Your Weekly Money Horoscope for November 11 – 17, 2013

Your Money Horoscope: Signals and Opportunities

In this week’s money horoscope we begin with Mercury, which is no longer retrograde, but needs a few days to get back into full swing.

On the 12th the Sun in Scorpio interacts with Jupiter in Cancer and you can come up with some fabulous money-making ideas that you can implement almost immediately. Neptune, which has been retrograde since June, returns to forward motion, sparking your imagination.

If you need to charm anyone with your money-making ideas, the 15th would be the day to do it.

We end this week with an inspiring Full Moon in Taurus. Working in tandem with karmic Saturn, this Full Moon will show you the way to a more prosperous future. Watch for signals and be open to opportunities.

Now let’s see what the universe has in store for your money horoscope this week:


With Venus touching your career house and the Full Moon in your house of finance, getting recognized and rewarded for your hard work is a definite possibility.


The broad-shouldered bull has been carrying a lot on its back lately, so why not go out this weekend and splurge on a massage or manicure or facial? You’ve earned it.

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Mercury beams energy to Neptune this week. This means you’ll be spouting creative ideas, so be sure to write them down. Your lists are your friend and there’s a money-making idea in there somewhere.


You’ve been spending more than saving, but now you have everything you need. Bring it all together and create something magical that will manifest in your wallet.


Just as you start to realize that true wealth in life doesn’t come from money, more money will come your way. But, it comes from unexpected places.

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Now that you’ve got a plan in your head, there’s nothing stopping your success. The Full Moon makes you more adventurous with more money-making ideas than usual.


The Full Moon lands in your house of shared resources and you get a financial boost from the universe. This directly ties to the recent eclipse in your house of finance.


Your money horoscope is all about action and ideas that you can put into play now that Mercury is moving forward again. Are you thinking about a partnership?


The Full Moon is tied to your house of work and daily routines, and you might be able to earn extra cash—possibly through overtime. You enjoy feeling like you have a cushion.

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Things are certainly happening for you. Life, love and work are all busy, which means you’re too busy to spend all the money you’re making.


Neptune goes direct again in your house of finances this week, aiding in your quest to get ahead of the bills. Your home might require some financial attention.


Work has been busy, and once Neptune in your sign moves forward, so will waves of social gatherings where you can meet new people and gain financial opportunities.

7 thoughts on “Your Weekly Money Horoscope for November 11 – 17, 2013

  1. LJ

    Der Prithvi: I’m sure that everyone at California Psychics, including Brendalynn, would be thrilled with your thanks and happy that you feel so inspired you. Keep up the positive thoughts and keep those ideas flowing.

  2. LJ

    Dear DWJ – Careful with that all-or-nothing way of thinking. Getting even part of what we want and being grateful for even the smallest gifts will opens the way to allowing more gifts to come. We can’t have it all without being grateful for the small stuff. If one debt gets paid, be grateful – then the next one gets paid with even less effort – small steps equal big leaps. With your determination, I have no doubt that you’ll eventually arrive at your chosen destination. Best of luck,

  3. LJ

    Dear Brook – I’m happy that your horoscope resonates with you. We really are meant to be happy and to have what our hearts desire – and our part in that is trust and belief; it really does help the process along when we don’t fight against the tide or get bogged down in negative thoughts. Awesome! And thanks!

  4. D W J

    Hope I can get what I really want , I want so much that it has to be all or nothing. Enough to never owe anyone a thing for the rest of my life.

  5. brook

    I am really amazed with accuracy of the reading particularly with my money issue and as it has been said i am waiting to receive a bunch of money as my legal dues in the coming days , again as it is said hope fully on the Thursday on the 15th . Thanks

  6. Prithvi

    I want to give many thanks to california psychics,brendalynn she inspired me, about my future planing of money prediction,by work through planets-thanks


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