Pluto Enters Capricorn

After spending 13 years in Sagittarius, Pluto starts its 16-year transit through Capricorn today, which is sure to rattle our comfort zones to some degree. Pluto can cause quite a bit of upheaval. Its purpose is to destroy outmoded ways of doing things. And since Capricorn rules the status quo, government, oversight and big business – actually, the foundation of our society – it means this influence will shake up the foundation of how we live. We’ve already seen some decades-old institutions crumble (or need government bailouts), which is just the tip of the Pluto iceberg. The way to make friends with Pluto on a personal level is to eliminate what’s not working in your life, whether it’s an attitude, material possession or a relationship that’s wrong for you. Then you’ll be freer to fulfill your true destiny.

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