Rebel, Rebel!

Each of the planets symbolizes a function in life – Uranus is where you must change in order to be your truest self. This is a planet that will force change in order to get you moving past where you’re stuck in life, so that you are bringing your unique gifts to the world.

Uranus was first discovered at the historical period covering the American and French political revolutions as the Industrial Revolution began through engineering and mechanization. The significant historical events surrounding the discovery of a new planet are believed by astrologers to reveal its spheres of influence. Since Uranus came at the dawn of the Modern Age, it came to preside over radical modern social ideas and movements: democracy, revolution, technology, psychology, sociology and anthropology. On a personal level, Uranus shows where we are socially idealistic, interest in social groups or communities and where we have a need for innovation and sudden change in our lives.

For example, you may know someone who keeps the same friends, the same job etc., but every so often has to change her home. Either she’s redecorating or finding a new apartment! Others may change their appearance or their social circles. For each of us, there’s an area of our life where we need change in order to be vital and engaged, energizing us for living our dreams.

You can learn about where you need change by finding Uranus in your birthchart, the house it sits in reveals how you can live with more energy and fulfillment. Here’s a look at Uranus through the houses:


Uranus in the First House
The first house is the basis of our identity; it is also how we express our personality. In order to feel fulfilled you’ll need to be independent and free to express radical ideas and follow your unusual path.


Uranus in the Second House
The second house is our resources and basic values. You’ll need to feel that you possess independent resources, that your accounting of ‘worth’ is highly individual. You may value talent over money, or education over financial success; however you define it, it will be on your own unique terms.


Uranus in the Third House
The third house is where we seek intellectual stimulation and knowledge. Always an original thinker, you’ll have no patience for the accepted and conventional. You’ll have a strong need for mental activity and communication and will be unable to tolerate boredom for long.


Uranus in the Fourth House
The fourth house is the area of both home and family. An unusual definition of home and family will fulfill you. You’ll have no need for a home and family that looks (or is) traditional. You’ll thrive where the family environment is calibrated to the individual needs and quirks of the individual members rather than rules of how things ‘should be’.

Uranus in the Fifth House
This is the house of creativity, children, romance and fun. Not for you is the ‘same old’, or the tried and true or the expected — ever. You’ll be radically innovative in all areas of your creative life, getting the reputation for flashes of genius and an unusual changeability.


Uranus in the Sixth House
The sixth house is the area of duties, responsibilities and health. This can be best expressed by being innovative and experimental in your work, your diet and in the field of healing. However, others may think your diet and health regime is flat out nuts! For you, it works.


Uranus in the Seventh House
The seventh house is the house of relationship from romantic partnerships and primary relationships. You’ll be radical, innovative and experimental in your relationships, and your need for change may mean lots of romances before you find one that can accommodate your unusual outlook and need for independence.


Uranus in the Eighth House
The eighth house is the area of sex and death. Here the radical planet of change, experimentation and innovation has a field day, you’ll likely be tempted to be quite wild in your sex life, and be utterly unafraid of death. You may fear physical harm and pain, but death itself won’t trouble you at all.


Uranus in the Ninth House
This is the house of education, travel and philosophy. Uranus is well placed here, as you’ll find lots of pleasurable stimulation from expanding your mind in a variety of ways: reading, traveling and learning about philosophy.


Uranus in the Tenth House
The tenth house is the area of career and social responsibilities. If you’re ambitious, this is a great house to find Uranus in, you’ll be noted in your field if you choose an area that allows you to be as innovative, inventive and original in your work as you need to be. This may mean quite a few sudden changes in job until you find the place where you’re allowed to flourish.


Uranus in the Eleventh House
This is the house of groups of friends, social groups and goals. Arguably, this is the most comfortable placement for Uranus, it’s social concerns and intellectual interests are reflected perfectly in this most social of houses. However, in order to be fulfilled you’ll need to find a group of people as radical and unusual as you.

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