Psychic Workout: New Moon Transformation

The new moon is less familiar, yet equally as powerful, as the full moon. In this year-long exercise, you will get to know the energy corresponding to each new moon. Become aware when the moon is full, or dark, including the different themes to explore, and different aspects of yourself. If you’re desiring a time for awakening and deeper soul work, take part in these monthly new moon exercises to bring forth a deeper sense of self.

Following is an analysis of the twelve new moons, also known as dark moons, each of which is associated with the signs of the zodiac corresponding with the month.

Aquarius – This new moon offers the ability to explore the unseen in the mundane, or day-to-day life. This marks the solar month of beginning, and therefore the time to create change by unveiling the unseen patterns in our lives. During this new moon, spend the evening in meditation or star gazing, calling in the unseen, requesting that aspects of your shadow side begin to unveil themselves to see another side of yourself. Be prepared for the good, the bad, and even the ugly, as you invite whatever aspect of yourself that God and your guides choose to unveil.

Pisces – In the Piscean new moon, begin to explore your perception of time. Are aspects in your life not in sync with your own time line? Perhaps it is time to surrender to a divine time-line and allow things to unfold as necessary without your interference. Remember, time is a human concept, created to simplify and organize our lives. Release yourself from your own time constraints and watch as the desired outcome finally unfolds.

Aries – It is time to begin exploring self identity. As you sit beneath a welcoming sky, or as you gaze out your window, ask yourself: How am I? Who am I? What do I offer? And most importantly, what do I want to become?

Taurus – The new moon in Taurus explores the solid and weighty physical body. At times, we may want to float out of our flesh and allow our minds to soar, yet there is a benefit to becoming deeply connected with your physical body. Look in the mirror and allow yourself to feel self-love and acceptance. Dwell in the ideas and abilities when you recognize what you want to accomplish, and that it takes a physical body in order to do so. Feel your body in each of your activities throughout the month, recognize pain free movement, endorphins after a strenuous aerobic workout, and deeper sexual connections, all leading to physical acceptance and appreciation.

Gemini – Time to explore the depth of knowledge. What do you want to learn? What does it mean to truly know? Is it academic knowledge that you seek? A deeper way of seeing the word and analyzing others? Do you want to develop the abilities of clairsentience, the gift of clear knowing? Now is the time to call this energy into your life.

Cancer – The new moon in Cancer brings forth an emotional time. When you hear the words “emotional time,” do not assume that this is automatically a negative time! Emotions are all about creating balance and healing. When you are in tune with your emotions, you can allow yourself to “feel” what is out of balance, and make the appropriate corrections. Leave out the shame associated with expressing feelings as you tap into that deeper feminine aspect of yourself.

Leo – What are you wanting to risk in your life? When looking at the dark sky during a Leo new moon, what is your heart tempting you to pounce on? With the fearlessness of a lion, charge after your desires, and allow yourself to be a little reckless in order to create change and remove stagnation. Instead of looking at fears, focus on your strength and courage and go after that prey.

Virgo – Silence is the focus of this moon phase. Take a vow of silence for the day if possible. Learn to “see” the world with your other senses as you become acutely aware of how much more you “hear” when you are silent. In the days to follow, take this heightened sensitivity to guide you as to when it is appropriate to ask questions and when it is appropriate to listen. Pay attention to body language, eye contact, and vocal tones. There is a lot of “silent” information revealed in a period of silence.

Libra – As you lay under the dark night, allow yourself to dive into a deep sleep. During this new moon time period, it is necessary to slow down and turn inward in order to sustain. Do not be afraid to politely bow out on social events and spend more alone time. Stay in for a month-long period and enjoy the feeling of being a “homebody.” Remember what it feels like to be home in a place that feels safe and supportive. Recharge and allow for the necessary period of rest and restoration.

Scorpio – What is underneath that sky above you? What lies beyond the stars? What have you learned from your own religious studies and spiritual teachings, your explorations into what is on the other side of the veil? Can you see, hear, or feel the answer? What messages do your guides tell you? Before jumping to an assumption, or only seeing a situation from one perspective, don’t be afraid to explore the alternative or different perspective. View situations from a different perspective this month, and don’t hesitate to call upon your guides to help you to see the other side of situations. It is amazing what insight you can gain on a situation when you can see things from a different point of view.

Sagittarius – Lying beneath the stars, allow yourself to play a childish game of connect-the-dots with the stars. Bring forth the creative side of yourself that somehow gets stifled and pushed aside when “more important” responsibilities consume your life. Take a break from the burdensome activities for a little bit of playtime under the stars. Allow your mind to clear from your to-do list, and see what frivolous images appear in the stars. An evening of carefree silliness that leaves you feeling proud of yourself from taking a break from the norm is well deserved.

Capricorn – Prepare yourself for an intense month. The dark moon in Capricorn brings about incredible power, but how you use this power is up to you. When looking at the sky above and recognizing its vast infinity, relate this to your personal infinite abilities. How does a spiritual person like yourself use their infinite power to create good in the world, while meanwhile remembering the caution against creating greed and selfishness? Focus on your humanitarian efforts and where you would like to begin to make a difference in this infinite world by utilizing the infinite power you hold.

The new moon offers one of the most amazing night skies for star gazing, with celestial bodies that appear as if they go on forever. There is a sense of feeling alone in the darkness, a vulnerability that forces you to become more connected and depend on senses beyond your sense of sight. Once you get beyond the fact that you “can’t see in the dark,” you will really be able to “see” in the dark!

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  3. maggiemaggie

    I would find this very useful if I knew WHEN each of these new moons occurs. If you gave even one month I could go from there…
    I love all the articles about the trends for the coming year. It has helped a lot in this year of change.

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