Your Money Horoscope for October 2013

Creative Money Management

There’s some good news hidden in this action-packed forecast. A difficult New Moon, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and a Mercury Retrograde may test your money spending habits. Neptune, however, will give us a few moments of creativity and originality that could get us through some minor blips in our October money horoscope.

About Mercury Retrogrades

The coming Mercury retrograde isn’t the only headliner in the October money horoscope, but it is an important topic. For clarity’s sake, the strongest days of a Mercury retrograde influence are the four days surrounding the change in transit. Those are the days that it’s best to avoid signing contracts or buying expensive items as contracts may need renegotiation later and big-ticket items may not work the way they should.

The universe doesn’t expect you to put your whole life on hold during the entire retrograde period. However, there may be other influences during that period that should make you ask, “Do I need to do this now, or should I wait?” Your money horoscope has two such days—October 8 and 29 when Mercury conjuncts Saturn. Avoid doing anything financial on these days, if possible. Of course, free will always prevails, but forewarned is forearmed.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Along with the last Mercury retrograde of the year, October 18 brings us the final Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of 2013—another good day to lay low in the financial realm and not only because it’s so close to the Mercury retrograde.

Now let’s take a closer look at you October money horoscope:


Mercury conjuncts karmic Saturn twice in October in your house of other people’s money, which includes money that you share with others like a spouse. If any money issues pop up around the 8th, they should be squared away after the 29th.


October may hold some tense moments, but they can be easily forgotten when you spend time with friends and family. That’s the only spending that’s advised for you this month. Smiles don’t cost a thing and they’re better than any rejuvenating spa retreat. Avoid clashes at work.


Your ruler, Mercury, is in your house of reputation. Send resumes out on the 8th and wait for a response by month’s end. In your current job, make sure your work adds up—check facts and figures. You might need to replace a home item but wait until November if possible.

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Both Venus and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse shed light on your career and lend recognition for your hard work. Mercury reminds you to keep appointments straight and fulfill work obligations. It all leads to a greater financial picture.


Spend the first half of October budgeting and getting ready for Mars’ arrival in Virgo on the 15th. Mars lights up your urge to spend through December, so don’t throw the budget out of the window, even if a raise might be possible


Both the New Moon on the 4th and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 18th will tug at your wallet. Mars in your sign after the 15th won’t help you resist the urge to fool with finances and investments. Distract yourself with things that truly matter, like home and family.


Mercury is in your house of money earned and spent, and it’s active all month. Reign in spending and write down all of your expenses. The Mercury-Saturn conjunctions may bring a financial matter to your attention both on the 8th and the 29th. Stay strong.

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Mercury in your sign all month will bring ideas for job-related success. You’ll also have to go with the flow as Mercury turns retrograde. Your mind will shift from what is ahead in the coming year to what has occurred over the last six months. Inspiration turns ideas into cash.


Venus enters your sign on the 7th and after the 15th Mars gives your career a boost—that’s not a bad financial position to be in. You’ll want to start thinking about future money plans as you get ready to welcome November when the Sun enters your sign.


The duality of the universe plays into your money horoscope. While the New Moon in your career house might make you wish for greener pastures, Mercury’s conjunction to Saturn might just offer a solution. But there’s more to consider than just money.


Mercury will be in your career house all month, where it will also retrograde. That along with the Saturn conjunctions may make October seem like a good month to vacation. Patience saves the month and saves your source of income. October too shall pass.


Your money horoscope reminds you that money doesn’t grow on trees. Rather, it comes from hard work, so keep your wallet in your pocket if out with friends near both the New and Full Moons. Venus will grace your career house, which could mean a bonus or raise.

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16 thoughts on “Your Money Horoscope for October 2013

  1. T

    I messed up with my man, will things ever be right again? Also my finances are are very bad, will they ever come right? Thanks T

  2. Maureen

    I have been playing the lottery for years now. Will I ever win any money in the future?What does my future hold in store for me.


  3. LJ

    Randy, you’re a brave fighter – part of adversity’s job is to get us down and make us feel negatively and who could blame you. As I mentioned to Raina – now is a time that everyone wishes things were better, but the stars aren’t exactly cooperating – but they must shift to align in a position where they will cooperate – and eventually they will – for you and everyone. Please try to hang in there and don’t let it consume you. Find pleasant distractions for your own well-being.

