Love and Date a Capricorn

Learning to understand a Capricorn is paramount if you intend to date or think you may fall in love with one. They desire class and style.

Catch the Eye of the Sociable Capricorn

If you’re successful, ambitious and love a good laugh, you may have just caught the eye of a sociable Capricorn. Of course, that’s not all it takes. Capricorns love status, class and style, not just for themselves but also for those they’d consider dating. It doesn’t mean you have to come from money, although it wouldn’t hurt.

No worries in that department though, because Capricorns are hard-working. While symbolically, goats climb mountains; Capricorns shoot for Mount Everest. They will always do well, because they must always keep trying to attain that goal, and the next one, and the next one. There’s always a slight, underlying angst they feel inside.

Dating a Capricorn

While dating, you may not see each other that often, unless you’re willing to wait up long hours while they work the night away. Your times together, however, will be spent eating fine foods in intimate places, getting to know each other in a proper way. That’s not to say that they don’t love a good laugh, though. Capricorns can be quite witty and sociable, as well as fun-loving. Once they see you “get” them, and they consider you someone they could easily show off to family and coworkers, you’re well on your way to a serious relationship.

“Relationships magnify the human experience.” – Quinn ext. 5484

Bringing Out Their Naughty Side

Picture yourself bathed in diamonds (they could be fake, but they better look the part), wrapped in nothing but a sexy overcoat (or a fabulous fur, if you’re not opposed), some sexy (and expensive) lingerie, hot heels and a naughty smile. You show up unexpectedly at his office, because that’s likely where he’ll be, and you can bet he’ll drop that conference call in a hurry. Capricorn would work all day if you let them, but kinky surprises like this is what will hook them, by bringing out the more unconventional side of their personality. They love the quintessential “lady in the parlor, harlot in the bedroom.” Well, that is, if the lady is classy and stylish like Jackie O and the harlot is wearing Chanel.

Love a Capricorn

Love, as in romance, may need a little jolt once in a while. Always share something funny to tickle their spontaneous sense of humor. Capricorns aren’t cold, they’re focused. They’ll always be focused on making your life together a comfortable one. As your significant other, they’re dedicated to the wellbeing of you both as a couple. Hopefully, their chart is touched with other warmer signs that will emphasize the depth of love they can be capable of.

For Capricorns, love is not the end-all, be-all it may be for others. Capricorns have been known for sometimes partnering for somewhat less-than-altruistic motivations, such as money or status. But Capricorns are capable of love. If you provide them with the perfect mix of respect for their work, reminding them to play occasionally, and cheerleading their ambitions, you could have a loving, faithful partner for life who will likely provide you with a fruitful future.

“In order for a marriage to last, it had better consist of two very secure people.” – Jesse ext. 9027

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78 thoughts on “Love and Date a Capricorn

  1. tessy

    l’m proud to be a woman capricorn. Hard working, faithful in relationship,caring, targeting the top and always be there for others. but caps are hard to understand bcos they are secretive. we want things to be done in our own way.we are so organised and neatwe always want to do things for others. l love this star.

  2. Teresa

    I has been in love with a Capricorn for 8 months. It’s really true that he has been working so hard. I had to wait till midnight everytime so I could be with him. It’s really hard to telll what he is thinking. I do know that he cares so much about the status and don’t want anyone to know about me. One time I did ask him “Am I not good enough for you?” He replied “You are the best..actually” I might not make as much money as him but I do have my status,own home, have good career,attractive, good shape,active and not stupid.
    I know how to balance my life pretty well. For the Chinese sign I am the Monkey and he is the Rat. They said we should get along well. We did pretty good in sex.
    I am Sagittarius. I hate playing game with the Capricorn. I am just still curious what Capricorn has to offer..or they just play the game to get the attention.

  3. oct2012

    Capricorns males make good friends. They can be a good partner, if u know get them to loosen up. I like caps. I think they are intelligent, but, they can be really slick. know what i mean

  4. kimlo39


    1. Fay Fay

      kimlo39 I’m a Scorpio who have dated Capricorn men (3 of them). They have good hard working qualities about them. They can provide you with security BUT that’s where my praise ends! i so agree with you! They are SNEAKY AF, BIG FAT LIARS, ARROGANT AS HELL, AND JUDGMENTAL!!! I just spent time with one over the weekend. He showed me a very nice time. Money was no object he gave me WHAT EVER I asked for without complaining once! This I liked BUT after that I went all down hill. He drank waaaaay too much and became a belligerent drunk! Started annoying the F out of me. Saying he loved me over and over and over again! Mine you we had just reconnected again after YEARS of being apart about 7. But according to him he never stopped loving me. Humm…I left in the first place because he was a self centered jerk! He was so dame drunk that he pissed the bed. Yuk! I’ll never marry one!

