Your March Full Moon Horoscope

Your Full Moon Horoscope: It’s the Little Things

The March Full Moon occurs on March 16 in the exacting sign of Virgo. Wondering what this will mean for you? Read your Full Moon Horoscope and find out!

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You start the month feeling criticized. Odds are good you’re taking things too personally, but whatever’s been going on, things will crescendo with the Full Moon allowing you to see past the details that have been distracting you.


If you’ve spent the first half of the month taking advantage of your cosmically granted networking opportunities, you’ll find benefits start rolling in around mid-month when connections bear fruit.

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Take a look at your own reactions as the Full Moon approaches. You’re being granted a window into your own subconscious and if you assess yourself carefully, you may just learn to let go!


As the Full Moon approaches, you’re beginning to see and experience big-picture thinking. Now you can literally will yourself to the next level—if your actions add up!

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What do you value? Once you know the answer to that question, you’ll know where you need to compromise. The message of this Full Moon is that sometimes the devil is in the details. No one can have everything at once.


Close personal relationships hold your focus this month, especially leading up to the Full Moon, when things take a turn—for better or worse. Really, it’s up to you to decide what you want out of this one.


Your plans have shifted, Libra, and by the time the Full Moon rolls around, you’ll have some idea of how well that change is working. Is it having an impact or should your plans be tinkered with further? Change is the only constant!


You’re living life now, Scorpio, as opposed to merely ruminating on it. Your focus as the Full Moon approaches may be on creative matters and things related to your immediate family. Wherever you focus your energy, shifts occur.


Your physical location is the focus around the time of the Full Moon. Where are you spending your time and with whom? These are worthwhile considerations as you attempt to craft your own happiness.


Practical matters come to a head around the time of the Full Moon or the few days that follow. What you own, how you earn—these sorts of things are holding your focus and questions will be answered.

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Your goal this month has been to establish a new sense of normal—particularly in matters of security and solvency. By the time the Full Moon arrives on the 16th, you’ll see that you’re making strides in that arena. Keep going!


Whatever creative task you took on at the last Full Moon is beginning to have a transformative effect on you and those around you. Bundle all that introspection into a vision for your future—it’s working!

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