Libido Boosters by Sign

The long winter nights mean more time to cozy up with your sweetie. Which, of course, means more time for intimacy. The question is, are you still hot for each other, or is the only heat between you coming from the fireplace? Even the most passionate couples can get stuck in a sexual rut, or get so caught up in daily responsibilities that they don’t make time to heat things up at home. Really, who has the energy for sex when you’re so busy?

Sure, it’s a good idea to periodically look inside to see if there’s a physical or emotional issue that has blocked your libido. Perhaps you’re angry with your mate, or you’re feeling depleted from eating too much sugar. Resolving these problems can boost your sex drive. On the other hand, if it’s just boredom, busyness or routine that have dampened your desire, the following libido boosters can add some sizzle to your sex life.

Did you know that your physical drives are indicated by your Sun and Mars signs, so read the appropriate paragraphs below for you and your partner for suggestions on how to fire up your connection.

Sagittarius: Never one to say no to an adventure, Archers can fire up their sex life by taking a trip for two, engaging in an outdoor activity, taking a class or dining out at an ethnic restaurant. Your playful side loves to laugh, so a comedy performance can be inspiring as well. As a Fire sign, you get bored easily, but achieving deeper intimacy with your partner can require patience and perseverance. A mix of fun, passion and depth will keep the passion alive for you.

Capricorn: You’re a sensual Earth sign who likes to relax in a natural environment. Still, hardworking Goats need to turn off the BlackBerry and leave work behind before they can play. Your sexual stamina is well known and no doubt appreciated, but routine is your downfall. To liven things up, engage in a sexy romp during a mountain hike, or get out of town altogether for a romantic weekend in the mountains where, if you get really lucky, you’ll get snowed in! Your passion will continue to sizzle if you make time to play and keep things fresh.

Aquarius: Water-bearers seldom lack for sexual ingenuity. Whether it’s a new toy, locale or persona, you’re usually up for some experimentation. New Age sexual techniques like tantric yoga can ignite your passion as well. Your challenge is getting out of your brain and into your body, so bedtime conversations should include plenty of subtle (or not so subtle) touching. If you can combine braininess with lustiness, you’ll enjoy an electrifying sexual tie.

Pisces: Fish and fantasy go hand-in-hand, so a little role-playing can jazz up your intimacy. Slip on a sexy (mermaid?) costume, turn on some enchanting music and let your alter-ego out to play. Or pretend you’re on a first date and hooking-up for the first time. Being a Water sign, taking a bath together or strolling along a lake before bedtime can get your sexual energy flowing. And since Pisces is a spiritual sign that rules the feet, reflexology may be the ultimate foreplay for Fish.

Aries: Boredom can be a libido buster for Rams, so keeping the passion alive through new techniques, locales or positions will keep you sexually engaged. However, even the most adventurous of trysts can get old if the intimacy is shallow, so try a slow and sensual boudoir romp that keeps you connected emotionally with your partner. A mix of intimacy and naughtiness will satisfy your hunger for a lusty and loving connection.

Taurus: Bulls are unabashedly sensual. Your definition of heaven is a combination of ultra-soft sheets, good food and drink, enticing music and lightly scented massage oil for foreplay. However, as sensual as you are, you’re the most likely to get stuck in a sexual rut, so you need to mix it up a bit with some adventure. Try a spontaneous afternoon romp or a different locale for a lusty encounter, even if it’s just in your own backyard. A fresh perspective will reignite your passion.

Gemini: With witty Mercury as your ruler, Twins are the masters of flirtation. If your brain is engaged, your lusty side is sure to follow. As such, writing an erotic story or poem and reading it to each other may be the perfect foreplay. However, you also need to engage your body, so a lively dinner out can inspire a lively romp later on. Massaging your hands and arms, which are the Gemini parts of the body, can rev up sexual energy as well.

Cancer: Home-loving Crabs are the foodies of the zodiac. You’re also ultra-sentimental, so having dinner out where you first met, or creating a meal that reminds you of your first date, will enflame your passion. But first you need to get away from family obligations, so hiring a babysitter and making a date for sex should be first on your to-do list. As a Water sign, a hot-tub dip should be on the list as well. Then be prepared for a tidal wave of lusty fun.

Leo: Never one to lack for creativity, playfulness is one of your best assets for keeping things fresh in the bedroom. Try a treasure hunt involving a series of clues that lead to a sexy prize. Because you like to lead, take turns directing the action in the boudoir. Entertaining can also stir up desire, so take in a sexy mid-week play or movie. Perhaps most of all, pampering each other with sensual accoutrements (chocolate, luxurious bath, sensual touching) will get you fired up.

Virgo: You enjoy a feast for the senses and only the best will turn you on. Perhaps most important, you need to wind down before getting in the mood for love, so plan a relaxing evening at an elegant restaurant, or enjoy a fine meal at home in an uncluttered, serene environment. The Virgin may be your symbol, but you have a brainy-but-naughty side and can excel at erotic innuendo. Most of all, you enjoy giving and receiving a leisurely massage before getting down to business.

Libra: Articulation is your forte, so expressing your passion in words will rev up the romance factor. Leave a suggestive message on your partner’s cell or slip a note under their pillow, to be discovered just before bedtime. Reading some artsy erotica to each other or engaging in a naughty phone conversation can also turn up the heat. And don’t forget to use your considerable artistry to create an ambiance that’s sure to inspire a passionate response in both of you.

Scorpio: Even sultry Scorpions can lose interest in sex if they’re dealing with an emotional issue or just need some time alone. But when you’re ready to play, a bit of mystery can ignite your passion. Try enticing your partner throughout the day with hints of a good time to come. Or peruse the Kama Sutra for some exotic-erotic inspiration. Being a Water sign, a midnight swim or bathing together by candlelight can be downright steamy as well.

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