  5. Fallon A.

    I’m a Capricorn female and this is really close to true. Many see me as cold, cruel, and untouchable, but truth is, I want to be loved too. Just like any other Capricorn does. We Capricorns may maintain an evil, devious side just like any other sign (maybe even more), but we are also focused and calm. We may say we don’t want a relationship, but deep down inside we all feel that longing, and are just waiting for that special someone. I had to move away from my special someone, a Pisces male. I the only time I see him is in my dreams, every single night.

  6. veronica

    Love is blind women! Dating a Carpicorn isnt finding the one. people may think it is but its not. you can date any sigh. if you limit your self to just capricorns then your missing out on half the guys who could be your perfect match. if you fall in love with a vergo or any other sign you fell inlove with that person not their sign. dont be stupid over a stupid sign.

  7. Connie

    I am a female. I dated a Capricorn in my teens, and married when I was an adult to the same Capricorn guy. I have had my feel of Capricorn men. Yes, I divorced my Capricorn guy and never married again. They lie, cheat, lazy, sneaky and just cannot be trusted. Tried to date another capricorn again later in life. However, as Capricorn men get older they do mellow with age in being deceptive in deceiving others. Yes I divorced my Capricorn and never married again. Being with a Capricorn makes it very hard to trust them with your heart. Been thinkig of dating a Libra for the last nine years but I know that is strickly a no no (smiles).

  8. Tracy

    I found it humorous reading that capricorns are known to be hard workers. My boyfriend now is a hard worker we get along great in fact our relationship seems almost too good to be true. But my kids’ dad now he’s a capricorn for him to keep a job is a joke in itself and we seldom got along and seldom do to this day. Its weird how things work these days.

  9. Abigail X9570

    Inside eash sign are the good & bad traits its the ones we feed that win. All signs are capable of cheating its the choice we make as an individual. Capricorn is known for loyalty and the flip is the oppsite so there are negatives to every positve and that goes for every zodiac sign ~

    Happy New Year!

    Many Blessings
    Abigail ~

  10. Debra

    I am a Capricorn woman…Some say i should have been a lawyer? I am faithful, devoted and have been blessed with many things thru my hard work in life!! I feel like I always want to be in the lead. My role in life has always been managing others, delegating and in operations. I believe in being totally truthful!! NO bullshit. A little frank at times, will tell you straight to the face the truth, even if you dont like it! In the bedroom, I take the lead!!!Plain and simple! My fiancee loves this..He is a libra!!! Literally the libran man, a player and seducer, has met HIS MATCH!! He he..He says i am very demanding, and hes right!! But what he does NOT know is that my skills, devotion, honesty, and zero tolerance of a liar will have him in a true and loyal relationship!! NO cheating here!! And if he decides to cheat, his loss!! Where do you find a woman that has a great career, holds her own, no children out of wedlock, and faithful!!!! NOWHERE!!! Not these days? He loses…..

  11. Belle

    I am a VIRGO, and have been told by many that the Capricorn is my match.
    Not found one so took on a Gemni, and this is confusing to me.
    I am just happy with myself.
    Not sure about the other ones.

  12. Terri

    I enjoyed the article and admit I’m on the same page as Redbone.
    I have been dating a Cap for 4 months and we both agree our comfort level seems as if we have been together for years. There exists a Special Bond on many levels from intellectually to emotionally and sexually which we both cannot fully explain but do fully embrace. We are the best of friends, lovers, and partners together. I’m an Aquarian, and do admit I’m not a woman who is easily impressed and don’t easily commit in any relationship….but this man never ceases to impress and amaze me. I’m lucky and greatful for his being in my life….indeed he is is a gift to be valued!

  13. margaret sterling

    Hey my name is Margaret Sterling my b-day is Jan. 14 1976. I am happily born a capircorn. I am a tough costumer to deal with. I always deal with people that I can deal with and can deal with me. I am loyal and fun to be around. I am nuturing and considarite of others. I am responsible and I mean well. Most of the time its hard for men to trust me because I am real private and keep to myself alot. I love my kids but I am more responsible than childlike.

  14. LJ Innes

    I feel compelled to address the Sun sign issue. It is very true that a person is made up of more than just their Sun sign. This series of monthly articles is just written purely from a Sun sign perspective. To delve deeper (Moon sign/rising sign) would involve doing individual charts for each reader, which would be an impossible task. Look at the ‘related posts’ to read their rising sign and Moon sign if you know their birthdate and place. It will give you a fuller picture of the whole individual you are reading for. Sun signs are important; it’s just one perspective of a larger picture. Thank you for your readership.

