Outdoor Sex By Sign

The sun is shining, the air is hot. There’s no reason you can’t turn up
the heat in your bedroom – by leaving it! Summer is the time of year
that practically begs for outdoor adventure, so why not make it the
sexy kind?

Here is your guide to making love under the sun – or under the stars. And you can pick your spot by sign! Hint: if you know them, be sure to read your rising, and your Mars and Venus signs, for added sin-spiration! (A psychic who is an astrologer can give you this information.)

These sensitive Water Signs can be some of the zodiac’s very best lovers, but they can be shy – or slow to cave in to seduction when it goes beyond their comfort zones. They do, however, love the ocean, and all it has to offer. If sex on the beach (or in the ocean – where it’s easier to hide what’s really going on beneath the waves) isn’t in the cards for you and your crab, get them going once you get home from a day of sand and surf. With your skin tanned and salty, you might entice your Cancer into a little clandestine action on the patio – or in a secluded spot in the backyard.

Spotlight-loving Leo makes for the perfect open-air lover, particularly if taken by surprise and seduced! Why? Because it makes them feel special . . . and daring! As a result, just about any secluded outdoor location can be magically transformed into a perfect lion hotspot – but these luscious cats do like sunning themselves. In other words, drive somewhere scenic (the specifics depend on your locale) and then hop on the hood or lift the hatchback to shower your Leo with all the adoration and rays they deserve! Bonus points if you get a digital snapshot for your memory book.

Ah, the details . . . Virgo is bound to be mired in them. Their bedrooms are havens of sin and perfection (these tastemakers take lovemaking to the level of high art – just check out that secret chest next to their beds). After all, a good Virgin is always prepared. So look for an out-of-the-ordinary locale with extraordinary aesthetic appeal. Does the Grand Canyon at sunset seem a little bit out of the way? Don’t worry – perhaps a rooftop with a view, or a private deck where you won’t be seen will serve your purpose. Take your Virgo somewhere quiet with just a hint of potential for being found out – and you’ll uncover a whole new meaning in the phrase “like a virgin.” Take the submissive role, and you’ll be particularly pleased!

It’s no secret that Libra loves luxury, but don’t mistake that for opposition to an outdoor encounter. Whether in your backyard or under the cover of one of the swankiest poolside cabanas you can swing, get these smooth operators waterside (maybe by hot tub – or the hot springs) with a glass of champagne in hand, and go for something seemingly secret. Bathing suit bottoms were made to be moved to the side, after all, and lap-sitting can always appear innocent. Hint: have a luxe towel handy – one large enough to wrap around the two of you… and luscious Libra is bound to move in for seconds.

Odds are there are very few locations you could suggest that would turn sexual siren Scorpio off – or scare them away. It makes sense that a secluded little stretch of beach is always a bountiful proposition – especially if you can find a nice place under a rock for this water creature. Pack a big blanket to widen the playing field on the sand. On the other hand, if your Scorpio is a bit more metropolitan, they may be down for a quick ride on a park bench in the wee hours – or a visit to the cemetery. (Yes, they can be this dark!) How about a romp in the back seat of a black limo? The slinkier, saucier and – perhaps, even seedier – the more seductive it will be to these stingers whether it takes place outdoors or not!

The symbol for Sag is half-man, and half-beast. So if you’re going to get it on with the archer in the great outdoors, you might as well head out into the wild. Blaze a hiking trail, and step off the beaten path for a sexy session in a field or under the trees. Make Sag catch you, and they’ll be even more excited once they do . . . If the area is safe and secure with even a modicum of privacy, consider leaving a trail of clothes en route to your spot, then let Sag throw you down and ravage you – or do the reverse. Anything goes, under the sun!

A practical-yet-magical sign known as the goat, Capricorns are patient, hardworking lovers with a soft spot for ocean breezes who like to take their time. This is yet another sign who will enjoy some beachside bonhomie of the sexual kind! But if you’re looking for something a little different – or closer to home – select a space where privacy is no concern. A corner of your own backyard, for instance, or a hammock for two or comfy outdoor chaise will offer Capricorn a chance to savor the moments. Do your lover a favor: take control (for a little while, at least) and lavish them with plenty of attention. They’re often the givers, but they also love to receive!

Air Sign Aquarius is eccentric above all else – and often ethereal, too. Take them to a spot that offers novelty or intellectual stimulation. This “out there” sign loves lots of stars and twinkling planets. So consider sneaking a quickie in the outdoor gardens of a museum or maze at night. To send them over the top, try a round in the back of a horsedrawn carriage – of the type you see in some cities and parks. Tip: the stranger the location (and the more skill it takes to pull off having some sort of sex), the stronger the draw will be for these innovators.

Okay, wait for it . . . the sign of the fishes likes to make love near the water. Ocean, river, pool – it doesn’t really matter. Pisces will be hot and bothered at the prospect of getting wet and wild! That said, if you want to make it interesting, why not do it on the water instead of in the water? Try getting into a boat! You might even hazard it on a rowboat – just be careful to rock gently, so as not to capsize – or give it a shot on a sailboat sundeck. Fishes will find that a rollicking round aboard a floating vessel starts their blood boiling – but be sure to leave plenty of time for a swim after you’re finished.

As they are experimenters by nature – Rams will do whatever it takes to find pleasure – doing it outside with your Aries will be but one of many sexual adventures you’re likely to experience. Hence, as with Scorpio, there are few limits to what they’ll enjoy. Try something that emphasizes this animal’s athleticism – climb a mountain (or try a local hiking trail), and find a spot at (or near) the top. Go water-skiing or swimming, or engage in any water sport – and dive off into the distance for an underwater romp. Stay late after your softball game, and do it in the dugout – or on the sidelines. Make action a part of satisfaction, and Aries is bound to be intrigued!

Taurus loves three things like no others: food, nature and sex. To satisfy all the outdoor appetites of this simple-to-seduce Earth Sign, pack a picnic and hit the park – or plan a camping weekend! Pick a spot that’s sufficiently secluded, so as not to be bothered, and then cook over an open fire. For dessert, lay a blanket down with an unobstructed view of the stars, and feed your bull s’mores by hand. Taurus will feel even more grounded than usual out in the open – and, given the chance (and with the coast clear) – they’ll make the earth move under your feet – or maybe your back.

Whether it’s keeping them mentally intrigued or physically stimulated, Geminis can be work – the twins need constant stimulation. The solution? Cool these hot-blooded Air Signs down with an outdoor shower or waterfall. Don’t have either handy? Then fill up a kid’s pool, or get out the hose and set it on “spray.” The dual action of your ingenuity and the fun will stimulate their minds – though stimulating the body is up to you! For an added bonus, talk your way through each move you make, without breaking eye contact. They’ll be discussing your outdoor romp during the (many more) hot nights that lie ahead!

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