Scorpio’s Mythic Journey

Scorpios, are you confused about your sun sign…? Scorpio is ruled by the very masculine Mars or co-ruled by macho Pluto, by some modern interpretations – yet it’s a feminine sign. You are ruled by emotional, normally fluid water, but are a fixed sign – more like a relentless glacier reforming masses of land and water than the familiar flow. Anyone would find this confusing, yet this is the Scorpio experience – a transformative journey to the Underworld and back. It’s seemingly paradoxical, and always mysterious, fascinating and sexy, like you!

Scorpio, the constellation, is the Great Scorpion with its vivid red star “heart,” Antares. It reflects you – formidable, riveting, and irresistible to our deepest passions. Scorpio mythology – your life story – evolves from this nightly vision. To understand that the Scorpion is mostly in the “Underworld” below the other zodiac constellations helps us to understand that it isn’t an “evil” place, but is essential to understanding this sign – it’s about getting to know the depths of you and of others.

The ancients observed the daily setting and rising of the Sun and envisioned the “Underworld” where the Sun traveled at night when Nut (in ancient Egypt, the stars of the stunning sky “river” of the Milky Way), Venus and other prominent stars ruled. Both nighttime and Underworld travel are part of our everyday experience – and Scorpio, you teach us not to be afraid of the dark!

Since Scorpio also represents the 8th House of death and rebirth, investments and other people’s money, and a major part of sexuality, we need to look to older views of Mars and Pluto to start to grasp the Scorpio depths. In one of the earliest Western culture stories, the Scorpio goddess and god would be related to Erishkegal and her partner Nergal in Mesopotamia.

In Mesopotamia Erishkegal, sister of goddess Inanna/Ishtar, ruled the Underworld while her sister ruled the earth above the horizon. With that in mind, both goddesses would likely pertain to the disappearance of Venus when she is too close to the Sun to be seen in the night sky. From our perspective, Venus never travels very far from the Sun, so she is either visible as the “Morning Star” or “Evening Star,” or is spending time obscured by sunrays, retreating to the Underworld or her Secret Garden.

Thus, when Erishkegal sent her messenger with gifts for a celebration of the gods in the world above (not being able to be in the presence of the Sun) and was honored by all but Mars – like Nergal, she was furious and demanded that he be brought to her realm of death. Nergal sought the other gods’ assistance for this journey, and was finally given gifts to pass through the Seven Gates to reach the great Goddess.

But then, Nergal and Erishkegal were both so overwhelmed at the sight of each other that they tore off each other’s clothes and made love for seven days. After that, Erishkegal and Nergal co-ruled the Underworld. So the Scorpio energy within each of us basks in this wonderful drive we have to make love, procreate and co-create, and this can often require “dying” to another. From our perspective, it can feel like that!

To reach the essential point of maturity for both men and women to raise the next generation, or otherwise nurture the world around us, requires that we go through a number of challenging experiences, both personal and spiritual. These journeys require addressing the Underworld as a part of the experience. In other words, the child must “die” to the “adult” that you have become.

If you were in the military, you may have had a drill sergeant “kill” the child within you so that the brave soldier who would die to save others could be born – think of the classic An Officer and a Gentleman, or parental love for a child. We all experience this journey in one manner or another.

So, Scorpio, your path is essential to the process of every human being’s growth, and you have a very special gift to share with us. You may draw upon your wisdom and anoint your “king” or “queen” lover in your realm of riches and wonder (wow, are they lucky!). You may share wisdom from the inner depths that so many others fear to tread, and you may actually provide this on a large scale in the form of the arts, spirituality or other talents. You are a treasure from the depths of the earth, the place of diamonds, gold and even the fuel that still drives our computers, allowing us to view this article. Here’s to the rich treasure of Scorpio!

