Your Pluto Retrograde Horoscope

Time for an Internal Makeover

Now that we’ve started the astrological new year, the Pluto retrograde in Capricorn from April 12 through September 20 is the perfect time for an internal makeover. Pluto rules transformation and the underworld, representing our habits, motivations, internal triggers and even relationships. It’s about changes on a big scale. If some past behavior seems outmoded or outdated, it probably is. A Uranus-Pluto square occurs in May that will really kick this transit off. Remember, this is an internal journey; it’s all about you. Pluto retrograde in the traditional earth sign, Capricorn, says, “If it no longer works to our betterment, it’s time to let it go and step into the future.”


Pluto retrogrades in your house of careers. Are you doing what you love or do you view your career as just a paycheck? There’s no wrong answer; it’s about what matters most to you. Also look for signs that come your way.


Spirituality, living in line with your beliefs and self-improvement will all be places you focus on. You could decide you need to workout more or expand your education or just get more in touch with your spiritual side.

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Appropriately, this Pluto retrograde occurs in your house of transformation, and it can mean anything from business and finance to sex and philosophy. As the communication sign, you will consider your relationship with any or all of those subjects in your life.


Pluto will retrograde in your opposite sign Capricorn and your relationships with others, and maybe even yourself, will undergo changes where necessary. Pluto helps you change what needs to change.


You may see changes happening at work; just know they are completely out of your control. You may enjoy a promotion or this transit may prompt you to look elsewhere or even return to school. Travel may also be part of your Pluto retrograde journey.

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You will experience the power of personal change. Since Virgos admire physical beauty, you may undergo some body transformation; a new workout maybe. Alternatively, you could experience a sudden focus on your creative side.


Pluto retrogrades in your house of family and home. Although the possibilities of transformation are many (moving, redecorating, family changes), just remember to welcome changes—doing so will make you stronger and happier.


Pluto is your ruling planet and therefore it touches you deeply while in your third house. The communications you experience with those around you as well as your innermost thoughts expand and grow and transform.


Your relationship to money will undergo the biggest transformation during this retrograde and will continue while Pluto remains in Capricorn. How you think about, earn, spend and save money will come under your scrutiny.


Pluto is in your sign until 2023, and while it is in retrograde you will turn your thoughts inwardly toward yourself. Perhaps you’ll want to eat healthier or start a workout regimen. Avoid over-doing it.


Enjoy the journey between your conscious and subconscious mind. This is about inner changes in beliefs, thought processes and how you turn thoughts into actions that work for you.


Your involvements and associations and how they help or hinder your image may be a concern. What fits in your life, who fits, and how do they fit? If you like helping others, do more of that, but don’t go beyond your comfort level.

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Pluto transformations aren’t always easy, but it’s nice to know that no matter how easy or difficult change may be, Pluto has a way of making sure that all changes bring the best possible outcome.

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  3. jgirl

    my ex who i have been hoping and praying for a reconnection with just contacted me this morning. im so happy and hopeful that we can finally release the problems and bad habits of the past and take this as an opportunity to start fresh into the future. im a 7 degree cancer sun, sag ascendant, libra moon, and pluto is retrograde natally in my 10th. my partner is a gemini sun, libra moon. his venus is in cancer, and my venus is in gemini. and i recently discovered that my descendant is in gemini…

  4. Hector

    Waiting on the big change in the Administration in Washington DC, all sandbagging career politicians need to be put out to pasture. One four year term only. Lets all get behind Planet Pluto and clean house….!

  5. bella

    This is 4 Nicolas,

    AH HUH AND I knew YOU were a Capricorn 2, & I DO hear YOU !!!! FYI, you SHOULD KNOW THIS by NOW, (RIGHT ??) it’s NOT in our DNA 2 know OF NO other KIND OF way, LOL ha-ha-ha, 😉 Bella 🙂

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  8. nicolas

    Pluto retrograde in the traditional earth sign, Capricorn, says, “If it no longer works to our betterment, it’s time to let it go and step into the future.” 🙂


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