Your LOVECAST™: Intriguing Fantasies

September 20-26, 2010

Moon in Pisces can inspire some intriguing fantasies at the start of the week. Just watch out for impulsiveness when the Sun opposes Jupiter and Uranus on Tuesday. The Harvest Full Moon in Aries on Thursday energizes the entire week, but conflicts from Saturn and Pluto on that day intensify emotional stress. During the weekend, Moon in Taurus encourages the enjoyment of physical delights, if you can avoid an overreaction on Saturday because of the Sun-Pluto square. Best days for socializing: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Aries: The spiritual energy at the beginning of the week favors a quiet tryst in a serene environment. Suppressed feelings can erupt during Thursday’s Full Moon in your sign. By Friday, however, you’re all fired up for a passionate encounter (which is likely to happen!). This weekend, romance can be found while enjoying the outdoors and communing with nature.

Taurus: Socializing brings romance and other possibilities at the beginning of the week, although a group gathering may get weird on Tuesday. Time spent with friends brings joy on Wednesday. Thursday’s Full Moon can bring up some inner conflicts that need to be resolved. Your sensuality skyrockets this weekend, making you a magnet for romance!

Gemini: Romance can be found during a work activity on Monday or Wednesday. Feelings may get out of control (irrational?) on Tuesday. You may feel pulled in different directions, too. The Full Moon on Thursday makes socializing unpredictable, but a group gathering can bring satisfaction on Friday. A patient, down-to-earth approach inspires love this weekend.

Cancer: Feelings run deep and passionate on Monday, when a romantic interlude is nearly assured! Feelings flow on Wednesday, too. Thursday’s Full Moon can produce a conflict with someone close to you, so strive to stay balanced. A daring approach ignites passion on Friday. Socializing brings delight this weekend, if you can sidestep a power struggle.

Leo: An imaginative expression of your feelings can deepen love at the start of the week, when love needs a subtle approach. The Full Moon on Thursday can bring up a relationship fear or block that needs to be resolved. Friday is a good time for a romantic rendezvous. Being genuine can inspire a romantic interlude this weekend!

Virgo: A date with a lover or close friend can bring joy on Monday or Wednesday. Romance is unpredictable on Tuesday, however. Thursday’s Full Moon can bring up an issue about intimacy, vulnerability or money that affects your love life. A sexy rendezvous is favored on Friday! Love can be found during a spiritual gathering this weekend.

Libra: Look for love through a work project or while volunteering for a cause at the start of the week. You may need to be flexible during some craziness on Tuesday, however. The Full Moon on Thursday can rattle your confidence, but romance sizzles on Friday! Getting physical inspires passion this weekend, if you avoid a control issue.

Scorpio: Passion skyrockets on Monday, so be on the lookout for a romantic opportunity. Wednesday is a good time for a date as well. It’s time to let your feelings be known! Thursday’s Full Moon can awaken your controlling side, so strive to go with the flow. Feelings run high this weekend, when love and lust either merge or collide.

Sagittarius: A cozy rendezvous at your home can inspire romance on Monday or Wednesday. You may get irritated easily on Tuesday, so strive to be patient if a problem arises. Thursday’s Full Moon is all about working through any blocks you have concerning love. You’re a magnet for romance on Friday! A natural ambiance inspires love this weekend.

Capricorn: A heartfelt expression of your feelings deepens or brings romance on Monday or Wednesday, but flirting (and other communications) can be problematic on Tuesday. The Full Moon on Thursday can make you antsy to break free of personal and/or professional restrictions. Jealousy or secrecy can unhinge love on Saturday. Passion intensifies on Sunday!

Aquarius: Revealing your sensitivity inspires romance at the start of the week. Your need for freedom can upset love on Tuesday, however. Thursday’s Full Moon can challenge your way with words, but flirting fires up passion on Friday. Throwing a party (for two?) is favored on Saturday, but you may feel conflicted about love on Sunday.

Pisces: Your mystique makes you irresistible on Monday. Tuesday may feel chaotic, but romance escalates on Wednesday. Your intuition is heightened then, too. You may feel alternately pushed to take action and held back from what you want during Thursday’s Full Moon. Taking action is favored on Friday, however. Your humor and insight attract romance this weekend.

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