Planetary Power Brokers

The Saturn-Pluto face-off, which began in mid-November of last year, will continue to rattle everyone’s cages through August and September. Saturn, justly named the Taskmaster, is squared off with Pluto, Ruler of the Underworld and overseer of the delicate balance of all shared resources, and it will save you a lot of frustration and discomfort if you understand what they are trying to accomplish, so you can cooperate with them.

This is especially true for anyone born during the first week or so of the Cardinal signs — Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. It also affects anyone with planets or angles in the early degrees of those same signs.

It’s important to note that this also has significance for any activities worldwide that fall under the influence of Pluto and Saturn — the global economy, governments, multinational corporations, diplomatic negotiations, beliefs and decisions about species extinction, resource allocation/global warming discussions such as the Copenhagen and Kyoto conferences, and so on.

Although the second of the three main encounters happened on January 31, there are several other important dates to watch through September. They’re worth marking on your calendar, and are discussed in detail at the end of this article.

We as individuals can accomplish a lot during this time if we understand and cooperate with the intent of each planetary influence. Here are some hints:

Cooperating With Saturn
The central purpose of any Saturn visit is to help you build strong internal structures using the components of your authentic self.

Act with integrity — no hedging, no cheating. Anything else inevitably backfires.

Think carefully before acting. Then think again.

Develop your decisions from clearly defined purposes.

Efficiency, persistence, and dedication are rewarded abundantly.

Have concern for the structures impacted by your actions: the environment, your community, your work, your family, and yourself.

Keep criticism of others — or yourself — to a minimum. It misuses time and energy.

Preemptive planning and action can be really helpful. You can’t foresee everything, but being aware of and alert for possible alternative responses to your actions keeps you fast on your feet.

Take especially good care of your body, your mind, and your spirit.

Take time to really appreciate your results.

Work Harmoniously With Pluto
Since Pluto is currently working in the sign that is naturally ruled by Saturn, Saturn’s effect is doubled as Pluto works his potent magic on Saturn’s main concerns. So first, reread the rules for cooperation with Saturn.

Resist applying ‘us and them’ thinking to any situation. This is one of Pluto’s central lessons — what appears to be ‘other’ is actually yourself.

The only true solution to any power struggle is to create win-win alternatives.

Pluto’s other central lesson is that all resources are shared. Nothing is yours alone — behave accordingly. This includes money and skills, as well as petroleum and fish.

Passion and creativity are infinite resources — use yours abundantly to fuel your future.

Waste not, want not.

And, even more important, do unto others only what you’re willing to have done to yourself. Because, trust me, Pluto is the Universe’s most inevitable boomerang!

Dates to Watch
On April 6, Pluto shifts to retrograde motion, going back over Pluto-related actions and decisions and unfolding Pluto solutions behind the scenes until mid-September.

On May 30, Saturn, which was moving backward (retrograde) during the January 31 face-off, will begin to move forward again. Hidden agendas, cracks in your infrastructures, and unforeseen actions, especially related to events surrounding January 31, could blindside everyone at that point.

The third square actually happens on August 21, but because, as with January 31, one of the two planets involved is retrograde (moving through inner realms, not acting out in the world), you may not see all the results until late September.

On September 12 and 13, both Pluto and Mercury begin to move forward. At that point, Pluto will have been working underground for about five months — Mercury will be emerging from its thrice-yearly, three-week stint creating havoc. Since they each will be bringing internal processes and hidden issues associated with them up to the light of day, events around these dates should provide a rousing finale for the power dance we’ve all been doing since November 2009.

Keep notes. There are soul-inspiring lessons afoot, and you’ll want to take your time understanding them fully.

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