Moon Brings Fantasy & Fire

Dreamy Moon in Pisces at the start of August 26, 2010, gives way to passion when the Moon transits into Aries tonight. Pisces can inspire you to connect with your spiritual side through meditation, reflecting on your purpose or saying a prayer to a friend in need. It can also heighten your imagination for something (or someone!) you’re working on, because Pisces and fantasy go hand-in-hand. On the downside, this influence can make it difficult to concentrate, especially on practical stuff.

During the evening, Moon in Aries may inspire a spontaneous romp with your sweetie or an outing with a friend. The spontaneous, unpredictable vibe is heightened by oppositions from Jupiter and Uranus, which can bring out your inner wild child. Not a great influence for relaxation, however, so if you have trouble falling asleep tonight, it’s probably the nervous energy from Jupiter and Uranus that’s keeping you awake. Writing down your feelings is a good way to channel your excess energy, and to get some insights as well.

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