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I Hate Him, But I Love Him!

Heather had been a client of mine for over a year. She was in her fifth year of a loveless marriage, and she wanted out. She felt oppressed. She complained that her husband, Phil, did not allow her to work or to go anywhere without him. To please her, he hired a chef, kitchen clean-up crew, nanny, house cleaner, plus a maid, someone to tend the plants, and a chauffeur to drive her to appointments. Unfortunately, he also put her entire world under surveillance—her vehicle, the phones (LAN lines) and her cell phone. His excuse for the surveillance cameras throughout the inside of the home was that it was for her safety. When she found out her laptop and home computer were bugged, she was done with his excuses.

That night when she called me, I talked with her about starting her own business. Her astrological sign indicated entrepreneurship, and she knew her passion. We dreamed that night of how it would all end up, if she went forward with some training she would need, then buy a building. How she would have it decorated, right down to the color motifs, and how she would feel expressing her passion in the work area. Of course, we did fantasize a bit as we wandered around the new building (in our imagination) and strategically place some surveillance cameras there, just to save Phil some stresses. We told a few jokes, and I felt she was passionate enough to start her training that semester.

Heather asked me to help her find the tracking devices her husband Phil had installed in their home. I found them all. When she found out just how many there were, she went into apathy. “I don’t know what to do with him. I told him that I love him, and that he will never lose me, but he won’t listen.”

A few weeks passed. Heather called with a revelation and asked for my opinion and guidance. She wanted to go back to an old boyfriend she had known since childhood, Greg. As much as I advised her not to, she went ahead with her plan. She was welcomed back into Greg’s life immediately, and their affair started quickly. Both of them were lonely and empty inside.

It wasn’t long (six months) before a new tracking device brought Heather’s husband to Greg’s door. After a “man-to-man” talk, Greg promised to give Phil a chance to win his wife back. Heather called me that night crying. She felt Greg had betrayed her. She wanted him to rescue her. I told Heather, “You are the only one that can rescue yourself.” I hoped she took this to heart.

Weeks later Heather called me. She asked me to scan three men for her. She asked me to dowse for which one would be the “best fit” for her life style. She had no plans of leaving Phil now; instead, she was out for revenge on Phil. Greg would not return her calls, and she felt betrayed. She missed his arms around her.

Again we talked about forgiveness and the possibility that Phil may need some marriage counseling. She also spoke to Phil about the counseling, and he agreed. He would start going the following week.

Soon, they had progressed in their counseling and Heather decided to start school. Her grades and her progress were excellent. She graduated at the top of her class. When she called to tell me how happy she was, I told her that I could now see a future that had her husband back in it, along with some new and well deserved trust. In this lifetime, she would take her power back, and never rely on another again.

This was the end of an eternity of abuses that Heather had suffered, at the hands of her Prince Charming. Heather is working in her business now. She is very successful and sought after for her expertise. She has had a healing in her marriage and says Phil is better than ever. She would marry him all over again.

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15 thoughts on “Psychic Success: Find Your Prince Charming

  1. angelicpru

    Wow, I saw the headline of this article “I hate him, but I love him” right at the time when I looked over at my husband and wondered the same thing. I read the headline to my husband, and we laughed about it. I do love my husband but to an extent I also understand and empathize with Heather. My husband is 13 years older and has major insecurity problems. His insecurity leads to him to be controlling in my eyes. Accusations that I am somehow unfaithful to him come up frequently. He tries to start arguments to ensure that I have a terrible time everywhere I go that is without him. The thing a little before getting married I moved from another state to be with him, I have no friends in this new State, I work from home and so I do not have the opportunity to make any friends, and now even going to the grocery store to pick up food for us (in a State where I know nobody) leads to an argument that I am cheating. I am hurt by the constant accusations because there has never been any prior infidelity on my part where it is would be somehow understandable for him to question my faithfulness. The truth is I have never been unfaithful in any of my past relationships, and so I have never had to deal with this level of mistrust. Also, I am home all the time; I am not the party girl type (I do not even drink or smoke); he has the passwords to all my accounts; and I basically hide nothing from him. His excuse in him being “overprotective” is that I am young and he doesn’t want to lose me. However, trying to keep me in a shell and away from the world is only going to make me miserable. Aside from his insecurity problem (which I know is a huge problem), he is a great person. He is not lazy and will help out with all aspects of housekeeping, he fixes everything, he knows how to do a lot, we have a great times laughing, loving each other, watching movies and going places together, etc.

