Your LOVECAST™: A Double Whammy

It’s a double whammy! Tuesday’s last-quarter Moon will energize both romance and work this week. Monday and Tuesday is all about taking care of business. But don’t dispair because the weekend will be about love!

Week of October 20 – 26, 2008

Libra: The quarter Moon can make you a little nuts, but it also energizes your creativity at work and at home. A quiet rendezvous for two is favored mid-week, when you may need to discuss the practical details of your relationship. Get rid of junk you don’t need on Saturday morning. After that, you’re a magnet for love for the rest of the weekend.

Scorpio: A sexy rendezvous may include a nice surprise on Monday (or you can offer a sexy surprise to your sweetie!) A miscommunication is likely mid-week, so seek clarity. On the brighter side, your creativity will be in full bloom. Socializing can produce opportunities on Thursday or Friday. A serene locale revs up romance during the weekend.

Sagittarius: Emotions deepen at the beginning of the week, but overreactions from people close to you are likely. Still, Tuesday is a good time for a romantic tryst. Promoting your career projects and networking with colleagues is favored, particularly on Friday. An argument may erupt early on Saturday, but after that, socializing brings pleasure.

Capricorn: The quarter Moon can bring up issues in relationships. Fortunately, it also brings out your passionate side, so plan something fun with your sweetie on Monday or Tuesday. Envisioning your personal and professional goals mid-week will help manifest your desires. Entertaining on the weekend shows off your artistry and style!

Aquarius: Emotions run high at the beginning of the week, so access your heart when dealing with others. Fantasy rules on Tuesday, so engage in some sexy role-playing or other games in the boudoir. It’s all in the details mid-week – in and out of the bedroom. Slow down and take your time. Share your spiritual ideals to deepen love over the weekend.

Pisces: Your powers of attraction skyrocket at the beginning of the week. Your mystique draws others to you on Wednesday, when your creativity shines as well. A twosome tryst can delight on Thursday. A serious discussion about your relationship may arise on Friday. Your brainpower and artistry get you noticed on the weekend!

Aries: Your intuition guides you in love (and other areas) at the beginning of the week, so take some quiet time to listen to your inner voice. Home activities are favored, too. Taking care of the nitpicky details you’ve been putting off is emphasized mid-week. Saturday begins with some chaos, but romantic energy soars in the evening through Sunday.

Taurus: Flirting and other heartfelt talk intensify the sizzle in your relationship at the beginning of the week. Tuesday is especially good for a romantic encounter. Business mixes with pleasure mid-week, but a misunderstanding may arise. Romance turns serious on Friday. Over the weekend, your charisma makes you the center of attention!

Gemini: Words play a big role in attracting romance at the beginning of the week, so access your eloquence. A sexy trip for two can rev up romance as well. A family member may need your attention mid-week, when activities surrounding your home take precedence. Saturday afternoon is challenging, but romance skyrockets in the evening and throughout Sunday.

Cancer: Your magnetism draws passionate responses at the beginning of the week, so get out there and socialize! The quarter Moon motivates you to succeed but can also stress you out, so stay centered. Your humor gets you noticed mid-week. Thursday is a good time for a romantic getaway. Entertaining at home is favored over the weekend.

Leo: A cozy rendezvous for two in a serene setting brings out your passion on Monday. You’re on fire mid-week! However, you may be sending out mixed messages, so be clear about your intentions. A solid moneymaking opportunity may land in your lap on Friday. Talk and travel make love bloom on the weekend, so plan a fun getaway.

Virgo: Socializing gets crazy at the beginning of the week. Still, activities with friends may involve a romantic interlude. You’re in the spotlight mid-week, especially on Thursday, when your sensuality intensifies passion. Your integrity and expertise get you noticed on Friday. Be creative in the boudoir to rev up passion over the weekend!

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