Numerology: Uncover Your Hidden Passions

To Live Life Without Passion is to Merely Exist

We’re all here for a purpose—most of us would agree on that. But what is our hidden passion, and how do we find it? In numerology we can find the answers to all of our questions, and the way to uncover your hidden passion(s) is to find your Hidden Passion Number.

To find your Hidden Passions Number, we must first look at your name (as it is written on your birth certificate) and translate it into numbers. The number that appears most often in your name will reveal your hidden talents and passions, unlocking a world a possibility and allowing you to live your most fulfilling life.

The letters and their numeric values:


Example: Steven Allan Spielberg: 1 2 5 4 5 5 1 3 3 1 5 1 7 9 5 3 2 5 9 7

It’s easy to see that Steven Spielberg’s Hidden Passion Number is 5, which appears six times.

Your Hidden Passion Number can run between 1 and 9. Here is a brief explanation of what each number means and also just a few career suggestions that align with your true passions:

Hidden Passion 1

You have a strong desire to stand out from the crowd. Whatever you desire you can create. Become an Olympian, politician or even a superhero.

Hidden Passion 2

You have a refined ear for music and an eye for beauty. You are intuitive, sensitive, organized and a lover of peace. You should consider being an artist, musician or environmentalist.

Hidden Passion 3

You have a natural, artistic affinity and a natural ability to inspire others. You enjoy the company of good friends and love entertaining. Being a musician, writer, artist or motivational speaker is your calling.

Hidden Passion 4

You are naturally organized and have remarkable concentration. You love things that are practical and efficient and you also love nature. Consider working as a home organizer, architect or interior designer.

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Hidden Passion 5

You love freedom and travelling. Family and work are integral to your happiness, though sticking with anything can be a challenge. You could make a living working as a writer, in public relations, as a translator or as a movie director.

Hidden Passion 6

You have a deep desire to give back to the world you live in. You’re idealistic and also the best partner anyone could have. Become a teacher, Reiki Master or run for Mayor.

Hidden Passion 7

You possess both a deep intuition and a highly analytic mind. You like to work alone but you also appreciate time with those you love—an essential balance. You’d make an excellent intuitive reader, troubleshooter or philosopher.

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Hidden Passion 8

You are goal-oriented and a visionary. As a leader, success is important to you and so is being generously rewarded for all of your outstanding efforts. Consider being a personal trainer, business owner or community leader/counselor.

Hidden Passion 9

You are independent, artistic and possess a warm personality. You can often get lost in dreams and emotions. You can do anything as long as it provides you with a comfortable life.  I suggest being a motivational speaker, innovator or artist.

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6 thoughts on “Numerology: Uncover Your Hidden Passions

  1. LJ

    Great – I’m glad you found your number(s) – as you discovered you can have more than one. There is also a special oomph to the passion number if you have more than 5 of those numbers in your name – a little like overdoing your passion, in which case taking a step back and reviewing your passion progress is always a good idea. I’m sure Mr. Spielberg has felt that way. If you have equal numbers of say – 2s and 6s, by all means follow them both or find a way to combine them for a experience that is unique.
    Thanks all for your comments. Now go live your passion.

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