DreamCast: Teaching Her Parcheesi

I am in a foreign country . . . maybe Indonesia but it is dirtier and poorer. Some older, native guy is going to teach me Parcheesi – an ancient Indian board game about strategy and luck – he has all these layers of wooden pieces and boards to teach me with. I think my husband is there. At first I don’t know what the game is.

It kind of looks like checkers but is more involved. Then I see the name written on one of the boards – but it is the Indian spelling (“Pachisi”). I go off to get something (I feel really youthful, maybe even barefoot) – I walk up these wooden steps built into a hill – kind of like the ones a neighbor built for me when I was a kid.


I walk up and talk to some friends. They are on a porch with a darkened house behind them. It feels laid back and beachy, but I have to get back to the guy teaching me Parcheesi. On my way back, I see a little altar built of a coin with a piece of straw made into a knot (kind of like the ones on the street in Indonesia). I think it’s for me and maybe a warning about someone with not good intentions around me.


Next, I am in the parking garage of my job. A friend of mine is going to her car and telling me her consulting went really well for my company with my boss. (In real life, she does not work for us.) I know I have to get back to work.


Suzette in Woodland Hills

Hello Suzette,

You’re most likely dealing with some concerns about money. However, although your dream takes place in a poverty-stricken area, it’s intriguing that the Pachisi was played by royalty in ancient India. Do you feel that prosperity is a mix of “strategy and luck,” as you described the game? That’s actually an excellent way of looking at it! The old man is probably your higher self teaching you about abundance. Perhaps your present situation is teaching you some strategies that will lead to it – with a little luck! The altar made of coin and knotted straw may symbolize being influenced by others’ fear of lack (tied up in knots over money, perhaps? – a prevalent feeling in this economy). The sense of being youthful and barefoot, and the steps from your childhood, symbolize the feeling of starting over and moving upward, one step at a time. Your friend with the consulting job represents encouragement in your own resourcefulness and ability to be successful. Best of luck!

Sweet dreams,

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