Psychic on Psychic: Forge a Path Using Numerology

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Do you know that your birth date holds a numerological value and can be interpreted into an energetic significance? The same system can also be applied for determining the energy for any date on the calendar. Psychic Blythe ext. 5339 enlightened me about the significance of numerical associations and how they can be applied in your life. Numerology is most known for birth date interpretations, but that is not its only application. Want to see how numerology works to forecast the potential for any date?

How Does Numerology Work?

Following is a simple breakdown which describes in detail how you can determine numerology values. (And the good news is, you don’t have to be a mathematician.)

At the beginning of the reading, Blythe had asked for my month and day of birth: November 15. She indicated that she was going to give me a “year reading” for which she would be adding 2012 to the equation.

The “secret” formula looks like this:
Birth month: November (11)
Birth day: (15)
Current year: (2012)

These numbers are set up in a mathematical addition equation: 11+15+2012= 2038.

In numerology, the final number that is interpreted needs to be a single digit.

To further reduce “2038″ into a single digit, 2038 is broken down into 2+0+3+8=13. Still not at a single digit yet, so this number is reduced one more time, 1+3=4.

2012 is going to be a “year of 4″ for me. Now what does that mean?

Psychic Blythe was able to apply the “4″ to my personal life. A numerological value of four indicates that this would be a stable, secure and grounded year for me. I should not expect a lot of changes to occur, but rather I will be enjoying the routine and grateful for having this temporary sense of reprieve, because the following year, 2013, will be a “5″ meaning big change is ahead!

Blythe combined her passion for numerology with her psychic abilities to see that this stability she saw was primarily in the area of finances. Work will produce a steady and much appreciated flow of income. No apparent struggles in this area of my life, thank goodness! She also confirmed the stability within my family, and relationship. So despite 2012 causing quite a stir as we embark upon this “great shift,” in stark contrast, it appears that I am blessed with a year in which I am dodging the turbulence that others are experiencing. “Count your blessings,” Blythe said!

Blythe spent the majority of the reading focused on the current year and time lines, because that was of most benefit to my current situation. But for fun, she also spent a few minutes determining and interpreting my soul number. Similar to the “year value,” the “soul value” was gathered from my complete birth date information, month, day and year. You may think that with all the numbers and adding… Whew, that could take a lot of time! Not the case. Blythe was quick, and the addition aspect of determining my numerological values took seconds. As Blythe continued with her informative reading style, I found that she was a joy to sit back and listen to. I took delight in being able to validate the accuracy in what Blythe was able to share.

Are you buying a home…When is the best date to close escrow? Are you ready to open your new business and need help selecting a date for the grand opening? What date should you choose to get married? Planning for a cesarean delivery and need help selecting a birth date and soul energy? Wouldn’t a psychic numerology reading be an amazing and personalized gift for a friend’s birthday… A reading specifically based on their unique birth date! Think about all the situations in your life in which you could sway the outcome and inject success by knowing ahead of time, when the best day would be to plan your event. Tip the odds in your favor with a little help from numerology and guidance from Psychic Blythe.


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2 thoughts on “Psychic on Psychic: Forge a Path Using Numerology

  1. germany

    the interpretation is excellent .im so happy for all the information thats being release to everyone they need to know. keep up the good work im a spiritualist my self my 10th year do you have any insight for me

    thank you germany

  2. Chief R. K. Goswami

    Mann, Thank you for guidelines on Numerology. Let me try and confirm. Life is not so easy & free, there must be some addition each year, or stuck up means person does not know how to add. Please let me understand the mystery. Thank you.


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