Your Money Horoscope for May 2013

A Busy Money Month Ahead

Mercury, who is in charge of communication and commerce among other things, will occupy three signs this month. Venus, often associated with not only beauty but also money, will begin the month of May in Taurus until she moves into Gemini on the 9th. Also on the 9th, there will be a New Moon solar eclipse in Taurus, and on the 25th there is a Full Moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. On the 20th when the Sun moves into Gemini, the ongoing struggle between Uranus and Pluto once again becomes exact. Use the luck of Venus conjunct Jupiter on the 28th to buy a lottery ticket. So how does this all affect your money horoscope for May – let’s see:


When it comes to money matters in May, watch the New Moon solar eclipse in Taurus. Thank goodness Venus leaves Taurus on the same day or you might be even more tempted to spend. Focus on budgeting—buy something nice if you want, just use cash. Also, it’s not a bad time to ask for a raise if you’re due.


After Venus enters Gemini on the 9th, you’ll start thinking about finances and the future. At the Full Moon lunar eclipse on the 25th, you’ll be ready to put that plan into action. You’re focused on feeling more secure about your family’s financial plan.


The Uranus-Pluto square on the 20th is urging you to plan ahead. If you budget now, life later on in the year will be a little easier to navigate—tomorrow is just around the corner; don’t put it off. Hold off a little longer if you’re planning to ask for a raise though—in astrology, it’s all in the timing.


The Full Moon lunar eclipse on the 25th could bring career news that could give you a whole new start. Either you’ll be privy to confidential information that boosts your career or you start a new project of your own. Formulating a good plan and paying attention will pay-off financially in the next six months or so. Need some help planning your next steps? Get a personalized money forecast with Psychic Caprica ext. 5727 and find out!


The New Moon solar eclipse on the 9th in your career and reputation house has you pegged for a promotion or a whole new adventure that could happen any time between now and the next six months. Avoid pushing for information or stepping on the wrong toes, just let it happen. Be proud yet humble.


The Uranus-Pluto square on the 20th is your signal to take stock of investments and make sure they’re on track and working in your favor. Start a new savings account now and add as much as you can handle. You like knowing that you have a cushion, and this is going to be your cushion should you ever need it.


With Mars in your eighth house of other people’s money all month long, your money horoscope says to avoid accepting loans, mortgages, etc. The eclipse on the 9th in the same house amplifies that message. When Mars occupies a house it means business.


From the 15th through the 30th, Mars and Venus will join up in your 8th house of loans, investments, etc. Now is the time for planning but not action. Think about your family’s financial goals, but don’t sign any contracts if possible—if you must, at least read the fine print.


Between the New Moon solar eclipse on the 9th and throughout 2013, your career will have a lot to do with your finances. You’re energized and ready to learn more, do more and be rewarded for it. If you decide that a new position or job looks more appealing, go for it between the 9th and 13th. Ready to see what’s next for your career? Talk with Psychic Amelia ext. 9772 who specializes in astrology forecasts.


Between the 20th and 30th the combination of Mercury, Venus, lucky Jupiter and the Sun in your 6th house makes you the go-to person at work or the most sought after in your field, setting the stage for the next six months. This is the kind of situation you were made for—carpe diem.

“When it comes to your paycheck/money/finances, instead of thinking: “That’s not enough,” think with the attitude of gratitude by blessing what you’ve got. Soon, a greater flow of money will come to you.” – Psychic Kallista ext. 9623


You have all three water signs as the rulers of your money-related houses. For you in May that means the current influences warn you to avoid investing in gossip at work, and not to put stock in rumors. Speaking of stock, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


The Uranus-Pluto square on the 20th encourages you to put aside some cash for the unexpected and unknown. Saving money probably won’t feel like a sacrifice when increased work and money opportunities come after the eclipse on the 25th.

14 thoughts on “Your Money Horoscope for May 2013

  1. Charlene

    That’s correct, Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo… this shows how we can get in trouble by making faulty assumptions. The reading made perfect sense to me, being a Virgo of course.

  2. LJ

    Thanks Arise – it’s called a typo – we’re not all perfect – and yes Mercury does occupy three signs this month (Mercury rules Gemini – and Virgo) – I’ll have that fixed for you and
    Thank Quinn as always, it’s a nice compliment from a person I consider a master astrologer.
    And to everyone – the stars can tell you what’s in store – it’s what you make of it that really matters, remember – we have to do the work too, the stars just guide us in a certain direction.

  3. kerry donovan


    “Arise”-first sensible paragraph I have ever read on this site by any commenter!! thanks for giving me a bit of faith that at least one has an IQ above 100!! :)

    To commenter Joyce: perfect example of total nonsensical trash! and what does “I have been duked by phy” MEAN??? go get a GED! jeepers. And to all who follow astrology (and can actually comprehend what these psychics write): one has to work to make your dreams and desires become reality-this includes prosperity!

  4. kerry donovan

    Oh my gosh-
    why do almost all commenters write/speak in some weird, or shall I say, 1st grade level of English?

    Is this s**t for real?

    Laughable at best-no, not really. Really, sadly, dumb-but America has gotten dumber by the day!!

  5. Arise

    “Gemini… will occupy three signs this month”? That’s complete nonsense. Signs don’t occupy other signs. That’s like saying my yard will occupy three yards this month. Even Gemini’s ruler Mercury can’t occupy more than two signs in one month. So what are you talking about?

  6. Joyce

    I have been duked by so many of the phy people so me trusting you makes me leary so if you are the truething give m something that will come true that is good if you do that then will start to believe I want to knowis me and my husband going to be rich with money and happiness are we not going to worrie about billes any more just relax ad enjoy us if so when will this happen

  7. psychic quinn 5484

    dear LJ,
    i love my money forecast… especially from such a wise astrologer.
    thank you,

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  9. Leonard Morgan

    Thank You.. Today is a special day for me, and I’ve asked GOD to please Help me obtain the V.A. board compensation funds overdue to me, & a woman is coming to visit me today, Is Important too…Need GOD’S help and I DO Believe In GOD too. Thank You for your horroscopt today, Sounds Good 2 me. God Bless You Too.

  10. Htun Lynn

    Hi, LJ

    Nice to see your lucky Money & Finance Forecast for me during this month!
    Hope all the important facts & figures will come out for me in time!
    So glad to see this & highly admired also appreciated for your kind efforts.

    Thanks & always welcome to your glorious advice for my future,

    Warmest regards,
    Htun Lynn
    Yangon, MYANMAR


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