  15. Gabriella

    I’m a Taurean woman involved with a Capricorn man. We’ve been together for over 4 years now. At first we had a hot relationship. However, I found out he had been using my computer to visit his 20+ singles sites while at my residence. He accidentally left his email open when he left to go home. When I questioned him about those sites, he insisted that he only liked to look at women and never, never emailed them. Well I caught him in the act of emailing one of them and ended the intimate part of our relationship. I’ve caught him in other lies as well. Now we have a platonic relationship but I know he wants more. How can I trust a man who is so very secretive about his past and present life? He admitted he had been a player but now he isn’t; said he now is a one-woman-man. Since he’s developed ED, that may be true. Since I have been badly hurt by men in previous relationships, all cheated on me, I find it difficult to trust men who lie to me. He did admit to some pretty lewd things in his past, then denied them saying, “He was just putting me on!” Don’t really know if I have set up barriers against love or he can’t be trusted. Now he wants to reinitiate the intimacy we once had with Viagara. I do believe he has been exceedingly manipulative in our relationship. Don’t know why I’m still here except for the possibility of past lives.

    1. Fay Fay

      Gabriella, if I were you I wouldn’t waist my time with the Cap man anymore. They play too many mind games with you. Girl I have mine hot on my trails again to probably make my life miserable again! I think they have narcissistic tendencies. I spent 8 long years with this man. All while he had me thinking that he was going to marry me. I was so damn in love with him. But NOPE NEVER HAPPENED! I know now that it was in my BEST interest that it didn’t happen. He used and emotionally ABUSED me so bad! I have NEVER ever been that hurt by a man in my entire life. And even after all of the pain he caused. He comes right back around like I’m supposed to pick up where his insensitive ass left off. Smh They are something else, self centered, liars, sneaky, you name it. Just an example of how messed up they can be. I’ve stopped smoking for over 15 years. He comes around me smoking his cigarettes and offers me one. O-o Who does this??? Clearly I had just told him how long ago I stopped. I also told him I’m trying to eat better. Want to get more into a Vegetarian type life style. He offer’s NO CORRECTION he PUSHES a plate of Jamaican food on me with Everything I’m trying not to eat. This is disrespectful and insensitive. I believe he is jealous because I’ve managed to do something that he’s not doing. So he wants to sabotage victory. I can’t be with someone like that. PLEASE LEAVE LYING DOGS WHERE THEY LAY. I’m a Scorpio btw.

  16. Blackempress

    I agree. I love Capricorn men. They are the only class of gentlemen who speak ‘Solidity’ & ‘dependency’ but this article showed me the more romantic side of theirs too. The only problem I find with them is their need for perfection which makes MOST of them routine loving.

  17. Robert

    As a Capricorn I will have to admit I like my career and pay, BUT I would never let either of those get in the way of time for my partner in life.. I am a jolly person, but CAN get into a rut easilyt, but not for long. Very correct about liking nice things, but I wont comprimize like for need at any time. We have been to gether for over 16 yrs and never thought of looking for something outside our relationship. On the other hand Ive known other Caps that are cheaters, liars and losers. Like someone else posted, there are lots more factors that show the real self other than the sun sign.

  18. Alice

    WOW! Im a Scorpio woman and my partner is a Capricorn.MOST ALL IVE READ IS HIM! We are about to live together after being homeless or at other persons homes. Im thinking now,this could work! Ive had 3 long Relationships,hes had very short. He is sweet and romaniic,cleanest guy I EVER MET! i AM/CAN BE JEALOUS AND VERY CLINGY,NEED TO STOP,GIVE HIM ROOM,SPACE IT WILL/CAN WORK!!! He loves me fr me and I am happy with him!!! I am 48 he is 42! We have grown kids. I am close to mine. his are not in his. my 6 grandkids love him! He seems very happy being a grandpa! after reading all your comments I feel very much more comfortable! thanks and pray for us!!lol 😉

    1. Fay Fay

      Wow! I’m a Scorpio and 48 and the Cap that hoovering around me is 42! ha I wish you betta luck than me. Mine is sneaky and a liar. He also can’t get enough of mind games. It’s true that they are HARD WORKERS and PROVIDERS! But that’s where the praise ends for me. If yours is treating you well. Good for you! Everyone’s situation is different. Hope he stays the same.

