Mercury Retrograde Ends: Coast’s Clear!

Thank your lucky stars… today marks the ending of Mercury Retrograde. As the planet of communication goes direct, we’ll be able to see improvement in our lines of communication, without the flubs, slips and faux-pas that are Mercury Retrograde’s stock-in-trade (along with computer failures and all kinds of other mayhem).

Aligned for Mercury Retrograde reports:

Mercury will make its retrograde station on August 2nd at 1 degree of Virgo. First I will give a general description of the theme of this retrograde period. Below that I will give a more detailed astrological discussion of it.

What this means for us mundane characters trying to get along in our lives as best we can is that this retrograde period is a time to sort through old, worn out perspectives; a time to clear the clutter of ideologies and thought patterns that are entrenched but not useful any more. Retrograde Mercury suggests a time to contemplate this; not to take radical action. Consider the conversation of your life. Is it interesting? Do your friends and associates get what you get or is there a gap? Is the gap only a mental gap? If so maybe the heart connection makes it worthwhile.

The actual station on August 2nd is loosely opposite Neptune who will be leaving Pisces and returning to Aquarius for one last fling on August 4th. Neptune will not return to Pisces again till February 4th.

The interesting thing about this is that the actual opposition is not exact until August 8th and will be in 29 degrees of Leo; bringing out the 29 degree theme once again. (The theme of the end of the end but not quite the beginning of the beginning. Chaos, change and revolution. This theme has been strong at least since at the eclipse on the Winter solstice.)

Have any horror stories to share from Mercury Retrograde?

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7 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde Ends: Coast’s Clear!

  1. Katrina

    Well we’re also having a brutal Cardinal T-Square involving Pluto/Saturn/ and Uranus that is extremely rare and kicking many folks butt!

    Also eclipses tend to rock our world’s and this summer we had THREE!

    Also certain major life passages are incredibly challeninging like the Midlife Crisis (around 37-42); Saturn Returns (28-30; 58-60) and others….

    Astrology can really illuminate why you are struggling and for how long!

    As well as compatibility, life purpose and so much other cool stuff!

    Hugs and Many blessings – May the Stars Smile On You + Yours!

    Katrina xo

  2. Jackie

    This Mercury Retrograde was horrible… First one of my classes for the semester was cancelled meaning that I lost my student loan (and it was to late to sign up for another class). My cell phone suddenly went dead and needed to be replaced and if that was not enough the e book that purchased for my class would not load on my laptop, leaving me without a book for three days. When I finally got it loaded my power adaptor to my laptop broke (had to buy a new one). Last but not least I am a Gemini meaning that my key planet is Mercury… If any of you are wondering what this means….it simply means that since Mercury is my key planet all that goes on with a Gemini during the retrograde is double trouble!!

  3. joanne

    Your problem was not Mercury, but probably many other aspects of you chart as they interacted with where other planets (like Saturn and Uranus) were at the same time as your Mercury retrograde. It seems like the stars are trying to get you to look at a life overhaul, not just a communication one. Good luck.

  4. anna

    I’m not sure what retro is but I can tell you i’m happy it leaving cause my life has been messed up this past month

  5. r0sina1981r0sina1981

    YESS!!! This retrograde was horrible! I work for TSA so the XRay machine I was using completely shut down, my cell phone kept shutting off on its own, the vacuum went, my very important fax didn’t go through, I detached from a 15 year friendship, and I’m sure texts didn’t go through neither. OMG!!!!

  6. leigh

    Yes this mercury retrograde was horrible. I didn’t get the job I wanted. My boyfriend broke up with me out of the blue we had a lovers quarrel and we don’t ever fight. And I can’t start school because my GIbill claim was denied. Mecury retograde deconstructed me


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