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11 thoughts on “Scorpio’s Mythic Journey

  1. doug sauter

    as a scorpio my frend he is scorpio to show me to see gost as a young boy and i shoud outher peple them but the quston i have is do aney one have a powers to i can do weard things i made lighting strick more then once so show peple i see outher world beings and show a frend therm to i made it haill storm so bad but i need help from my dead frends to do some of this things i felt my frend shot him self in the chest it drop me in the worst pawn i ever falt tell he die but i was 30 mil a way i all most die for times bit id never camee to the end my body temp was at 90 drgs and i was stell talking fine i have foung things in the woulds worth money just on asking wer to look i saved peple lifes more then once when it rain i feal so good it crazey it make me happy ther is so meney things i done and show peple and thay can prove it i wrote down dajsha voe moer then onece and as the day play out i told what was to hapen pount buy point but then i went a genst what was to hapen and now i lost some power do aney one know or have the same power as me i not bull shiting at all this is tru story my buth day is 10 /29/1981 can aney relate to me

  2. Ana


    I never spoke with any astrologer before but reading your words is like believing in every single word you say. I am an Aries and will love to buy one of your Great-Aunt’s books. May i please have her name?

    Thank you so much,

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  4. Al Stephens

    What to say???? I am( I believe) to be as true a SCORPIAN as is humanly possible and still remain relatively sane. I suffer and exalt in all the frailties and strengths my sign has to offer. At times I might might appear to some as an arrogant bore with no true feelings of compassion. This I believe to be a defense mechanism brought out by the need to be in control of situations that I find uncomfortable or distressing to me or those that I care deeply about. There is also the need to keep ones psyche out of the reach of others except those that are truly closest to you and then you still have to be extremely cautious. In spite of all the bravado, machismo, stoicism and the physical, mental and emotional strengths that are attributed to my sign we are just as easily hurt emotionally, mentally and spiritually by those around us and most certainly by those that we dearly love ( they hurt us the most of all ) as anyone of the other signs and to be sure that our own inability to bend and compromise is a large part of our pain and suffering. Please don’t read into this an apology or an attempt to make excuses. I am pleased and proud of what I am. Just trying to shed some light on the darkest, deepest and most mysterious sign in the zodiac.

  5. Debra Keil-LeavittDebra Keil-Leavitt

    Dear Sonofmars:

    It’s regrettable that the Scorpio’s you have met have been such a damper on your expression of yourself. It makes me very curious about your natal chart! In any case, it is safe to say that they are there for your growth experience. Certainly, some get stuck in the “underworld” and don’t see a way out, so you get to grow beyond them.

    Yet there are so many Scorpio types who rise from the Underworld of their own souls and offer great vision regarding how to do that necessary travel to our inner depths. Every sign has a “shadow” side – I know there’s a wise Scorpio out there that you will meet one day and you’ll realize you’ve grown beyond that challenge in your life.

  6. sonofmars

    How funny it is that you say Scorpios have a role in others growth, my mother,my aunt and my cousin and a few people i got to know well including a recent ex are all scorpios and they definately have opened my eyes to some things.
    The thing is that all scorpios I have ever had the displeasure of knowing are not mystical,deep or wise.I found them to intolerable sombre selfish and void of real compassion, like a shallow facade of being nice.I hate negativity and stressing out and this is all that a scorpio creates.Either its just a perpetual clash of signs.I think scopios need to look inside themselves and find the happiness and joy that can be had at being self aware and analyzing things once in a while.
    Its good in a way because i know not what to be like,but why do they all have such hatred and lack of capacity for true compassion
    I know that many people who are scorpios will read this and be upset because they arent like this at all,each person is an individual and has the power to embrace enlightenment and is not defined by positives or negatives of any sign,but by the will to be better.Its just its rather weird for me that all people close to me and are scorpios are the bane of my happiness.I’m confused.

  7. indigodanceindigodance

    Hi Gina Rose – may I ask who your great aunt is ?? It would be exciting to have the opportunity to read one of her books …

    Carole xxxx

  8. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Here is some astrological trivia about the 3 water signs…..

    Cancer is fluid water in full force….think of a gushing river

    Scorpio is frozen water….. ice

    Pisces is water in vapor form…..misty haze and misty fog….

    There is a difference between signs of the same element…..

    another example : Fire signs
    Aries….the beginning, igniting spark of a fire
    Leo….a full raging fire in it’s glory
    Sagittarius…the dying embers of a fire

    And so on & so forth ( My Great-Aunt was a famous psychic but also a nationally published astrologer)

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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