  19. Anushka

    true that of a capricorn man, im a cancer woman and not only are we best friends, best lovers and soul mates and love challenges which brings out the passion in our relationship and we are never bored with each other. We have been together for 22 years and i love him more today than i did in the beginning……and we always look for each other both workaholics and love going out for dinners, being pampered, being spontaneous…..both very sexual …..never met a man thats fits me like my capricorn man…:)

  20. Sharon

    I had 2 capricorns in my life, I loved both of them faithfully, and they both cheated on me.They were both losers, and users, never worked , I supported them both. I was pregnut with my daughter, and working, while he layed in bed, the 2 one was exactly the same way, he had a daughter by his 1st marriage. Just users both of them, the second 1 left me for a older lady, cause he was told I wasn’t supporting him anymore. He left me with bills to pay, the asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Misty

    my ex is a Cap..we met..i was hesitant..he wooed me and we spent 6 blissful months together, he was on the road alot and i went with him many times..them one day, found emails on his iphone, from and to other women…a was over and i was he acts as though i never existed….i’m a libra

  22. Teres

    I am a Capricorn & married a Capricorn i was faithful he was not…not thru our entire 13yrs together i thought after we got married he would be but NOT..I think that’s just the male Capricorn’s i’ve read that they are faithful later in life…too late hehee

  23. Aja

    I’m a Taurus engaged to a Capricorn man; our relationship has had it share of ups and downs… However we work very well together, awesome business partners, lovers and friends! The traits above identifies my Capi, and as a Taurus/Woman I’ve learned how to show him a good time away from work with his busy schedule.
    On the flip side of things with our relationship; things can get a little dull in our relationship from time to time & I believe it is, because we have a lot in common. So, with that being said I appreciate this article, now I can remember these helpful tips to keep the FLAME to our Fire or lack there of. Happy Holidays… 😀

  24. lolly

    The capricorn I used 2 know was a cheat, womaniser, liar, fraudulent & d lists can go on & on. Although, he was caring but his bad side outweighed dis dat I couldn’t held on.

  25. Daphne

    Oh my ! This article is very good and very accurate. Lets not forget folks that you are more than your sun sign, thats why some of the comments are so diverse.

  26. Redbone

    I am so lost in Love with my Cap. He has been the ying to my yang every since the first day that we met, we could not take our eyes off of each other or stop showing each other affection when we are together. I am very busy working five days a week and I do MMA/Boxing three nights a week after work. He work six days a week, but he makes every effort to see me and spend as much time with me ass possible. My Cap has been the most Sexual, Intimate, Passionate, Romantic partner I have EVER been with. It is unexplainable at times the way we can satisfy each other as well as spiritually as well. I am a true Aquarius and I must say, I am a hard woman to please if you are not on my level. From day one my Cap has proven to me he is on my level, and vis versa. He does like the finer things in life, and we do dine at the finest places and travel a lot as well. He opens the car door, any door at that all the time. He is such a gentlemen. He pays for all of the meals and outings, and refuses to let me pay. He loves the fact that I am always sexy and classy wherever we go. I am a rare find, and he knows that, so he is really clingy to me whenever we go somewhere and men are staring at me, he will be all over me, its almost like he is showing off that I am his. At times I feel as if he is just flossing me around everywhere we go, but I know thats not the case, he is just very proud to be with me and loves to show pride in me when another man stares at him holding or kissing me. His sexual energy is one of a kind that I have never had before, and my Cap has told me the same thing in return. I have finally met my match for the first time in my life. Awesome. He has put all of his friends and family members on the back burner because all of his time goes to me, and when his friends call or text him to see what he is doing or offer his an invite to go out somewhere, he avoids them. lol. very true. I did notice that when he sees men of his race staring at me he gets a little upset when they stare or don’t stop staring at me and get a little flirty or say hi to me. I can tell it really bothers him and it shows in his facial expression. I must say it took a very long time for me and him to establish a relationship, even though it felt as if we were already together for months. But we wern’t at first, we were going with the flow for like four months, not labeling what we had going on or even talking about our feelings for each other. Our eyes, spiritual connection, sexual connections and the times we spent together just said it all for months. I gave him his space and he gave me mine. But let me tell you, he made it very clear to me that my Cookies where his and only his… lol… And he showed me better than he could tell me everyday what he thought about me and how he felt about me, there were no words needed. When it was time to finally sit and have The Talk, I was the one who had to start the conversation, by asking a few simple questions and the rest was history. Cap’s do need a push or a more open partner that is not shy to ask questions or express there wants and needs. I noticed that once I start a conversation at diner or something the rest of the night is great. Cap’s seem so serious and I always thought something was wrong or maybe he wanted to be somewhere else but once the ice was broken we had awesome times. Once we put a label on the relationship, it was like a new door opened to greater heights in our relationship and in each other individually. He desires my motivation, appreciation, and rewarding his hard work at all times, its like he needs it or something. He loves for me to make him feel good and compliment him on what he wears or something like his eyes, hair or smile. Since I have been married before, not that that bothers him in any way, I fear anything going wrong with our relationship so I steer clear of marriage conversations. lol. But I know he wants to get married but my fear of the past is keeping me from changing such a great relationship that we have. Only the future will tell if marriage is in the cards for us. take care.