    For all the good that he is to me it’s hard to just throw that away, so I do not want his insecurity to be the cause for our dissolution of marriage. However, I know though that unlike Heather I will not cheat on him. I will not let any man drive me to the point where I degrade my worth or my self-respect. I believe that if I need to cheat on him then I need to get out of the marriage. I do not condone cheating whatsoever because what goes around comes back around.

  2. toni

    I agree wholeheartedly with some of the earlier posts. This woman was in

    a highly abusive relationship and SHOULD NOT STAY! No one should be

    a prisoner in their own home and I am highly doubtful that such a relationship

    can ever change. This woman should have been counselled to run far far away

    from this Prince Charming, in my opinion. Greg would have been the better

    choice for her.

  3. Gayle Martin

    While I’m glad it has worked out for your client, I am also concerned. Men who are as possessive and controlling as Phil, the man described in this scenario, will oftentimes turn into mean who physically abuse, and even kill, their wives or girlfriends. Those are big, red flags.

  4. don

    Once again its ok for the woman to cheat! no let me rephrase that (have an affair) BECAUSE she is so mistreated lets see wasn’t that a maid and a nanny and a ok then. now if the shoe was on the other foot (meaning) the guy, well then he’s a cheating bastered, there had to be a reason he didn’t trust
    or was that when she was not being fufilled and you told her it was allright to (have an affair) then to??????

  5. Karel

    Wow … Good work Darcy … Congrates & best wishes in the coming New Year … 2012, here we come! … Perhaps counsel with you for me shall be in order …. (:

  6. Belle

    I have some of the concerns. Married a man as he is kind of controlling.
    I am much older work and this is good just to be away.
    This man, has to make remarks after every word. Never had to deal
    with this kind before.
    Wonder how much longer I CAN take this, for he does not listen
    to any remarks that I give.
    He is a giving man with materiial items.
    So much on my mind. He would not go to conseling either.

  7. Womenexplode

    This story is absurd. I was married to a man like that and they don’t change. I got out of the marriage after two years. And he married a frumpy woman that did as he wished and he turned into an old man fast that I never could have been with. People don’t change their ways over night.. and also when a man like that is cheated on.. the odds of him taking the woman back are like nil …

  8. Joe White

    The key to successful male-female relationships is Self Love….the more you have of it the more you can love others. The way we feel about ourselves is what we project upon our partners. It is never about him or her. It is always about ourselves. There is no one out there. ……..Below is a Christmas wish I sent to three of my children.

    “Hi Morgan,

    Here is my wish for you always and forever:

    Always love yourself, always appreciate yourself, always enjoy yourself, always connect with yourself, Some people might call that being selfish and some

    people might accuse your Dad of teaching you selfishness . I say yes, that is exactly what I am doing because unless you are selfish enough to reach for that

    connection of loving and appreciating who you are, you don’t have anything to give anyone, anyway. And when you are selfish enough to make that self

    loving connection—you have an enormous loving gift that you give everywhere you are.



  9. L Levi

    I cannot believe what I just read. This wife was a prisoner of her husband’s control. He betrayed her by spying on her, confining her to her home and not allowing her to be her own person. He sounds like an insecure control freak. Prince Charming? I don’t think so. Sounds more like Sugar Daddy to me.

  10. Faith ext. 9608Faith ext. 9608

    Delightful article Darcy! Would love to see you return to our special gathering place sharing your knowledge and wisdom once again! Happy Holidays!

    Blessings, Faith ext. 9608

  11. willowcat

    Nonsense. Men that controlling or abusive rarely get better for any length of time. This kind of “reading” feeds that trap many women find themselves in “he’ll change.” Was this a real reading or just cultural memes masquerading as such?

  12. Diane Crane

    Oh well. Why did Phil act so wacky (extreme) in the first place? I mean tracking someone is more than a little bizarro, especially if you’re supposed to be in a trusting relationship. I don’t get it, but it’s nice to read that everything worked out.


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