talking Gemini can be among the most difficult signs to date. Why, you wonder? Because as anyone who has tangoed with the Twins knows, it often seems like there are three people in the relationship – you and two very different sides of them!

Still, all is not hopeless when it comes to getting it on (or going somewhere serious) with this admirably intelligent and illustrious Air Sign. The key to a successful relationship with Gemini is knowing what you’re getting into… at least a little bit. So use this trusted guide to dating the Twins.

Be independent
At once a caring, thoughtful mate and a thrill seeking spitfire who loves the chase, Gemini can be hard to pin down (or win over). Theirs, after all, is the sign of duality, who craves all things at once and oftentimes gets them. For this reason, Twins require partners who keep them on their toes. Independent, smart, interesting people with their own goals and hobbies will likely intrigue Gemini.

Clingy types who need constant attention or sponges who look to their lovers for examples of where to go or what to enjoy, on the other hand, won’t hold the focus of these imaginative Air Signs. The trouble is, they may or may not let you know where you stand at any given time! That’s because Gemini wants their cake and to eat it, too. Translation: It’s better to have any date rather than no date on a Saturday night – the twins are absolute pros at holding interesting one way conversations. They simply hate sitting at home alone.

To hold a Gemini’s interest, the importance of independence cannot be understated. Nor can your ability to hold back on sharing everything about yourself. After all, even the most fascinating person in the world becomes less so with all their secrets divulged. Above almost all else, Gemini loves to be intrigued, so the longer you can keep them guessing, the better your odds are of keeping them around!

Out of their heads!
Gemini, perhaps more than any other sign, is a thinker. This sounds like a good thing in most situations, and no doubt there are advantages to a sharp and inquisitive mind. The problem arises, however, when thoughts get in the way of feelings, as is wont to happen with this reason-driven sign. Often emotionally cut off, Gemini actually relishes any opportunity to feel – which is what explains their tendency toward thrill-seeking. Anything that gets the adrenaline flowing reminds the Twins that they’re alive in a real, concrete, not just in their head sense.

Find your way in to a Gemini’s heart (cook together, go dancing, try kayaking or any unusual activity for starters) and they may let their guard down. In which case, you’ll solidify your place in their all-important, overactive head.

Bold and daring in bed…
By this point, you no doubt understand that Gemini is not easily entertained, and this holds true in the bedroom, too. As such, a vanilla lover will not satisfy this fast-tongued talker, but someone who understands their needs and is able to accommodate them, will get the satisfaction of that fast tongue and vivid imagination!

Sound intimidating? The truth is that keeping a Gemini sexually satisfied can be a tall order. The good news for sexually shy types is, you needn’t be an Olympian in the boudoir to make an impression. Rather, if you want to keep the Twins coming back for more, you must simply be willing to mix it up! Try it prolonged and pampered on a Saturday night, then initiate a quicky in the shower before work on Monday. Slip a note in their briefcase with a one line “heretofore secret fantasy,” or let the phone conversation take an explicit naughty turn one night before bed.

Remember that unlike Earth Signs (whose urges begin with the physical), Water Signs (who find fire in emotional connection) and Fire Signs (who are driven by passionate attraction), Air Signs – especially Gemini – find arousal beginning in the brain. Use that to your advantage with the Twins and you may find yourself with a captive (and sated) audience.

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24 thoughts on “So You Wanna Date a Gemini?

  1. Tia

    I’m a Gemini dating a Cancer for two years now and found it to be my perfect match. I dated another Gemini awhile back and we both cheated on each other. The Cancer makes me feel so loved and gives me (the gem) the attention I need.

  2. Meesh

    I have been a Gemini for 20 years now and I’ve been in long lasting relationships with Leo’s. My first relationship lasted 4 years and we still talk as friends and Now im in a relationship with another Leo woman they’re really the only sign that I feel like intrigues me . I always fall in love with Leo’s but I also have a good connection with Pisces ive dated 3 but not for long . With Leos I feel like I am clingy me and my girlfriend talk all day every day nonstop but I don’t get bored with her she the loml I couldn’t see myself getting tired of her I think as a gem you need to find what you like and embrace it and find someone who can embrace it to .

