Leap Year, What Does It Mean Astrologically?

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Leap Year, which falls on February 29, came about in 2012, and we can’t help but wonder what the significance of it is in our lives. If you happen to be one of those people actually born on February 29, or if you got married then, does that really mean that your anniversary only happens every four years from the view of astrology?

To understand leap year, it’s best to start by knowing how it came about. Humanity built calendars and clocks to represent the movement of the sun and moon against the backdrop of the stars that appear to be “fixed” in the sky. This was necessary for life itself as our hunter-gatherer ancestors prepared for regular animal migrations, then planting and harvesting when agriculture was developed, fresh water availability and more that was dependent on seasonal/annual events in nature.

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Our ancestors watched and recorded the movement of the sun’s journey through the changes of seasons and the related lengths of days while they also observed the monthly phases of the moon, and its locations throughout the year. Since these very early times, the challenge was to integrate the timing of the sun and the moon, and this hasn’t been easy.

Various cultures have addressed the problem in various ways, and our method was to add a day every four years to our calendars to match the sun/moon seasons. Those of you who read our blog “Party It Up…Ancient Egyptian Style” know that our Nile River ancestors added five god/dess celebration days at the end of the 360 day twelve-moon cycle to make a sun-moon year, sounding a lot more fun than a Leap Year!

So how do astrologers deal with a leap year in a client’s chart? Many astrologers set birthday charts for their clients each year, known as a Solar Return. So what do they do for a person born on February 29? Actually, it’s simple. Your annual solar return is the time at which the sun is in the exact degree as it was at the time when you were born. It can, and often does, fall on a day adjacent to your calendar birthday, rather than the date on your birth certificate.

Everybody gets an annual solar return, so everybody gets an astrology birthday each year! The Solar Return is read as a forecasting model for your entire up-coming year. Astrologers can even help you find a location to celebrate your solar return that will give you the most beneficial chart for the up-coming year. Even someone born on February 29 can take a birthday trip each year to a fun location to give their next year’s astrological outlook a boost. Fun, huh?

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So a leap year is essentially a year when we play catch up to see that all is right between our calendars and our seasons. An idea to make a leap year special might be to have a group celebration on February 29 to catch up with our friends and make sure that we are all in sync with each other. Shall we start a great tradition each February 29 and celebrate being in harmony with each other like the Egyptians celebrated their gods/goddesses to be in harmony with them?

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8 thoughts on “Leap Year, What Does It Mean Astrologically?

  1. Marc from the UK

    Insightful article and I am always impressed by the knowledge and intelligence of our forefathers, how they managed to analyse and educate without the need for computers!,,,,,,,,,,,, and still got it all worked out. isn’t life fascinating!

    1. Mary

      I have to say being born on leap year (, I don’t know how other leapers feel but it really messes with my ability to act my age. And my empathy can rock me.
      I was born in 56, but I’m actually only seventeen ,

  2. matt-aros

    I have wonder whats the difference in months and years that we either more or less days in some and year. Thank you, its very informative.

  3. Kathy

    Interesting that an ancient culture added 5 days to the end of their calendar. The Baha’i Faith has a [religious] calendar of 19 months of 19 days, and has a 4/5 day celebration at the end of the Gregorian February, preceding the last month of their calendar year. The first day of Spring is their New Year’s Day.


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