    1. Katrina Escobar

      Thats true what u wrote that its very diffult to reach our level and hard to ba with cap. But it worth im with capricorn and im aquarius too. Were almost one year and 3 months.

  27. Meka

    Wow, I’m a Taurus and My husband is a Capricorn. And this article hit the nail on the head. My Husband is a workaholic and isn’t very romantic at all. His sense of humor is remarkable I must admit. He know exactly what to say at the right moment to make Me laugh till I cry. I’m LOVING My Capricorn!

  28. Gretchen Powers

    I’m a capricorn – and this is so true! We always have to have a goal – or life isn’t worth living! And we are loyal, faithful, and do tend to live in our heads – easier than our hearts. My husband is a pisces and we are a perfect match. Thanks for a great article.

  29. CRIS

    I am capricorn woman and in fact we are tough customer, we love class and style even if we only have a simple table, simple dishes, it does not matter, we can ornament it with beautiful and fresh flowers, transforming all with refinement, in a few minutes as a skilled magician,everything becomes full of color and charming, cold maybe outside (appearance), but we are good lovers, dedicated wives, caring and sensual, most of the time we did not demonstrate as I said above our real feelings until the partner shows us that his feelings are true, real, and most important transmit us security I mean emotional and material.

  30. Giselle

    I have dated two Capricorn men and I just loved the hell of out both. LOL, I am a Cancer therefore we must be a good match. I have always thought of them as very helpful, romantic, loving, dependable, reliable, sexy and excellant lovers. I can see being driven with work but will buy you whatever you want and they can afford…..I would take a Capricorn man any day……until someone proves me wrong!

  31. carla campbell

    I couldn’t keep my mouth closed while reading this. I am dating a Capricorn male and this has decribed him very well. Although I feel that there are also other things in life that makes up a personality and such but horoscopes too are involved and great to read. My Capricorn is also on the edge of being an aquarious so he has both of their trates but mostly Capricorn. Thank you for the article.

  32. vonne

    I am with a man who is a capricorn, and he is a terror. He has two personalities, one hot and one cold. He also buts his family before me always. He is very helpful though but not romantic. I am a taurus and need romance. It’s funny, he is very sneaky and I don’t trust him.

    1. Fay Fay

      VONNE – EVERYTHING YOU SAID! They are the sneakiest you will find. The only good things I have to say is their Hard Workers and Providers/helpers. Honestly I don’t know why my Cap keeps tracking me down??? WE BUMP HEADS ALL THE DAMN TIME!!! Sometimes I can’t STAND him! And I know he feels the same about me sometimes to. It’s a love/hate situation. I’m leaving him alone for good though. I don’t care if the loving is oh so good! Because the way we get with each other I fear it will turn into domestic abuse! ;( He is also trying to change me. Talking about he’s going to make sure I’m more Afrocentric. And that he will move me to his country in Ethiopia. NO Sir you will not get me out there and have me held hostage!!! No head wraps for me….sorry no pun intended.

    2. Marina

      I’m a Scorpio woman who’s married to a Capricorn man. I just found out this past week that he’s leading two lives. I thought we had a wonderful marriage. He has another FB page with photos of him and another woman. There is one of our wedding photos clipped to show only him. There are no photos of me.

  33. Cathy

    Wow! You just described my Capricorn son to a T! His wife is a somewhat scared of marriage Scorpio – who demands more “home time” all the time! He is working hard to now to afford that in a year’s time – wonder if she will last that long? Scary thought!

  34. Marie Jamison

    Love and Date a Capricorn. The article seemed a bit slanted toward a Capricorn man. How does this apply to the Capricorn woman?

  35. Tammy

    I am a Capricorn and I my boyfriend is a Capricorn. Was very difficult in the beginning but almost 2 years into it I’m glad I held on.

  36. rahel

    I love this site but you need to more stuff for teens like me! and make your wording better to under stand for teens like me! thank you ;D

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  38. lew

    Capricorns are tough customers. They live in their heads and seldom let you into their private thoughts. They are loyal and make good friends, but in the romance dept, they are a challenge.

  39. Frida S.

    Oh that’s so true of a capricorn…my man is one and he’s just like that and i’ve learn in the time we’re togegher just how to make him the bedroom i mean…


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