October Eclipses: A Door Opens to Soulmate Connections

October Eclipses and Soulmates

 Transform Your Soulmate Connections During These Eclipses

Those powerful, compelling feelings that draw you to someone special seem nearly impossible to discuss with others. Your sense of connection to them stretches far beyond a single lifetime in your mind. Here you are in this one body on a huge planet and while there is an almost terrifying sense of being alone, there is also a powerful love that pulls your toward someone eternal. That someone eternal is your soulmate!

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Ancient temples and stories throughout history share your scenario of eternal love and connection. The ancient ones also spoke of the opening of doors between realms and between eternal lovers when eclipses occur—particularly when Libra is involved. The beautiful October 8 Harvest Moon is a Libra Total Lunar Eclipse. It is followed by a Partial Solar Eclipse on October 23 just as the Sun, Moon and Venus enter the depths of Scorpio.

Both of these eclipses belong to their own family of eclipses that occur over a 1200-year period. The Moon family has its own astrological signature. It demands that you balance a hard-working commitment with an intuitive connection in order to move forward with your timeless soulmate love. The Sun family insists that you release old wounds, speak your truth and heal. These eclipses offer true transformation in your life and love.

Each sign will have its own experience with the Lunar Eclipse and the Solar Eclipse, and its own chance to seize the dream of the fulfillment of powerful love:


October 8 brings energy, inspiration and benevolent help in your creative love efforts. Yet, you are in the midst of surprises and financial uncertainty. As you enjoy a sense of rebirth on October 23, include gentle healing in your lovemaking and love creations and watch everything unfold, resolving itself through the winter months.

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You are full of fierce feminine energy on October 8, yet you feel haunted by rich memories and a spiritual yearning that drives you toward soulmate love. Friends help you reach out to your eternal partner on October 23. Your shared love and career accomplishments take a more public stage in February.


You are creative, charming and powerfully sexy, both in your bedroom and the workplace, on October 8. To establish this as a soulful connection, use the October 23rd eclipse to continue to put real effort towards that fulfilling soulmate love. Then enjoy what you’ve achieved in February.


You are in the process of an amazing transformation on October 8 and your personal changes will impact your eternal love partnership in a positive way. October 23 brings forth a loving, creative spirit that translates into pleasure and inspiration for both you and your soulmate.


You’ll be thrilled with your positive attitude and energy on October 8, attracting love through your sexiness and guts. Intensity at home on October 23 is the opening for an eternal self-expression that includes your soulmate. Your shared spirits bring fulfillment.


Your intuition and vision bring a breakthrough in your love life on October 8. October 23 is the perfect day for communications and small trips with your soulmate, or to find that soulmate whom you envisioned during the Lunar Eclipse.

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You let go of old visions of your soulmate on October 8, but don’t fear! You are only opening the door to the true love waiting beyond it as you recognize your soulmate’s amazing spirit. Great eternal love opportunities arise through new personal values and expectations on October 23.


You sense your soulmate by searching deep within yourself on October 8. This intense process brings results on October 23. This powerful Solar Eclipse opens you to a whole new life as the Sun, Moon and Venus join together and enter your sign signifying a truly wonderful door you’ve opened to reaching your soulmate.


On October 8 you want to share the joy of what a truly spiritual, eternal connection can bring with everyone you know, and particularly with your soulmate. There is a birth of real treasure deep in your subconscious on October 23. The joy of your soulmate helps shine light on it.


Your home and career set the stage for a personal breakthrough in achieving eternal love on October 8. By October 23 you’ll first sense the new you in this eternal bond and you’ll be taking action before the end of the year to bring that soulmate union to completion.

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You experience profound changes on October 8 that heal you through speaking about and with your soulmate in an inspired way. October 23 is all about your perfect partner. Joyful communication opportunities bring your love public attention. Then your birthday month brings fruition.


Remain steady regarding your soulmate ideals on October 8 as the earth shakes a bit in your life and brings the loving gift you’ve long deserved. Then October 23 offers a clear view to the consummation of that perfect dream of yours with your loving other.

5 thoughts on “October Eclipses: A Door Opens to Soulmate Connections

  1. Tom

    Soulmates Tad Perry follow us down through the lifetimes, sometimes as a lover but not always, do dot be disappointed if u found your soulmate but this lifetime you are to be a mentor not a lover

  2. Tad Perry

    I had always heard that eclipses can represent crisis. I do not doubt that this soulmate connection may be real. In fact, I think I found my soulmate (me: 2/2/64, her: 10/10/1990) and the reading above seems accurate for both of us. Oct. 8 had the meanings given even though I had not yet read this page. It seems she still needs time to accept that I am her soulmate, largely due to the age difference, but I know she can be very fond of me at times, and also have very strong emotional reactions (including anger) to my activity even though she has refused to call it love so far. She is very intelligent, kind-hearted, and shy in matters of love, and I adore her.

  3. Natalie

    So funny, Gina Rose, that you mention the power of change through eclipses. Today (in fact late yesterday) I was made aware of a very important change in my relationship….he is moving to another province and while this potential scenario has been at play for a while now, it is actually happening and I am left with very important decisions to make! yikes!

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    It is a full moon in Libra, yes…. but, the total lunar eclipse is in Aries.

    Eclipses , or tracking eclipses, has been a hobby of mine for well over 30 years now….I find them powerful and fascinating.

    Eclipses ALWAYS bring change….for better or worse, but always bring in change.

    They are considered ” course correctors “, or power points , in a person’s life.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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