How to View the Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower

How to View the Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower | California Psychics

A Brilliant Nighttime Display

Now that warmer nights have made an appearance, we can spend some time comfortably gazing into the night sky, appreciating its beauty and wonder. At no time is its majesty more on display than when we get celestial visitors like comets, asteroids, and meteor showers. From April 19 to May 28, with a peak of May 5 to May 6, the Eta Aquarids meteor shower will be dazzling the night sky.

Taking their name from the constellation that they appear to originate from, Aquarius; the Eta Aquarids, also sometimes known as the Eta Aquariids; are known for their speed, traveling around 148,000 mph! These fast-moving meteors can even leave glowing trails in the sky, that can last for several minutes. At its peak, if you are in the right place on Earth, you can spot 30 meteors per hour.

The Halley’s Comet Connection

Even though Halley’s comet is not due to grace us with its presence again until July 2061, the Eta Aquarids are a link to the famous comet. The meteor shower is comprised of particles that broke off from the nucleus of the famous comet. So, when you see any of these meteors you can proudly say that you saw pieces of Halley!

The Astrological Significance of Meteor Showers

These days, there is no real astrological significance to meteors or meteor showers, but people followed them avidly in ancient times.

Planets are wanderers, whereas stars are fixed. So, when particles of rocks from asteroids or comets break off and turn into meteor showers, they are coming from a particular constellation. Once upon a time, that was seen as significant. They were seen as a portent of change, just like eclipses were.

The Mythology of Meteor Showers

The spiritual meaning of such displays started in ancient times when objects or lights in the sky were associated with various gods or religious meanings. It was believed that seeing a meteor was a gift from the heavens and a sign of a mystery entering the lives of those who witnessed it. It represented an awareness of something beyond their present experience.

For the ancient Greeks, meteorites brought good luck to whoever found them. This is the origin of wishing on stars. Native Americans made protective amulets from meteorites, passing them to the next generation of shamans as a token of connection to the Universe and its power. Temples belonging to many different religions held meteorites because meteors were seen as sacred objects.

Some people believe that seeing a shooting star or meteorite means that you will achieve your destiny. Not the physical one, but the spiritual one. You should get ready to attain your higher self. It is the reminder of your connection to the Universe. And in Britain, it is said to represent the soul of a newborn baby falling to Earth, ready to begin a new life.

Interacting with Meteor Showers

We now know that little pieces of asteroids and comets come at the Earth quite frequently. Some simply pass us by while others burn up in the earth’s atmosphere, creating bright fireball-like streaks across the sky. Occasionally, a fragment enters into our atmosphere and then escapes, these are called “Earth-grazers.” An Earth-grazer is a very slow-moving, but long-lasting meteor that travels horizontally across the sky. Although they are rarely seen, they are especially memorable, should you be lucky enough to spot one.

Meteor showers seem to coincide with lucid dreaming cycles and astral traveling, so make sure that you have your dream journal close at hand for when you wake up.

How to View the Meteor Shower

If you’d like to catch a glimpse of this long-running meteor shower, it will be viewable during the pre-dawn hours from both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, though those residing in the Southern Hemisphere will have a better view as the constellation of Aquarius (the home of the radiant of the Eta Aquarids) is higher in the sky when compared to the Northern Hemisphere.

To view the Eta Aquarids you just need to find an area away from artificial lights, like city and streetlights. Make an outing of it by bringing blankets, a sleeping bag, or a lawn chair so that you can be comfortable while lying down. Lie flat on your back facing East and look up into the sky. It shouldn’t take long for your eyes to become adjusted to the dark, and soon you should see the meteors flying by.

Be patient. The show lasts until dawn, so there will be plenty of time to catch a glimpse.

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