Numerology: Reveal Your Life’s Purpose

Using Your Life Path in Practical Ways

Your Life Path Number is the most important number in numerology and in life. Your Life Path Number is exactly what its name implies: It’s the path of your life, the road you’ll take, the chances and opportunities you’ll be able to take advantage of and even the obstacles you may encounter. You can use your Life Path Number to guide you in many practical ways, including in your career.

To figure out your Life Path number, write down your birthday as shown in the example and find your Life Path number. Then read the explanation below.

Calculate Your Life Path Number

Example Birth Date: December 24, 1987 or 12/24/1987

The month of December is 12. Add 1+2 = 3

Day of birth is 24. Add 2+4 = 6

Year of birth is 1987. Add 1+9+8+7 = 25. Reduce 25 to a single number by adding 2+5 = 7

Now add the month, day and year of your birth together.  3+6+7 = 16. Reduce to a single number by adding 1+6 = 7.

Your Life Path Number is 7

Let Your Life Path Guide You to Career Utopia

Let’s see what your Life Path Number reveals about you and how you might use it to find your career path or excel at the one you already have. As the saying goes, “Find a career that you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Life Path 1

You are a natural-born leader. You easily stand up and take charge. You inspire those you lead and they look to you for guidance. You love status, wealth and power. You could be anything from a world leader to a sought-after stylist to the stars—if you’re not the star yourself. Avoid greediness.

Life Path 2

You’re sensitive and artistic. You are also calming and compassionate and you’d make an excellent artist, dancer or even a counselor. You’re not a big fan of criticism but you’re also smart enough to use your sense of humor to laugh it off rather than get angry or hurt.

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Life Path 3

With your quick mind, expressiveness and love of communication you could be a fabulous artist, actor or talk-show host (you love the spotlight) but only if you’re disciplined enough to live up to your potential. If you put the work behind it, you could have a career that gives you the luxurious life you crave. Let someone else handle the checkbook.

Life Path 4

You’re practical, organized and a lover of traditions. You would make a wonderful portfolio manager because you like things that makes sense, have rules and a structure. You are good with money, and working hard to save gives you the comfortable life you seek.

Life Path 5

You love adventure and travel and you’re also expressive and friendly, but most of all you love being free. If you could have a job like Anthony Bourdain—travelling the world, experiencing new cultures and writing or talking about them—you would be the happiest number on the planet.

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Life Path 6

You are a giver and you possess great compassion for others. When someone needs you, you are not afraid to put aside your own needs for others. Counselor or aid organizer, you take pride in what you do. Your path is to find a way to be truly helpful without sticking your nose too far in it. Know your limits.

Life Path 7

You know better than anyone that you are not just human, but a spiritual soul as well. You love to find the truth in things—exposing answers and uncovering mysteries. That is your path—investigation of the unknown. Private detective or ghost hunter, your analytic mind is always hard at work.

Life Path 8

You’re a visionary leader. You easily see the big picture—what will work and what won’t. You have a flair for finance, but not as a pencil pusher. You have big plans and you like to see them come together in a big way. You attract big money more than anyone, but you must have determination to get there.

Life Path 9

Your life’s purpose is to be a humanitarian. Working to lift others up is your path to a great career. If you seek money for its own sake it will elude you. If you share your fortune or knowledge or inspire others, it is more likely to create something that will provide nicely for all involved.

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Life Path 11

You are a beacon—a great source of light who can inspire others without even trying. Energy and inspiration just seem to be an aura around you and it’s one that anyone can see. You contain within you a message that people can benefit from, but you must avoid self-criticism and not alienate yourself.

Life Path 22

You possess great power and you are born to inspire others and bring opposing sides together. Your power exists in the spiritual, idealistic side of life. Your life’s purpose is to gather people to help you bring your visions and ideas from the conceptual to the actual. It is not an easy number to live up to, but you were given it for a reason.

51 thoughts on “Numerology: Reveal Your Life’s Purpose

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  2. berserker

    Remember this everyone. Each one of us chose to come her to experience hardships of our own choosing. On the other side we each carefuly planned the hardships and struggles to experience here on the hell planet. So if it seems it is nothing but one bad thing after another with maybe short breaks in between, embrace them, learn from them. Remember, most problems is of our own doing and not some one elses. Be happy about this for it is far easier to change oneself than to change another you think is the cause of your misfortune. For many years I was constantly in a bad crowd and paid the price accordingly. One day some one told me, If you dont like getting arrested stop giving them a reason. Realy good advice. I took it and now here it is 20 years later. I did all that it took to not give them a reason because it mattered enough that I made it happen. Today I know who NOT to help as well as who to help. I am mindful today of my actions and how they may affect others. I can see trouble from afar if coming my way and deal with it harshly if thats what it takes. Always think about what you are doing, be mindful of your environment and be open minded.

