Location Based Numerology

Whether you’re choosing an office or a home, whether you’re happy where you are or have just never been able to feel comfortable, there, numerology can help you identify the vibes of the place and understand why it works (or doesn’t work) for you. If you love the people at work but going to work depresses you, or love you family but hate going home, it could be the location’s numerology that’s making the difference.

The Basics
Your first step is to know your own numerology, and that of everyone sharing your household, kids, spouse, even pets. If you don’t already know your (and their) name and birth numerology, follow these links to learn how to calculate them and check out thumbnail meanings. More in-depth interpretations of each number and compatibilities are here.

Planning a move? Use the name numerology to learn more about the personality of the city, and the state. Especially if you’re moving to a large urban area and choosing among smaller surrounding communities, use numerology to narrow your search to areas which either support your goals, are compatible with your own numerology, or both. Then the street number and address give you the most important number.

Home/Office Numbers

1 – Unique, original, great for career singles and entrepreneurs, and for a new start in life
2 – Happy, congenial, cooperative, this home attracts friends and romance.
3 – If you want more people, conversation, activity and ideas in your life, move here!.
4 – This is a home in the truest sense of the word, stable, secure and calming.
5 – Inspiring, rejuvenating and exciting, it’s better for singles, creators and adventurers.
6 – Another great place for family (especially newlyweds), warm, cozy, busy and loving.
7 – Spiritual, peaceful and introspective, for a psychic, a home office or a counseling center.
8 – Attracts money, success and high achievement. Usually a showplace.
9 – A home for humanitarians, evolved souls and storytellers. Great to grow old in.
11, 22, 33 & 44 – These Master Numbers add power and influence to the meaning of their “reduced” numbers (1+1=2, 4+4=8, and so on)

Nitty Gritty
Once you get down to actual addresses, the rule of thumb is this: the number or letter on the door, whether it’s an apartment or a home, is like a first name. The street name gives you a sense of the neighborhood’s personality.

While many numerologists say you should just drop designations like “Street” or “Avenue,” others say you should use exactly what’s on the street sign or your postal address. If your community uses directions as part of the street name, like 121st St West, or 121 St SW, calculate the numerology exactly as it is written. If there’s no street address, use the legal description, including lot number, parcel number and so on.

Determining Compatibility (or When Destiny Takes Over)
Some numerologists suggest adding the number 4 to your birth date to find the home numerology that would work best for you. If you’re a 7, then a 2 would be best. If you’re a 4, add 4 and look for an 8 house. Others recommend finding numbers that are compatible with your birth date, or the family’s last name.

Or you can look for numerology that will help you create an environment that you want or need. Say your old job had you traveling all the time, and you want to land in a place that’s cozy, serene and safe, so you look for a 6 home. Or your family tends to be chaotic and dysfunctional, and one of your kids needs a quieter, more stable environment, so you start searching for 4 homes.

But sometimes, no matter what you do, you can’t find a place that appeals to you, or is affordable, and has the “right” numerology – and then you suddenly find a place that’s absolutely magical and irresistible. Check the numerology, and you’ll probably find that the Universe has helped you select numerology you didn’t even know you needed, something that will be an important ingredient in a wonderful future you didn’t know was waiting for you.

Whether you’re moving across the country or across the street, buying a home, finding a new business location, or needing a tie-breaker for two jobs you want equally, location numerology can help you make great choices!

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