Psychic Sagittarian

Believe it or not, beautiful birthday girl Marisa Tomei turns 45 today. This sexy Sag needs lots of freedom, has a natural instinct for what the public wants and a very funny sense of humor… and did we mention she sees the future while she sleeps?

Born in Brooklyn in 1964, both Sun and Moon were in Sag when Tomei made her earth-bound debut. And while her solar placement may have gifted her with limitless charm and a sense of adventure, it was that Archer Moon that imbued her with the prophetic dream abilities she has candidly discussed in interviews.

Tomei also claims to have a psychic cat who has familiarized her (and made her comfortable) with the supernatural realm.

Known equally for her comedic talents and sex appeal (Tomei won an Oscar for her role in comedy My Cousin Vinny and was nominated last year for her gritty turn in the indie drama The Wrestler), she has dreamy Neptune and loving Venus in mysterious Scorpio.

Perhaps that explains her ability to so convincingly portray a stripper opposite Oscar Winner Mickey Rourke. Tomei admits to learning several provocative “tricks” when she took pole dancing lessons for the role.

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