Numerology Forecast: Wrap Up the Challenges and Opportunities

As you get ready to welcome in 2010, a fun-loving 3 Universal Year, don’t forget to include time to wrap up the challenges and opportunities, dreams and accomplishments of 2009, an 11/2 (1+1=2) Year of the Visionary.

New Year’s Eve (Thursday) is an especially good day for this, both because it is a 9 Universal day, and there is a Full Moon is in Cancer, the sign which rules memories, the past, and inner realms. The fact that Mercury is retrograde until the 15th also supports going back over things. So, before putting on your party duds and cracking open the champagne, honor what brought you to the New Year and use it as fuel for the future.

Tuesday – This 7 Day is the perfect time to fit in a little peace and quiet before any rowdiness (and next-day consequences) you have planned for New Year’s.

Wednesday – Any organization, contract-signing and other important outer-world last minute 2009 projects should be completed before noon Pacific time on this 8 Day to avoid a void of course moon.

Thursday – Use this 9 Day’s tendency to tolerance, generosity and deep feeling to reach out and touch people who have been important to you in 2009 and earlier in your life. Then focus on the future in whatever way you choose to celebrate the beginning of 2010, whether it’s in Times Square or a big hotel bash, or at home with friends, pizza and beer or a gallon of ice cream.

Friday – If the sun’s too bright and the whisper of your heating system sounds like crashing cymbals, remember that even without a hangover you can be testier than usual on this 5 Day. Count to 10 first.

Saturday – What could you do today that will start the year with a smile? This 6 Day suggests that community events and time spent with family and friends will do the trick.

Sunday – Before you return to your normal post-holiday bustle and business, you may want to use the perfectionism and penetrating insights of this 7 Day to polish up your seed ideas for the coming year. Wait to launch things until a few days after Mercury returns to direct motion on January 15.

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