I’m a Real Aquarius, But I Know There’s More to Me…

Your Heliacal Rising and Setting Stars

You are a real Aquarius. You love breaking ground, are a master of social networking, and are proud of your technical expertise – but that’s not all that you have to offer. You’re also driven by your heliacal rising and setting stars and their passionate, fiery natures. For those of you concerned about the recent comments by an astronomer about your sun sign not being correct, know that while it is correct by practice, there’s more to the story.

The recently revived astrological technique of determining your heliacal rising and setting stars hasn’t yet gained world-wide popularity, yet is a growing awareness among astrologers – and, in any case, we live by them. They are our Western calendar’s foundation, and they allow us to address both views of the zodiac. Important? Absolutely – and a huge part of who you are!

If you’re an Aquarian born in the US, Southern Europe, China, or Japan during the month of February, you have Rukbat as your heliacal rising star. Rukbat, in the steady foot of Sagittarius, is one of the “steadiest” stars in the skies.

This is what makes your path in life that of the solid Aquarian who others count on, one who lays the foundation to allow people to achieve their goals. That foot allows the Great Archer to aim his arrow at the desired future for humanity. If you didn’t lay the foundation, this necessary change wouldn’t happen for your fellow zodiac friends. You are truly the hero/heroine you know that you are.

The heliacal setting stars, where you have your focus and “aim,” are your purpose in life, what you strive for. In the first half of February, across the US and the places noted above, you have the greatness of soaring Capella, along with the Gemini hero twins, Castor and Pollux, guiding your path. Capella brings you to not only soar to new ideas, but to also share them through the great writers/communicators Castor and Pollux, also heliacal setting stars during this month. This team of stars helps you to share these ideas, combined with your earthly experiences. Good luck on that new novel and screenplay! You’re people born to produce a hit that is helpful to all people. The stars are on your side!

Interestingly, the last half of the month is ruled by Regulus, the Heart of the Lion, show-biz, or placing you in a powerful leadership role. Send that query letter to a publisher, agent or filmmaker… or give your boss a powerful (it will be!) presentation about your discoveries and plans. Now is your time to present your brilliant new idea.

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22 thoughts on “I’m a Real Aquarius, But I Know There’s More to Me…

  1. Alexis

    Very interesting regarding the subject of the heliacal rising star- it rings bells of truth for me. Would like to know about the other signs and what their heliacal rising star is and what that signifies.

    ANSWER TO KATHY – the 3rd paragraph in the article above links many of the February Aquarians to Sagittarius, the ARCHER. So this shows more to the story for many of the WATER BEARING AQUARIANS.

    The above answer came 4 years later than the question, but this is the first time I have come upon this portion of this site.

  2. Sangeeta

    Hi, I am an Aquarius and I was born in East Africa in little town called Kilosa, my birth date is 4/2/1965, but I don’t know if I am the reall Aquarius, and I would like to know my past and present future.
    Thank you for your help.

  3. Mick

    I wish there were a link to allow us to reply to each others’ comments, but since there isn’t, I’ll just leave them here and, If it doesn’t help the people I’m responding to, maybe it will help the next people who come here, with the same confusion. Wish I had answers for all of the questions.

    To Jeannete & Kathy — if you happen to come back to this —

    I used to think Aquarius was a water sign too, but it is an air sign. I’m not sure, but I think I remember The Water Bearer image is supposed to portray Aquarius bringing water to others who need it — to show Aquarius’s deep concern for humanity.

    To Kathy —

    When the author talks about The Archer, she’s referring to the heliacal rising star in Sagittarius.

    To Joyce Cunningham — Sounds to me like you’re living life right! 🙂

  4. Mick

    Debbie —

    This article is very interesting, but why don’t you answer anyone’s questions? Your lack of response makes it pointless to leave a comment, if there’s a question in it. I too, would like to know – What about Aquariuses born in January and, even though I was born in the U.S., I’d still like to know about Aquariuses in other parts of the world.