  3. Anonymous

    Currently dating a gemini, and it’s like dating a child. Having to constantly amuse her is exhausting, it’s like she wants a circus that never ends. And if she doesn’t get her way, or gets bored, she throws a hissie fit and disappears.

  4. Cassy

    i have the same problem. i have a big mouth and can’t keep secrets or lie for that matter. i love connecting with other geminis.

  5. CrazyGemini

    I love reading all of these responses. I agree with almost everything I’ve read. I believe geminis are the most interesting and fun of the zodiac signs. Not a day goes by where I’m not changing I’m constantly learning new things and meeting new people. One thing I don’t like about being a gemini is that fact that I’ll blabber about anything. I tell people things I should I keep to myself, ESPECIALLY when I’m drinking. I think it’s just that I want to be friends with everyone and i’m constantly wanting to meet new people. I’m currently dating a virgo and we argue ALOT. Virgos are earth signs and he’s super stable and to be honest kind of boring. But I love him a lot. I have trouble showing much emotion and being affectionate and he seems to bring that out of me. The sex is great but I feel like that may be the reason I’m still with him. He doesn’t like the fact that i’m so flighty and he takes my friendlyness to other people (guys especially) as flirting when I’m honestly just talking and trying to have a good conversation. He treats me like I’m his property he’s always questioning me always wondering what i’m doing and where i am and i miss being free and doing what I want to do. I feel like he’s holding me back and kind of bumming me out. But i’m in deep with him and I really want it to work it. Everyday I’m something new though and I’m always trying to better myself always changing my mind of what I want to do and where I want to do. I know in the future I want to be single! And travel the world with my awesome gay aquarious bestfriend! We get along so well together.

  6. Vivian


    You fellow GEMS!!! I thought it was just me, I thought I was crazy but now I see that I am what I am a GEMINI!!!! I hated myself for being bored easily and always searching for stimuli and intellegence in a man that also have a sence of humor but within reason. I love to be showered with surprises and I love to do the same for him when there is a him in the picture. We gems are indeed a force to reconn with. After all the “mishapps” meaning the dissapointments in dating, I think I am going to go back to college to get my degree as a RN and just concentrate on Me and Me for a while and get with GOD!!!

  7. Whitney

    Being born a Gemini is one of the best things that happened on June 2. Not only that I have a twin brother so there is four of us (dual personality) and my mother was a Gem (June 6). Our home was one of the best places to be.

    GEMINI: Sign of twins, being a twin, and born on the 2nd of the month from another Gem. 🙂

    Pieces seem to be my match because that’s all I ever dated unfortunately. However, they are such cry babies, but he did like the sex. I’m down with the Gemini Festival.


  8. Allison

    Wow I’m Leo and with a Gemini for 5years,we have a lot in common but at times there are the disapperaing acts and a lame excuse to his unanswer phone ,he’s always on the phone with his so-called mom .sex is great we both know what we love,but he just love to run around and I’ not big on that ,I love him and I know he loves me but something seems to be missing somewhere,I’m open to any respond to this comment from other Gem.

  9. TruGemini

    Oh yes Im loving all my Gemini comments. You guys are so right. I think its hard being a Gemini honestly. I wish I could change some qualities in geminis but Ive tried and I cant. Thats why I am truegemini. I cant find nobody who can keep my attention. I get bored very easily and thats bad. I mean if you cant keep my attention see your a$$ later. Communication is big with me and you must communicate well. If you want my attention you better give me some wonderful communication. Sex is another one. I was in a relationship for 4yrs. Sex wasnt up to date with me but he loved me dearly and I believe that he is the first man I truly loved. Alittle after the 4th yr i had to call it quits. I realized that sex is very important to me. Hes lucky he lasted that long. But honestly being a gemini I cheated. I am a freaky person, I love to get down with my partner, try and experiment new things. He just wasnt doing it so and his communication became bad when he didnt want to express to me what was wrong. Communication and sex big on Geminis. I loved him but i had to end it. Some people are intimidated of gems and just assume we are crazy because of our twins. We are good people also. I love to read, write poems, short stories, cook, take care of my loved ones, doing different things, no same routine, excitement, mystery, and traveling. Traveling i must say i do alot. I wonder if I can ever get married. Its hard to stay committed because even when I have a good man Im wandering off somewhere taking trips to a different state to see someonelse who satifies my many needs. I may find one man that has my need but Geminis need that excitement and attention. I love taking risks and being bad. But overall I am a good person. Just dont be clingy, give me freedom, and dont push me into a relationship and we will be fine. I do feel it inside me that one day I might get married just no time soon. Im a Gemini and I just want to have fun until further notice……. trugemini (BOSTON MA

