Progress Reports for Each Zodiac Sign

Progress Reports for Each Zodiac Sign | California Psychics

Life in Progress

We all deserve an ultimate letter grade of “A+” and an assessment of “Excellent” for getting through life because if we’re surviving it, that is a high accomplishment. Life has its lovely moments, but sometimes it is not for the faint of heart.

As you will see, we can all do a little better in certain areas. But stay the course, my friend, because life will most certainly turn out well for each of us when we try our best.

You may see yourself in different areas of other signs, too. This is partly due to your having your sun, moon, and rising sign all working together. Be sure to read all three so you can attain a fuller picture of these progress reports for each zodiac sign.

Zodiac Ups and Downs


Appearance: Seems to always be ready for action and dresses accordingly.

Initiative: Self-starter who likes to lead.

Responsibility: Tends to get things done as quickly as possible.

Dependability: Loves to go fast and be first, so frequently tends to arrive a little too early.

Judgment: While usually sensible enough, can behave impulsively.

Attitude: Instigator and troublemaker. Pulls pranks for laughs. Impatient yet courageous in endeavors.

Manners: Sometimes suave, sometimes inconsiderate, can play rough, but mostly gets along well with others.

Interpersonal Relations: Always seeks attention, stands up to bullies, and can be a lot of cheeky fun.


Appearance: Loves to dress as well as they can afford.

Initiative: Can be a bit lazy. Sometimes needs a little gentle persuasion to get going.

Responsibility: Once they get going, they tend to be steadfast and enduring in doing what is asked of them.

Dependability: They really do try to be on time.

Judgment: Quite sensible.

Attitude: This creature of comfort always seeks the easiest way to do anything.

Manners: Rather gentle unless angered. Might be found putting a finger in the frosting.

Interpersonal Relations: A real sweetheart with just about everyone.


Appearance: Always up-to-the-minute in fashion.

Initiative: Looks for things to do to fight off boredom.

Responsibility: Tries to pay attention, even if often distracted. Can have laser beam focus when needed.

Dependability: Often asks, “Wait, it was today?!”

Judgment: Smart. Handles things with bright intelligence.

Attitude: Curious, questioning, always wants to know more.

Manners: Thoughtful, caring, interested.

Interpersonal Relations: Talkative. Loves to chat and is quite social.


Appearance: Fashionable-yet-practical seems to be their clothing of choice

Initiative: Likes to dive right in and get things done.

Responsibility: Worries a lot, especially about job, family, and money, and is motivated to work hard.

Dependability: Usually arrives on time, sometimes cranky about being rushed.

Judgment: Shows good common sense.

Attitude: Nurturing, caring, gentle

Manners: Well-mannered but can be moody.

Interpersonal Relations: Protective, friendly, and tries to take care of everyone in the group.


Appearance: Takes obvious pride in how they dress. Concerned about making a good impression.

Initiative: Natural leader who readily shows others the way.

Responsibility: Ready to take over for the boss at any time.

Dependability: Arrives with a flourish, though seems to calculate the right moment to appear.

Judgment: Tends to be reliable and clear-thinking.

Attitude: Generous by nature. Loving. Can be arrogant. Insists on the best treatment, even from the boss.

Manners: Apt to be gracious.

Interpersonal Relations: Affable if treated respectfully.


Appearance: Crisp, clean, and well put-together.

Initiative: Driven to get the job done well.

Responsibility: Tends to be so intent on working that they must be told to stop and eat something.

Dependability: Usually carries a stopwatch. Being on time is second nature.

Judgment: Perceptive thinker.

Attitude: Sincere but can be calculating.

Manners: Careful to show proper etiquette.

Interpersonal Relations: Usually too busy to do much socializing, but quite courteous to others when interacting.


Appearance: Rather attractive and well-groomed.

Initiative: Will push themselves even if they don’t feel like working at times.

Responsibility: Brings gentle balance to getting things done.

Dependability: Somedays they are timely, some days not so much.

Judgment: It’s not always easy for them to make decisions, for they try to think through every side first.

Attitude: Intense dislike of discord, but ironically prone to arguing. Prefers to create harmony.

Manners: Exceptionally polite, showing good manners, courteous, and plays fair.

Interpersonal Relations: While usually both sweet and charming, they often try to win arguments, which they tend to succeed in doing.


Appearance: Darkly elegant, although must constantly be mindful of looking too sexy.

Initiative: Ambitious and self-motivated. Sticks with assignments until completed.

Responsibility: Intensely responsible and secretly competitive. Tends to outperform others.

Dependability: Strives to arrive exactly on time, even a wee bit early.

Judgment: Quite sound in their thinking, they are good at creating solutions.

Attitude: They can be sunny one moment or brooding the next.

Manners: Gentle and courteous. Sweet-natured.

Interpersonal Relations: Soulful, sincere, warm, kind, and supportive, with a tendency toward being very loyal.


Appearance: Clothing tends to be of both indoor/outdoor variety.

Initiative: Spontaneous and adventurous in getting things moving.

Responsibility: Sense of honor and integrity in work.

Dependability: Aims for punctuality, but often ends up racing to get where they need to go.

Judgment: Sagacious in thought.

Attitude: Can be a bit distracted by whatever is going on outside but tends toward a jovial disposition.

Manners: Tends to be happy and optimistic but needs to work on not being so rudely blunt.

Interpersonal Relations: Friendly, uplifting, sees the silver lining to problems, and enjoys encouraging others.


Appearance: Dresses well in a business-like way.

Initiative: Seems to always be looking for work to do.

Responsibility: Works exceptionally hard with an eye on climbing the ladder to greater leadership.

Dependability: Knows the importance of being on time and is punctual.

Judgment: Calmly thinks things through and always plans ahead.

Attitude: Can sometimes appear a bit blue but has a cheerful side.

Manners: Always well-mannered and thoughtful.

Interpersonal Relations: Serious, down-to-earth, and cool, but caring.


Appearance: Often seems to wear whatever is available at the moment. Dresses just as they please.

Initiative: Dreams big, then figures out how to make these dreams become reality.

Responsibility: Very intent on doing the best job they can with everything they take on.

Dependability: On time when they remember to be. It can be hard for them to recall what day it is.

Judgment: They have unique perceptions and are wise in their ways.

Attitude: While mostly easy-going, they tend to be champions of the underdog.

Manners: Courteous to all they meet.

Interpersonal Relations: Genuine, kind, warm, and friendly to everyone, especially to those new to the area or from other countries.


Appearance: Often seen with a dreamy expression, they tend to look quite lovely.

Initiative: When the spirit moves them, they act.

Responsibility: Figures out highly creative ways to do what needs to be done.

Dependability: Would rather dispense with time altogether.

Judgment: Wise in a way that is other-worldly.

Attitude: They can be quite uplifting in an almost mystical sense.

Manners: Being polite is second nature to them.

Interpersonal Relations: A bit shy but can be enchanting, sensitive, and quite kind to others.

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