Numerology For 2009

The numerology for 2009 begins with the Master Number 11/2 (2+0+0+9=11 or 2). It’s the first 11 year to occur since 1910! Marked by change powered by visionary and humanitarian ideals, the 11/2 Universal Year will crackle with energy. And as long as people remember to occasionally interrupt the flow of inspiration and innovation to actually get things done, 2009 should be a very successful year!

Any time a Master Number is prominent, energies are magnified. And 2009 promises to be momentous, not just for you personally (see details below), but for everyone in the world who lives by the modern calendar.

History lesson
The Apollo 11 mission, which landed the first men on the moon, is a great example of the power of 11/2’s visionary focus. Across the globe more people than ever before gathered in front of televisions to share that first step onto the familiar face of the moon, and to see the first whole images of our beautiful planet suspended in space. The whole world was uplifted and changed that day.

This year should be particularly eventful for those of us affected by US President Elect Barak Obama and Vice President Elect Joe Biden who both have 11/2 as their Destiny/Life Path/Power number and take the Oath of Office on a 2 day, January 20, 2009.

Your year
If you want to know what’s in store for you this year, just calculate your Destiny/Power/Life Path number by adding together your birth day, month and year until you have either a single digit or the Master Number 11 or 22. For example, for President Elect Obama, born on August 4, 1961, add 8+4+1+9+6+1 = 29 = 2 + 9 = 11/2. It’s interesting to note that the influence of 11/2 derived from 29, as in Obama’s case, adds leadership ability to 11’s defining visionary capacities.

If you’re a:

1 – This year should be very entertaining! There will be plenty of exciting and innovative ideas to fuel your busy entrepreneurial nature. If the 11/2 energy occasionally slips into 2’s indecisiveness and passivity, when the vision loses focus, you’ll get everyone back on track.

2 – The power of this year’s master number vibration could make this one of the most important years of your life, and one that could awaken your own inner visionary activist. You’re just the person to be sure everyone’s getting what they need from the vision.

3 – The visionary and artistic possibilities of 11/2 appeal to you strongly, and your flair for communications and presentation make you a critical member of any team wanting to make an 11/2 vision a reality. And your sense of fun will help keep it light.

4 – You may occasionally worry if people are having too much fun imagining a better future to actually get anything done, but that’s the very reason you’re so important to the process! Someone has to remind the idea folks of practical realities and keep everyone on task.

5 – Be careful not to get so busy firing terrific ideas back and forth that you forget to actually do something about them! Your job is to inspire others to use this 11/2 year to take the chances that really promise far-reaching rewards.

6 – Your commitment to balance, social responsibility and healing will be fired up this year, and your reliability and tenacity in getting the job done will assure plenty of rewards for both you and the causes that are dear to your heart.

7 – Don’t let your passion for contemplation keep you from joining the visionary party this year! You have a lot of insights and innovations to contribute. Just be sure to wrap up each mental journey with an action plan – and then get someone to do it!

8 – This year’s big ideas are in need of your drive, ambition and practical efficiency to bring the visions into form. You have the knowledge, connections and skill which are needed to harvest the bright futures that will sprout this year.

9 – You won’t have to look far this year to find partners to help you actualize your humanitarian and artistic dreams. There is practically an inexhaustible supply of energy and possibility available all around you -if you’ve been waiting, now’s the time!

11 – This year is so supercharged for 11’s that you really need to develop a metaphorical grounding wire for all that electricity. Whether it’s a practical person, a meditation, or physical activity, make regular use of that grounding so the rest of us can benefit from your supercharged visions.

22 – What the world needs now are plenty of 22’s, the perfect practical, powerful and accomplished actualizers for the year’s magical innovations. Even the most unlikely 22’s can demonstrate the important skill of leaping into the unknown and landing on your feet.

The challenge for 2009 and the following years will be to assure that real results grow from the influences and your vision of your Master Number.

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