Numerology Forecast: December’s Festivities

Your numerology for the week of 12/21 – 12/27/09.

Whether you celebrate Solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, at the heart of all December’s festivities is hope, renewal and the return of the light. Now, days start getting longer and we can relax and enjoy the peaceful depths of winter, knowing that spring will come, both literally and metaphorically. As our 11/2 Year of the Visionary draws to a close, let us all remember the uplifting personal, global and humanitarian dreams which emerged this year, and imagine as we light candles that we are adding the first spark of energy.

Monday – The Solstice today means that day and night are equal, masculine (active and outgoing) and feminine (magnetic or receptive) energies are balanced, just as the number 8 represents the balance between cause and effect, the energy of Karma. What will you sow today with your thoughts and actions?

Tuesday – The regular numerological cycle of 1 to 9 reaches completion on this 9 Day, clearing the way for a fresh start tomorrow. 9 typically means wisdom and global consciousness because it is born from the experiences of each of the preceding 8 steps. What wisdom can you gain from memories of past holiday seasons and the past year?

Wednesday – As surely as spring comes every year, so does the number 1, the dynamic, energetic new beginning which follows 9’s completion. Take a moment to breathe deeply, focus within, and imagine what seeds of possibility you want to plant on this 1 Day, to harvest on the next 9 Day, which happens to be New Year’s Eve.

Thursday – This is a visionary 11/2 Day (1+1=2), the last of our Visionary Year, taking place during a time which is sacred to many religions and traditions. Since 11/2 is often referred to as the Spiritual Light Messenger Number, it’s particularly appropriate to this season’s celebrations. Make this Christmas Eve a sacred day, and add meaning to it with spiritual activities.

Friday – Hooray! This cheerful, outgoing 3 Day adds verve to the feasting, gift-opening and get-togethers of family and friends that traditionally fill Christmas Day. 3’s job is to teach us all about the joy of living. Pass it on …

Saturday – Well, it’s probably post-celebration cleanup day for most of us, and thank goodness we have a 4 Day to help us stay organized and focused. But it’s also a 13/4 (1+3=4) Karma Day, so while you unload the dishwasher, or find special places for your gifts, remember the connection to family and community which fills most of our holidays, and how those important structures support or restrict you.

Sunday – On this 14/5 Karma Day (1+4=5), consider a different way to do New Year’s Resolutions. Energies this time of year are inner-directed and lack the determination and external focus you need to stick to resolutions. Try using today and the rest of 2009 to develop seed ideas, which you can “plant” and nourish early in the year, and then act on in a few months. Freedom and transformation are 14/5’s watchwords.

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