Love Signs for 2010

Okay, so maybe 2009 wasn’t your best year for love. Here’s how to release the past and look forward to a better year romantically, by sign.

Capricorn – The end of the year may have left you feeling a bit lonely, as Venus was entering your sign. Things should lighten up by mid-month, but it’s also up to you to snap out of those lonely blues. Keep your eyes open, because someone will be checking you out from a distance around the 16th. Have fun.

Aquarius – You’ve got to let go of last year’s love insecurities. Most likely you were feeling hot and cold about love last year, but those uncomfortable feelings will end next month. Love comes easier, and you won’t feel so put upon to please your love interests. For those who are looking for new love this year, it may be that a friend has deep feelings for you.

Pisces – Love brought you to tears in 2009, when you felt undervalued and under loved. But the Lunar eclipse on December 31st will help you start out the New Year with smiles and a lucky streak. In love and career, you’ll be shedding tears of joy this month.

Aries – In 2009 you weren’t thinking about the future. Since Mars turned retrograde in December, chances are strong you’ll be attracted to partnerships that are centered on home and family this month. A year of happiness is promising in 2010, particularly after the Solar Eclipse on the 15th helps you renew your feelings of self worth in love.

Taurus – Even though people born under this sign tend to hold on to the past, many blessings are coming for those who are prepped and ready to move into the fast lane of love this month. Jupiter enters Pisces on the 17th and a whole new kind of love will unfold for you and your significant other on the 10, 11 and 12th.

Gemini – In 2009 you were probably feeling misunderstood by one you loved. Mars will have a huge impact on your communications until early March, so use this as a time to listen and learn and help turn around those feelings. Whether you are single or coupled, you’ll feel loved and taken seriously when Jupiter enters Pisces on the 17th.

Cancer – For those who are looking for a new love, this year will bring forth a romantic opportunity where you least expected it. Cancers in relationships are about to go through a faze where lovers will become difficult and demanding. The key here is to relax and not take too much to heart. It’s a time when you can let your mate whine and complain and eventually their demands will subside.

Leo – This is the year when you need to listen to your inner voice to do well in love. By the 8th, when Eros enters Aries, your intuition will kick in and you’ll be better at reading your lover. Be sure to refrain from being too critical. Rethink how much attention you are asking for and your love will feel more comfortable.

Virgo – Expect a good year for love as new energy enters your love life and also brings personal growth. When Jupiter enters Pisces and your partnership sector on the 17th, there will be lots of new options for new and wonderful relationship experiences in your life. Old relationships that aren’t working may also end with Jupiter’s appearance, leaving space for a love that’s better for you.

Libra – In the past you may have had trouble understanding your lovers on a deep, deep level, decoding their signs and signals – wondering are they into you or aren’t they. Look for clear signs of sexual attraction during the pull of the moon of the 27th, 28th and 30th. You’ll be decoding your date or lover’s body language quite accurately and pleasurably.

Scorpio – Last year you had lots of short term dating success. Now Venus has left your sign, and Uranus which has been occupying your romance sector for many years is moving forward again after a period of retrograde. Look for true happiness as Jupiter aligns with Neptune mid month. 2010 might prove to be a particularly sensual year.

Sagittarius -You’ve been dreaming about finding true love, or changing the one you’re with. There will be lots of love transitions this year, beginning when Venus in Sagittarius forms a harmonious angle to Mars on the 16th and 17th, bringing you love and romance – just the way you want it!

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