‘Remember Me’ Astrology

Billed as a story about the power of love, the strength of family, and the importance of living passionately, romantic drama Remember Me is a very buzzworthy spring release. The film tells the story of a rebellious twentysomething (Robert Pattinson), whose strained relationship with his father (Pierce Brosnan) is changed forever after he gets arrested, and then falls in love with the daughter of the cop (Chris Cooper) who apprehended him. A quick glance at the charts of the three male leads reveals some astrological points of interest …

Pierce Brosnan
Born on May 16, 1953, this sexy Taurus has a chart dominated by Air Signs. In fact, with his Moon, Mars, and Jupiter all in Gemini, as well as Saturn and Neptune in Libra, nearly half of his planetary placements are Air, elementally speaking. Look for this to influence his portrayal of a wealthy father who has grown distant from his children in the wake of their mother’s death. If anyone can seem aloof despite very real, inner aching, it’s the former 007. Likewise, he should have no trouble conjuring his hothead self when Pattinson’s character defies him. Following Air, Brosnan has more than a quarter of his influence held by Fire Signs!

Chris Cooper

In almost polar opposition to Brosnan’s Air/Fire combination, Chris Cooper’s possesses a perfect — and exactly even — Earth/Water split. Born on July 9, 1951, the Cancer has not just his Sun, but Uranus and Mars in the sensitive sign of the Crab. Meanwhile, his Moon, Venus, and Saturn are all found in grounded Virgo. Whereas Brosnan’s chart makes him perfect as the distant, disinterested dad, Cooper’s offers just the right combination for rough-around-the-edges emotional investment. Make no mistake, however — like Brosnan, Cooper has a whole host of planets in Fire Signs, giving him a temper that is not to be tested.

Robert Pattinson
Born on May 13, 1986, Pattinson’s chart shares common ground (or space, rather) with both father figures in Remember Me. With both Sun and Mercury in Taurus, like Brosnan, the 23-year-old also shares Cooper’s Cancer Moon (which also happens to be his Rising Sign). Plus, like Cooper, his chart is heavily dominated by Water (more than half), followed secondly by Earth. Where Pattinson differs from both of his co-stars is a lack of Fire Signs. The remainder of his chart is split between Fire and Air equally — at less than 10 percent each. Translation? Ruled by emotion, Pattinson is perfectly cut out to play the rebellious artist desperately searching for a way to connect.

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