Moon in Leo

Today is all about sharing your heart. That’s because the Moon is in warmhearted, passionate Leo, which can inspire you to express your love and appreciation to the people close to you. Leo is the sign of drama, so putting some gusto into your words and actions will doubly get the message across (gusto can also be applied to more fiery communications, so don’t become a drama queen or king if someone irritates you).

What’s more, the Moon trines Uranus and Jupiter throughout the morning (PDT), which can energize and uplift your feelings and may inspire an unexpected insight about your inner life. Uranus can also help you look at your relationships objectively. Later this afternoon, the Moon-Mercury conjunction further accelerates communications, a good time for a heart-to-heart talk. It also favors discussions about creative projects.

So go ahead, dare to express your feelings, with flair!

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