Leo’s Mythic Journey

Leo, you have a rich and ancient mythic journey as your life’s theme, and it is as grand and expressive as you are! The enormous lion in the sky is visible during much of the year, although not at your birth time, as our Sun obscures the constellation during the summer. But then, with our grand Sun as your sign ruler, your majestic leadership qualities are “on display” year-round!

Your life’s journey is reflected in your sign’s impressive history. The mythic birth appears to be from the idea of the Lion being a fiery, creative individual and a playful and potent lover. This imagery is so old that the ancient Babylonians portrayed their great creative goddess Ishtar with her totem, the lion. Semitic Goddess Lilith, who was later described as “banished from the Garden of Eden” for her independent attitude toward husband Adam, was also shown in command of lions. Lilith in modern astrology is the fearless “rock ‘n’ roll” woman who boldly displays her power and potent sexual energy: very Leonine.

The very ancient Egyptian lion-headed goddess Sekhmet is described as the “flaming one” and was considered mother of all the gods. Then there was Bast-Hathor, who apparently inspired the most obvious physical image of Leo, the Sphinx, facing East and aligned to the rise of the Leo constellation at a key time. Is that monument worthy of you, magnificent Leo?

The head of the Sphinx is considered an ancient goddess or a pharaoh/god. Your leadership role focuses on protecting the “family,” whether it is your own children/dependents, subordinates at work, or the cause of the children of the world. Leo President Obama may be viewed as not only the responsible leader/protector of the American people, but the protector of his own children, and those of the world.

The constellation Leo contains the star that is the “Heart of the Lion,” Regulus, the Watcher of the North and one of the four Royal Persian stars. This star, when engaged, promises fame and success, as long as you don’t allow your ego to take rash, vengeful action. This is the time to engage the “lion-taming” goddesses and take pride in your own accomplishments. Acknowledge your own power, and you won’t be offended or outraged by another’s actions or words.

Leo’s “wound” that might cause you to consider revenge is shown in the star Zosma in the great lion’s back, and it is the one that your life path challenges. You may notice today that people want to put others into power, a natural position for a Leo, at home, in the office, in our government, etc., or they like to watch celebrities and almost idolize them.

Yet somehow, being human, our culture insists on knocking leaders down at some point, either through critical gossip or worse. With strong Leo in your chart, you are often in such a position. While your Leo “hide” (self-awareness/self-confidence) may seem impenetrable, your “structure within,” the more fragile part of you that must rely on others, requires protection. Leo President Obama, once again, would be a good example of the need to assure that a good structure of government protects the people, and that his personal structure of family, friends, and associates protects him and his leadership.

In Leo’s tail is the star Denebola. You can find power and/or celebrity with this star, but you won’t take the easy path. Your approach to those around you won’t be mainstream. A good example of Leo’s Denebola and Zosma is Lindsay Lohan: While she’s a Cancer, the stars are prominent for her. She is very publicly addressing a wound/weakness and has a counterculture quality. Aries natives, rebellious actor Russell Crowe and fiery America Ferrera (Ugly Betty and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants), also have a strong Denebola influence at their births. So Leo, with others viewing you as so confident and/or successful, one or all of these issues will arise in your life as they have for these celebrities. America Ferrera portrayed the wound of someone deemed “ugly” who clearly is not. She is now a regal Latina cultural heroine.

Now that we’ve covered your path “heart to tail,” we can address the path of your Sun ruler. It’s pretty obvious that we rely on the Sun, along with our Earth, for life itself. The mythic history of the Sun, understandably, shows up in some form in every culture. The Egyptians had an entire dynasty lasting centuries that worshiped the Sun god Ra as the pharaoh. The myths of the “birth and death” of a god were also influenced by the rising and the setting of the Sun’s path each day.

Leos, we rely on your sunny nature, we bask in your radiance, and we thrive on your strength, represented in the Tarot card “Strength”: a goddess taming a Lion, with her hands gripping a lion’s jaws. Thus, the ultimate strength for you is in managing your power and desires in a playful, nurturing form while managing those enjoying your glow, using firm tenderness and compassion.

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2 thoughts on “Leo’s Mythic Journey

  1. teresa dianne locklear

    I believe God speaks to me through certain people and everything in this reading is on top of exactly what is going on. My Father’s funeral is tomorrow and that leaves me as the oldest of our family and boy do I have a job ahead of me to carry his load on my shoulders. I have faith in myself because he taught me how to walk in his shoes as I wear my own. I am his legacy to carry on his love and compassion for life and family. I never walk alone because Daddy holds one hand and God the other.


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