Your Mars Horoscope for October 2013

Your Mars Horoscope: What Lies Ahead for the Planet of Life Energy and You?

Mars represents pure life energy. It drives us to be aggressive, have sex and to succeed. In the most basic terms, Mars is about the fire of life. Mars is essential to life but it needs a cool head to guide it. The ancient astrologers feared Mars being “alone in the sky” because he is the equivalent of an angry, drunken frat boy with a weapon and no supervision. It’s good to know where Mars is in your chart and what he’s up to.

The area of your chart where Mars is active is the part of your life that is “hot.” It tells you where you can find your passion to get things done and where to get that evening of passion. Mars is where your life force bursts forth:


Your sexual energy is peaking during the first week of October and during the lunar eclipse period on October 18. Don’t forget to tell your partner how gorgeous and amazing they are as you attend to their every desire. This is when Mars energy is happiest and the favor is returned.


During the beginning of October your Mars energy is focused on your home life. Responsibilities weigh heavily, but once they are managed, you’ll flourish. Your focus is back on love and pleasure during the last half of October. The weekend of the 19th and 20th would be a great one to plan a sexy, romantic getaway.


During the first half of the month your Mars energy really cooks through communication. In fact, if you’re really hot for someone at work, flirty words can have an impact. The lunar eclipse on the 18th opens up a whole new creative area for you and it’s one you’ve never dreamed possible. A soulmate may be part of the equation.

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Mars is “about the money, honey” at the beginning of October. You could receive a windfall from the most surprising place—possibly from friends. During the lunar eclipse of the 18th you intuitively understand what is confusing others. Overcome your gentle nature and speak up for success.


Mars is in your sign during the first half of October, so you are fired up and fearless during this time. Tuesday the 8th is the perfect time for great sex, sports and other successes where you’re asked to perform. Creative innovations are winners on Thursday the 17th. Just wait for a week or more to present them. Others will be more open to change then.


During the first half of October you are full of creative energy but nothing seems clearly defined. Don’t worry, Mars enters your sign on October 15th and you’ll be feeling that focused drive during the rest of the month. Creative efforts and travel will be especially productive during the weekend of the 19th and 20th.


On the weekend of October 4, 5 and 6 it’s party time with the guys and you’ll be the star. Then Mars enters your sign on October 15 just before the lunar eclipse, so you will be a dynamo. But, surprises may knock you off balance. Just regain your composure and you’ll find the results will favor you in the end.


Your career life is full of energy and sex appeal as October begins. In late October your social life becomes the center of Mars’ excitement. Use the lunar eclipse of October 18th to get a sense of what to do next. Your big breakthrough is during the solar eclipse early next month.

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Mars represents an urge for travel, education and spiritual pursuits during the first half of October. Venus enters your sign on Monday, October 7 with the Moon joining it on the 8th. Your career drive and your sex life light up on October 15 to carry you through October 18’s lunar eclipse surprises.


During the first half of October Mars will heighten some of your deepest unseen motivations and suppressed memories. Even more will be exposed to you during the lunar eclipse on October 18. These revelations free you for the huge transformation taking place in your life and career, making way for new success.


During the first half of October Mars energy has your partner feeling powerful and sexy. If you can plan a getaway with exciting challenges, then your partner will come alive with passion. The last half of the month brings more focus to your inner drive and powers. You’ll surprise yourself with the new ideas and joys that come through during the eclipses in late October/early November.


You invest Mars energy into everyday tasks during the first half of October. The days leading up to the lunar eclipse on October 18 are an enormously creative and loving period for you. Your partner/soulmate will be on fire during that second half of October so be prepared to keep them fulfilled and thrilled as you sense their moods and needs.

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  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Thank You for the Mars forecast, Debbie !!!

    oh goody !…my natal Mars is in Pisces.

    To find out where your NATAL Mars is at , you need to have your natal astrological birth chart done. It will also show you, exactly, what specific planetary aspects are active in your INDIVIDUAL chart.

    Let our CP astrologers calculate your chart for you.

  2. Deepak Bhatnagar

    DOB 22.3.1971
    Problem of sciatica since 1998.
    Just completed M.A.(Education) in Sept 2013.Earlier AMIE (Auto Engg), Dip in Auto Engg,
    What kind of work/job can I get?


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