  5. Diana

    I have had people tell me that I should write a ‘how to’ book on parenting. Things that I just observed as a child that just made sense to me (part of that Aquarian ability to be objective) and in turn share with my friends some of these very simple things on how to best parent, I am constantly told ‘you should write a book on that!’ While I have always appreciated that they respect my knowledge,, i have never taken their comments seriously. That is ….until someone recently came into my life. My SOULMATE 🙂 We kind of make an unlikely match ,as us Aquarians don’t typically mesh well with Cancers (who seem to always be drawn to me)…however…he is not your typical emotional,moody Cancer. He is very much a ‘tell it like it is’ kind of person and THAT is a quality I greatly admire,as that is how I live my life! As an Aquarian, I find it comes naturally to me to not only support those around me who have dreams,passions and interests…but do all that I can to help make these things come to fruition! My man and I have a mutual desire to make a difference in this world and I truly feel like we were once one, because of how much we are alike in the way we think and see things. Ironically, he started his own publishing company a few years ago and when I had mentioned to him about the comments I have had regarding writing my parenting book, he gladly offered to publish it …at no cost. I was completely floored by his generous offer and there may come a day I will write that book…but for now…I am putting my energy and efforts in helping to support him in making his dream a reality! Another thing we have in common is our sincere desire to help under priviledged children and with the incredible response he is getting from the book he is about to release(he is also an writer and cowrote this book)….we are planning to make the best of the proceeds to start that charity that we have both dreamed about and now realize that together…we can make our dreams our REALITY. I believe as well that us Aquarians do have a difficult time in life more than most, but that is because we don’t ‘go with the flow’ we don’t ‘buckle to pressure to conform’ we aren’t like those who ‘just want to be like everyone else’….we are the ones who take pride in being individuals with our own ideas and having vision to make a difference in this world..and to do that you NEED to go against the grain. I am almost 49 yrs old and this is the FIRST YEAR IN MY ENTIRE LIFE…..that I can FINALLY see a rhyme and a reason for all that I have gone through. No matter what has been done to me, or what I have been put through….I continue to maintain a positive belief in the good in this world and the impact we can make as individuals to help make this world a better place to live. I have evolved past just the physical and have incredible faith that there everything that we go through in our lives is for a reason and that as long as I find just ONE positive lesson to learn from a negative experience, than it is not a waste, but just another opportunity to learn and grow and be more in touch with our spiritual selves. As I near the last couple of years before my remaining children successfully transition to living on their own, i am so very excited to begin the next half of my life…where my journey will be incredibly exciting,fulfilling and FINALLY will feed the AQUARIAN in me as an individual person. I have enjoyed being a mom and wouln’t trade that for anything, but now that my kids are growing and starting lives of their own, I am very excited to start the next phase of my adventure. IT is going to be very different from the first half, but it is also going to be much more in line with the Aquarian in me. I truly feel like I will be able to feed that part of myself.

  6. Rob

    Im born on the 22nd of January. I have no idea what any of you are talking about. I’ve learned not to think too much into anything, because its only what you want to believe. Answers come quick when you do less thinking and more acting. Whether its smart or stupid to move fast with certain thoughts, its always more dumb to waste time with little thoughts that (“may or may not fix your problems”) vs (“just keep moving and deal with results”). I could spend 20yrs thinking about how to build a house, or I could just start building it, and not owe every part of the house to the one that told me to pick up a hammer. I already was aware of that part and I’m sure you were also ! Stop losing, take control, and kill everything in your way !

  7. Joyce Cunningham

    This is for Misskrystal. I am Aquarius and feel that I can be so different from colleagues & friends. I am 65 but feel that in my head I am a teenager. I do tell people to go for it. I love making people smile and laugh. I am nearly always amused about everything. Surely that is not normal? I have 2 little cats and I find they make me smile on an ongoing basis, all the time. I know I have an “inner child” set-up in my head. Why am I like this? I do know that my goal in life is to be happy, contented, in harmony. Could this be why I am the way I am? Can ou think of anything else?

  8. Miss CC

    You describe the impact on those born in the Northern Hemisphere, what about those born in the Sothern Hemisphere?

  9. Kathy

    I’m a little confused. I thought Aquarius was the water bearer, and here you’re saying the archer. That’s Sagittarius, isn’t it?

  10. misskrystal

    I have had a lot of success in life with this sign. I could go on and on, but one thing I love the most about this sign, is, whenever I wanted to try to do something different, or perhaps, unique, the people in my life born under this sign always encouraged me to go for it, and go out on a limb. Another thing, this sign can have a wonderful sense of humor, always keeping me thinking and laughing. Open minded and full of free will. Thanks! Miss Krystal


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