Venus Enters Virgo

Venus is the planet of love and pleasure. She influences us in areas of affection, beauty, social graces and sex appeal. She rules over our love affairs and our friendships. Because Venus governs the ... read more

Harvest Moon Ritual

Every relationship needs tending. And there's no better opportunity than the time of a Harvest Moon! Make September 26, 2007's Harvest Moon (in Aries) a time to take stock in your relationship then use the ... read more

Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

Eclipses often act like catalysts in one or two areas of your life. This lunar eclipse on August 28 in Pisces on a Full Moon will heighten your emotions. Since mystical Neptune rules Pisces, your psychic ... read more

The Saturn Influence

Saturn is an amazing planet that has powerful influence in the astrological world. Saturn, simplistically, is Law. He is discipline and responsibility, the teacher of life-lessons, the parent that ... read more
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