Your LOVECAST™: Heat and Complications

Look out for Tuesday’s New Moon in Scorpio. It will heighten the heat and complications in relationships. During the weekend, romance starts out fiery and then comes back down to earth (a good thing). Are you ready for a commitment?


Week of October 27 – November 2, 2008

Scorpio: The New Moon in your sign energizes your desire for personal fulfillment and enhances your powers of attraction. You’re on fire on Wednesday, when passion skyrockets. Your need for control may derail romance on Thursday or Friday, so go with the flow. A (spontaneous?) tryst turns hot on Saturday. Naughty talk makes passion percolate on Sunday!


Sagittarius: Your intuition is spot on after the New Moon. Also, resolving the past will open a door to new opportunities over the next two weeks. A serene environment heightens passion on Wednesday. You’re the center of attention on Thursday and Friday. Your charisma entices others on Saturday. A natural setting revs up romance on Sunday.


Capricorn: The New Moon brings pleasure and professional opportunities through friends, group activities and community projects in the next two weeks. A romantic interlude may come through a friend on Wednesday. Share your spirituality and wisdom to enhance romance on Thursday and Friday. Getting outdoors inspires passion on Saturday. You’re lusty on Sunday!


Aquarius: Networking with colleagues after the New Moon can open professional doors (and may bring romance as well) – in the next two weeks. Your instincts take over on Wednesday, when your charisma makes you a magnet for romance. Look for romance during a group project on Thursday and Friday. Love and friendship go together during the weekend.


Pisces: Your need for a spiritual connection with your partner is heightened after the New Moon, which can help manifest such a relationship. Your lusty side makes you especially creative in the boudoir on Wednesday! Others may find you illusive on Thursday and Friday. Your humor heightens love on Saturday. Friends provide joy on Sunday.

Aries: The New Moon can intensify intimate encounters over the next two weeks, but you may first need to resolve any fears you have about being vulnerable. Wednesday is especially hot! Adventure makes passion soar on Thursday and Friday. Romance can be found through spiritual activities on Saturday. Love is earthy on Sunday.


Taurus: Partnership activities escalate after Tuesday’s New Moon for about two weeks. If you’re solo, getting clear about what you want in a relationship will help you manifest a compatible partner. Passion skyrockets on Wednesday! Your intuition guides you in love on Thursday and Friday. Romance needs freedom on Saturday. Sensuality soars on Sunday.


Gemini: Tuesday’s New Moon can bring a flirtation with someone connected to your work or through a volunteer activity. Also, look for work opportunities over the next two weeks. Your way with words, mixed with some naughtiness, accelerates passion on Wednesday. A twosome connection heats up on Friday or Saturday. Slow down to enjoy love on Sunday.


Cancer: If you’re ready for more love in your life, the New Moon can launch romance into the stratosphere over the next two weeks! Your creativity will skyrocket, too. Your sensuality is irresistible on Wednesday, so do something fun with your sweetie. A flirtation at work may arise Friday or Saturday. Your powers of attraction soar on Sunday.


Leo: The New Moon energizes your desire to entertain at home over the next two weeks. Family activities will escalate, too. You’re feeling sexy and willful on Wednesday. Passion is off the charts on Thursday and Friday! Your playful side heightens romance on Saturday. Love needs a deeper show of feelings on Sunday.


Virgo: The New Moon revs up flirting over the next two weeks (especially this Wednesday!), so show off your wit and braininess. Your brilliance can also bring you success at work, so promote your ideas. You may find yourself flirting with a colleague on Thursday or Friday. Your wild side comes out to play on Saturday. Sunday is lazy and sensual.


Libra: Your values are the focus in relationships after the New Moon, which also brings moneymaking opportunities in the next two weeks. Your artistry revs up romance on Wednesday. Networking brings opportunities on Thursday and Friday. Romance can be found through a friend on Saturday. Getting cozy with your sweetie heightens romance on Sunday!


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