The June Full Moon and Its Energy

The June Full Moon and Its Energy

A Giant Spotlight on Feelings and Intentions

The full moon represents many things, but it’s most especially a spotlight on our current feelings, emotions, and the results of intentions set months before. In fact, it amplifies our emotions like a giant celestial speaker in the sky. That’s one of the reasons they’re so powerful. If you’re feeling happy, you may suddenly feel exuberant. However, if you’re feeling sad, a full moon could feel overwhelming (especially for Cancerians).

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New Moon vs. Full Moon

For those who want to create, build, grow or manifest anything, you’ll want to set your intentions on a new moon. That’s when the moon ends its waning period (getting smaller in the night’s sky), becomes a new moon (no moon) and then begins to wax (getting larger in the night’s sky). Our ideas and intentions grow with the waxing moon. The full moon (when the sun is exactly opposite the moon) is the time for the culmination of intentions we set at the new moon six months earlier. New moons have a long energy trail. That’s why we say new moons are a time for new beginnings and full moons are a time for endings.

For example, if you set intentions during the Gemini new moon on June 13, you’ll see the universe’s response during the Gemini full moon on November 22. That’s six months later. Of course, it’s not a purely magical manifestation. You have to do the work towards realizing that desire.

Determination, Ambition, and Practicality

On June 27 the Moon will be full in Capricorn, a sign known for its determination, ambition, and practicality. What you see manifesting now will be a direct response to the intentions you set during the new moon in January. January is a popular time for setting intentions, aka New Year’s resolutions.

For those on the west coast of the U.S., this full moon arrives on June 27. For those on the east coast, it will be June 28. The official date and time are 4:53 Universal Time on June 28.

One Moon, Many Names

Full moons have one distinction that other moons don’t—they have names. Naming full moons has been going on for centuries, through many cultures, and they are typically named after an event or sign that occurs around that time of year. In the northern New England states, the Algonquin tribes call the June full moon the Strawberry Moon because this would be the time to pick strawberries when they’re at their growth peak. For the Cherokee, further south, this moon was called the Green Corn Moon, when the growth of corn was at its best. According to, “The Wasco-Wishram tribe of Oregon were less enthusiastic in welcoming the June moon. They knew it as, “the-moon-when-fish-spoils-quickly-moon.” Europeans call it the Rose Moon, and ancient Celts, who named their full moons after trees, called the June moon the Oak Moon.

What to Expect With June’s Full Moon

Astrologically speaking, June’s full moon in Capricorn will have a somewhat serious tone to it thanks to sharing a piece of the sky with stern Saturn (retrograde). However, Uranus in Taurus may help lift any somber mood with an unexpected surprise. Therefore, it will be a somewhat tough but productive day. Also, Mars will retrograde for a full two months, beginning the day before the full moon, slowing down progress. If you’ve been waiting to see the results of intentions set in January, they can manifest in the next two weeks. Depending on what the universe tells you, you’ll be able to move forward (albeit slowly thanks to Mars’ retrograde) or you may have to go back and revise that vision a little. It’s okay! It’s all in the name of spiritual growth and progress and the universe is helping you find the right path.

Feng Shui and the Full Moon

Jayme Barrett, the author of the book, Feng Shui Your Life, provides tips on harnessing the energy of the full moon and the four days that surround it:

  1. Avoid arguments and confrontation. Remember, things get amplified during a full moon, making things harder to overcome later.
  2. Think positive. Always remember full moon or not, your thoughts, words, and intentions are powerful in creating your reality.
  3. Envision your dreams coming true. Write down a list of things you’d like to manifest or create a vision board.
  4. Send others good wishes and healing energy. It’s not only great for others, it helps your own karma too.
  5. Meditate—alone or in groups. Meditation during a full moon’s energy will create a calm and inviting climate.

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    What is the meaning when your Birthday fall on the Full Moon?
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