  3. Serah

    my date of birth 27 February 1994
    add all….9+2+23..then 9+2+5=16
    but there is no numerology for 16. so whats my life plan?

  4. susan

    well if i did this right i am a 1 . my date of birth is 03-23-1973. i still not sure what i am suppose to do in life

  5. Shannon

    The life your born to live…by dan millman best book you will ever own..more than just the life a 30/3 life path 3 but thethe 3 and 0play a roll..then explains the laws yo should practiceYou will end up looking up friends,ex lovers,family, and it truly gives you a deeper insight to that person..i don’t go a day with out this book..

  6. Stephanie

    It tells you how to calculate it at the top of the article with the example birth date! So for Len, 3/25/1955 would be 3+7 (2+5)+2 (20 (1+9+5+5)–> 2+0)=12–> 1+2=3 So Len’s number would be 3.

  7. abdul

    my date of birth 5 june 1970
    by this…year..1+9+7+0= 17… then 1+7= 8
    add all….5+6+8=19..then 1+9= 10
    but there is no numerology for 10, then what would my life plan hope you will send reply

  8. Blessed

    Hi everyone,
    She put the instructions at the top but from what I’ve come to understand is the goal is to come up with a single digit number. If I’m correct then here you go….

    Debbie your son is
    2 + 4 + 27
    2 + 4 + (2+7)=9
    2 + 4 + 9 = 15
    2 + 4 + 6 = 12
    (1+2)= 3
    2-22-1989 = Life Path Number is 3

    Todd Turner your LPN is 4
    Debbie your LPN is 6
    Sandra your LPN is 1
    Dawn your LPN is 1
    Subroto your LPN is 4
    Len your LPN is 2
    Marcella you are a 3 and your partner is a 1

  9. Gwen

    My life plan came out as a number Thank you ! Love is the keep of it all. Where the is love as a tradition all of the rest will follow.

  10. David

    I really enjoy being the number I am. I am a #four. As one of my personal values, I do not put emphasis on money. I am happy to hear that I am good with money, because that is a fact. I use money as a tool of life. I share the air, water, fruit and vegetables, bleed the same, have babies the same as most people. I make no problems for myself. Blessings

  11. Dawn

    Numerology is a buncf of bull. I just did your life path number and none of the numbers even describe the poersonalities of the people I did them for.

  12. Sandy

    For those of you who are looking for instructions on your number click the coloured or hi-lighted link “your life path number” and you will be directed to the instructions on calculating your number

  13. ReikiGirl

    Mother God and Angels please surround and assist Mr. Hughes in every way possible. May he find peace and tranquility very soon and resolve to his situation.

  14. Patricia Jones

    Wow… after reading each life path, you pretty much hit it on the nose and I like that… but it talks about all the “nice” qualities that I may have but doesn’t really answer the question as to when I fall how to do I get myself back up.. always there to help others, but not always there to help myself at times..

  15. thomas hughes

    i was accused of attempt murder and the courts just cheated and lied. i have been trying to get it cleared up but no one helps.i have no friennds and all whom i have helped have crossed me,i live a very solitary life to avoid more problems, i feel forgotten. your life paths are so true i feel i am here to make things the moment all has stopped! thank you

  16. Wilie Simpkins

    My numerology reading expressed practical all my perceptions I have of myself, without being conceited. My attitude toward life is, “I want to live life recovered, not in recovery”

  17. Debra Bowers

    This was me to a ‘T’! WoW! Thank you for inspiring me to remember the positive of who I am and get focused on making some things happen like a new career. I’ve been a stay at home Mom for 10 years and now I’m going through a terrible divorce. I have to find a way to take care of myself and have lost so much self esteem but this reminds me I have great potential. I knew these qualities were in me but I just have forgotten. I’m going to print this and remember not to forget who I am and what great potential I have to contribute and make a difference in this world. Everything will come if I just do that!

    Thank you again! I needed that perspective change!!!!!

  18. Mary

    The article would have been more helpful if it gave instructions on how to find your life path number for those of us who do not know our number.

  19. zamani sabo

    Hi Krishni, you have today hit me on the head. What i mean is that you have really told me what my life is. All those traits you mentioned are totally in me and as if you are telling me my life story. Please i need more to really know who i am. yours zamani sabo

  20. Len

    what would my life plan number be , my d.o.b is 3/25/55 , thanks hope i hear back about it , i find this real interesting


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