  4. LJ

    Raina, I feel your pain, I think a lot of us can identify. Life is constantly changing for us all, but being in good company doesn’t make it better. Try to think positively, although it can be hard and know that nothing stays the same forever. It will pass, it’s just a very difficult astrological period now to expect tremendous change, but it will get better. Stay with us and you’ll see.
    All the best, LJ

  5. Gail

    I have had 2 men in my life both Gemini – have had difficulty in both relationships. Am getting to the age where love and romance no longer exists. Each day I read my Horoscope on line and in the news paper – both totally diff. One tells me about being creative and to keep working towards my goals and it will pay off – well let me tell you -I HAVE BEEN WORKING AT THIS FOR 70 YRS. – & AM STILL WAITING – BOTH IN MY PERSONAL LIFE AND FINANCIAL LIFE.
    I like many others, buy lottery tickets in hoping that just maybe I’ll hold the “Lucky” ticket this time – I read my Horoscope hoping it will tell me the same thing – and this would be the answer to all my prayers. Well, at 70 yrs old it is time I wake-up and smell the coffee – or have a drink – but this is just not going to happen unless you work for it. There are those who may become wealthy by inheritance -I am not one of them! Horoscopes are like reading a fiction novel – telling us of all the great events what will happen to us. I must say they ALL HAVE GREAT IMAGINATIONS……..HAPPY READING FOLKS! GAIL

  6. jeanine yenal

    hello…do you thing I will found a good job…I babysitting for my family but they don.t pay me good…I am 61 years old… sometime I play lotto do you see me win a large amont of money.It will help me to pay my bill… thank you…

  7. jeanine yenal

    I am 61 years old… do you think I will found a good job.. Making Money.. I play the lotto sometimes.. did you see me win some money to pay my bill…thank you sincerely….

  8. Randy

    I really don’t know what has been going on in the last 5yrs. but I saw a shooting star come straight down and explode and no else saw it while was at work. This led me to believe there was change in the air for me. Shortly after I was dismissed from my job for a false allegation and knew that was all it was and so did my bosses. I fought to yrs. to get it back but was hit pretty hard emotionally. I did go to work doing maintenance and another company. Then was talking with another company before going to work and was honest about what happened and he new I would get my job back to. I went to work for him at the end of December 2009. I have mitral valve prolapse and have taken meds for yrs for it. I had already noticed lack of the rite work or peoples names and work instructions would be forgotten a lot. I went to my heart doctor and she said my working days were over. No shock really. Neurologist tested me and said you have cognitive issues that makes it dangerous for me to work and I had to retire. I was still battling my case over being terminated. I won demanded no back pay and went out on sick leave. It has been another battle getting SSDI. My reaction to the doctors as much as I loved to work was rite. I have worked since a child. My wife wanted a devorce well I gave in to every thing but now it looks like my benefits could be here before thanksgiving. All put behind me, I have nothing now after having everything and the money thing in this money scope seems to be dead on. Lord I pray it is anyway. I just don’t see being in another relationship though it has always taken and never gave. I do want to be content though that is not to much to ask I hope. I had just resigned up with this about a week ago and I just hope I see the light at the end of the tunnel I’m going on 4yrs. really good.

  9. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    morning LJ –
    I learned a long time ago “the grass may be greener on the other side but it is just as hard to mow.”
    no greener pastures for this gal.
    have a great day.

  10. Raina Martinez

    Hi there! I thought I would send a little comment, regarding my love life, things have not been going smooth for me, just wanted to know, if things would change for the better. I would like to be in touch with what is going on in my life… I have been going thru some changes, with money , love , work,… please keep in touch with me… so I can make some good changes in my life for the better… I feel at times I have a spirit guide looking over me, I feel sometimes I have a six sense, but I am not sure if I do…. please try to see if there could be any way I can begin to make some good changes in my life with your help… I also am trying to find my father, who I never got to meet, I am 40yrs old with 2 boys at the age of 25, 19… who are not doing to well… I hope that with this little information I have sent to you… you may find it in your heart to help me… thank you sincerely, Raina Martinez

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