  10. alyssa

    Ok…so I guess the Virgo wasn’t my match 🙁 but close. I’m now with another Gemini and he’s great 🙂 just thinking of him takes my breath away. When we started talking it had seemed like we knew each other for a long time already. I’m very worried that I will eventually bore him or lose him to someone more interesting. Other Gemini’s please have your fingers crossed for me. Also if you have any advice for me plz tell me.

  11. marie

    i am a true gemini and iam seeing a gemini, OMG the sex is fabulous, conversation is great we are like the perfect team. however we can be abit head strong at times. BUT PEFECT IS THE WORD.

  12. Rachel

    I am a Gemini female with a pices female and our connection, relationship, and love is perfect for me. Sam i’m all yours!!

  13. emilie

    i am a gemini girl and i am currently marraid to a taurian man. it has been a very hard experience for me. he is not my match. i dont like quiet people. still searching for my soul mate.

  14. emilie

    i am a gemini woman and currently marraid to a taurian man. it has been a very hard experience for me. he is not my match. i dont like quiet people. still searching for my soul mate.

  15. Sheryl Letourneau

    It’s funny when I read the comments , how much I sound like the other Geminis ! I totally agree ! The worst thing for a Gemini is stagnation ! We are totally intrigued with everything ! We HATE being bored ! (you wouldn’t last long in that relationship !) We greatly enjoy the mystery of findind a new undiscovered place or path in the woods ,we are very seriously curious about everything ! (can’t help that ) and when bored…..we tend to get in trouble for some attention ! If we don’t get it -We create it ! I love to laugh and wish I could find a man who is my equal in all ways ! Ilove intelligent conversations. LOVE science in all it’s forms , I paint , sculpt , create things out of different materials, love to read and travel. and like to be a little mysterious at times to keep them wondering ! We should have a huge GEMINI FESTIVAL ! It would probably the most interesting weekend you ever had ! 🙂 Sheryl Letourneau
    Manchester, NH

  16. Sherry

    I too am a proud Gemini! The one thing I absolutely cannot tolerate is being bored. That can be from the tasks that I am undertaking to relationships and the company I am keeping. Dating me can be quite a mystery and sometimes a chore. I find for myself I appreciate a partner with a great sense of humor and who has things in common with me. I dated a Scorp for a very brief short period of time and found them too intense for my liking and too serious. The sex was ok at first but I like to communicate in the bedroom and try new things. The Scorp I was with was not able to fulfill this. Finding a soulmate is pretty hard because of my dual personality and someone who can keep my brain “picked”! Hmmmmm…wonder if he’s out there somewhere!

  17. Sara

    I am a Gemini female dating a Gemini male and so far it is great. We tend to compliment each other well. At first I was a little worried before we actually met but then when we met it was great like we had known each for years. Our time together is never a bore that is for sure.

  18. alyssa

    my friends always tell me im too clingy but like it says only if the person interests me. its true that i think a lot but when feelings mix then i overly think. i am hard to be with in a relationship but if you try to keep up then im willing to slow down. i am a bit of a adrenaline junky but not too much. i do keep a wall around my emotions but if someone really interests me then the wall disappears like one was never there in the beginning. i think im a weird gemini because my perfect match is a virgo.

  19. Carolyn

    I’m a proud Gemini, and you’re absolutely right. Don’t bore me. No predictable ruts, please. Keep me mentaly intellectually intrigued. Keep me surprised, have a quick mind and an extraordinary sense of humor and you have my attention. Maintain these qualities and you have my heart!


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