The New Moon Meets Mercury Retrograde

New Moon Meets Mercury Retrograde | California Psychics

Dates to Watch

On October 27 the New Moon takes place as Mercury approaches Scorpio, just before Mercury appears to stop in the sky. This New Moon is directly opposing the agent of change Uranus, bringing excitement and drama. Mercury goes retrograde on October 31, creating a clash of power and drama when as it meets Venus in Scorpio.

Mercury retrograde joins the sun at the Gates to the Underworld on November 10 before the Full Moon on November 12. Invest in transformation within and without to make the best of this compelling time. It adds richness to your words, music, and other creative efforts, including relationships. Mercury begins its forward motion again on November 19, allowing you a sense of freedom.

During this Mercury retrograde, all of the usual rules apply. Here’s a quick refresher: Don’t sign contracts, don’t buy electronics, and don’t start a road trip with a simple “gas and go,” do back up computers, do change your passwords, and double-check correspondence. Communication and devices tend to go wonky too and simple mistakes can become big misunderstandings. However, thanks to the New Moon a few days before, it’s going to feel like Mercury has gone retrograde in your personal life a bit sooner than expected. The New Moon in Scorpio energy may cause impulsive and erratic behavior not only in people, but in relationships and money matters as well. So keep a tight grip on your emotions and your wallet for the next month if you don’t want to spend the entirety of your Thanksgiving performing damage control.

How Your Sign is Affected


This October 27 mystical New Moon leading into Mercury retrograde takes place in the part of your chart that focuses on your investments – in yourself, in others and financial matters. You’ve had massive demands on your career and public image. Structures you’ve relied on in the past need change. Consider that your finances reflect your values.


October 27-31 is a particularly intense New Moon and Mercury retrograde period for you. Partnerships can become so trying that ever-stable you may be looking for a bit of freedom to break into new modes of expression. You desire to be with others in a more open way, possibly focusing on social ideals.


This New Moon/Mercury retrograde period demands focus on work and health. This offers you a new way to deal with personal creativity and confusing circumstances in your career. If a partner has been indulging a bit too much with shared finances, this might be the time for you insist on what is fair to you and your needs.


The October 27-31 New Moon/Mercury retrograde impacts your creativity, romantic love, and children. Your strong sense of spiritual intuition feeds your energy during these challenging astrological times. You have a new sense of confidence in your approach to your career. You know you’ve grown in wisdom.


Your home life will be demanding attention during this New Moon/Mercury retrograde period. There are a number of opportunities available to you if you approach them with a positive, generous attitude. Include home and/or family needs in all of your considerations and you can correct old misunderstandings.


Your life is all about communication. Watch for opportunities to correct what might have been misunderstood verbally, or paperwork that wasn’t done correctly, in spite of appearances. If you’re ready to address these issues, your meticulous and intuitive nature will help you find powerful new breakthroughs.


You’re feeling some discontent but full of energy at this time. While you want to move forward, there’s clean up to do. Nail down the essentials of your finances before pursuing new projects. Changes at home are for the best. Your sense of discomfort is just the process of letting go of the old to welcome the preferred new.


This period is all about you and your natural skills in helping others know themselves better – whether you’re a counselor, an artist who reaches others with your words and creations, or simply a great friend. Your love life will likely be romantic and surprising. Your communications pack a punch, so choose your words carefully.


October and November may make you feel that your past is haunting you, just when you’ve been feeling more confident. This is the perfect time to slow down, go with the flow, and listen to what’s going on inside. You’ll discover that reviewing your life allows you to recognize your own wisdom and use it for creative purposes.


Power comes from social and high-tech events during October and November. You see yourself during this period as the transformational energy that you’ve become. You surprise yourself with creative efforts. Review your work with others you trust.


Your career/public appearance during this period is so powerful that you can’t ignore it. This time allows you to reconsider how you approach others. You have a natural talent for reaching out and making friends. Now is the time to go deeper and be more committed to yourself and others.


Your spiritual/mystical experiences are deeply enhanced in October and November. You can’t ignore what you sense and know is true. This is a good thing. Don’t allow yourself to become impatient with what you know is next. This is a wonderfully enriching time in your life.

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