New Moon in Aquarius

It’s time for a breakthrough! Beginning on February 13, 2010, for about two weeks, the New Moon in Aquarius will awaken the urge for a dramatic departure from the norm. This rebellious influence can help free you of activities, habits, and people that hinder your growth. And because Aquarius is the sign of friendship and activism, it’s time to make some new friends and think about what steps you can take to make the world a better place. To find out which area of your life is likely to benefit from this sociable, changeable energy, read your Sun and ascendant signs below.

Aquarius: As the New Moon brings a new cycle into your personal life, it’s time make your dreams a reality — and to dare to be unique. You’ll be motivated to put yourself out there, which is a good thing, considering your ability to manifest the right people in the right situations to realize your goals.

Pisces: Perhaps at no other time this year will it be so obvious that your inner life fuels your outer life. A positive attitude will attract positive people and circumstances — and vice versa. As such, strive to eliminate negative attitudes and habits. Meditation can help see what direction you need to take — and how to get there.

Aries: You’re a magnet for new friends as the New Moon energizes group activities. Networking will bring in people who can help you realize your goals. Your humanitarian side is getting activated as well, which means that working for a cause you believe in will bring a sense of fulfillment — and bring some intriguing new connections, too.

Taurus: As a new cycle begins in your career, it’s time to focus on the big picture of your professional life. Where do you want to be within the next month, year, five years? Envisioning your goals and networking with friends and colleagues will bring career opportunities and set you on a course toward success. Go for it!

Gemini: Your psychic ability gets a boost as the New Moon illuminates your future path. It’s important that you take some time for your spiritual life, in order to access the accelerated guidance. A spiritual gathering, cultural activity, and/or trip abroad will widen your horizons, both mentally and spiritually, and satisfy your need for adventure.

Cancer: The New Moon is all about letting go of negative emotions like resentment, jealousy, and anger that keep you stuck. You may crave more intimacy in your life, while needing some alone time, too. Introspection can evoke some powerful insights that will help you heal — and help you manifest a more satisfying sex life, too.

Leo: As the New Moon launches a new cycle in your partnership area, it’s time to clarify what you want in a close relationship, which will help you manifest a compatible (and committed!) partner. If you’re already involved, focusing on activities and discussions that bring you closer together will improve your chances for a forever-after bond.

Virgo: Making some changes to your health and work routines will improve your quality of life — in a big way. But first you need to envision the bigger picture of your goals, like improving your diet/exercise regimen and reorganizing your daily schedule. Networking for work opportunities will bring in contacts who can assist your career.

Libra: Romance is in the air as the New Moon energizes your love life. Opening your heart and taking a risk on love, whether you’re paired or solo, will bring fulfillment. Your optimism and generosity will attract positive people into your life. Your creativity will be energized as well, so focus on initiating, completing, and/or promoting your creative projects.

Scorpio: The New Moon inspires you to create an appealing home ambiance in which to entertain. Family activities are especially energized. Your sensitivity to your surroundings may prompt you to de-clutter and redecorate. Applying feng shui principles through the use of color and arrangement (flow) of furniture will improve your environment — and overall wellbeing, too.

Sagittarius: It’s time to share and promote your ideas as the New Moon empowers your way with words. Taking a class, going on a trip or just being open to new experiences will heighten your brainpower. Journaling will stir up some startling insights. Your sense of humor will likely bring a romantic interlude, so utilize your flirting skills.

Capricorn: Now is the time to seek out financial opportunities. Look into some moneymaking ideas you’ve considered in the past, no matter how absurd they may seem — you never know what will pay off down the road if you think outside the box. Brainstorming ideas with your contacts just might open a financial door as well.

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